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Number 117 with Yoongi please!😘

#117: “She’s 6, how can she scare you?”

Yoongi’s niece was truly the spawn of the devil. Whenever she was around, there was no doubt she wasn’t in Yoongi’s lap, jumping all over him and sending you death glares from the side Yoongi could not see. “I think your niece is out to get me,” you say, adding, “She scares me.” Yoongi gives you a funny look, and moves to stare at his niece of a moment. “She’s 6, how can she scare you?” He asks incredulously. “She hates me! She wants you all to herself! What do I do?” You say, exasperated. Yoongi smirks and spins you so he can wrap his arms around your waist. “She may want me all to herself, but I know all I want is you.”

Remind Me To Never Play Sports Again

“Hi! Can I get a female reader x josh where they’re married or something, and she’s Ty.’s sister and a part of TØP, and a few nights before they go on tour, she hurts her knee playing soccer, and she try’s to keep it on the down low and doesn’t complain and stuff, and she THINKS she keeps it on the down low, and then on their last night, doing a trick or something, she re injures it and like has to leave the show and go to the hospital? And then fluff??? Sorry I know it’s long 😬😬😬”


You glanced into the back of the tour bus, spotting a soccer ball in the corner. You looked over at Josh with a smile and bit your lip before walking towards him.

He wrapped his arm around your waist, and kissed your cheek.

“Mm, ‘sup babe?” he asked, pulling you against his side. You grabbed his hand off your hip and tugged him over to the tour bus, pointing at the soccer ball. He chuckled. “You are able to talk, Y/N.”

“Oh, shut up. Can we get everyone together and play a friendly game? Please?”

He agreed, and while he gathered everyone to play, you set up the field. Two goals(represented by sticks you found in the woods nearby), and with white paint you outlined the playing field.

You and Josh were on opposing teams and before the game started, he leaned in close and kissed you. As he pulled away, he whispered, “I love you, but you’re going down.”

You pushed him playfully. “Well, Mr. Dun, we’ll just have to see about that, won’t we?”

“I guess we will, Mrs. Dun.” He smirked and walked to his team across the field. Tyler, your brother, nudged you softly. “Come on, we’ve got a game to win.”


The game was off to a great start. Currently, both teams were tied and you were running towards an open goal. You tensed the muscle in your leg and prepared a strong kick. But right as you kicked the ball, Jon ran into you at full speed.

You fell on your knee, and it made a soft crack that only you and Jon could hear.

You yelped at the sharp pain, and Jon apologized profusely. You took a deep breath, holding back tears. Josh sat beside you, panic on his face. “Are you okay? Can you stand?” he asked, helping you up. You bit your lip to hide a wince.

“Y-Yeah, sweetie, I’m okay. I’ll just rest it a bit before the show, alright?” you replied, hugging him.

He nodded, and started walking. Jon pulled you back, and gave you a look. “I heard the noise your knee made. Be real careful tonight, alright? I know you were planning on doing a trick on stage to surprise Josh, but….I think you should reconsider.” he nodded at you, and followed Josh.


You did as you said, and rested your knee up until the show. You helped out with the set, checked the technical stuff, and got everyone water. 5 minutes before Josh and Tyler went on. You knocked on Tyler’s dressing room door. “You’re almost on, bro.”

You walked over to Josh’s dressing room and opened it with a smile. You kissed him to ease his nerves. “You’re gonna do great, baby, like always.” He smiled and kissed your forehead. “Thanks baby. Love you.”


You walked onto the stage once Tyler gave you the cue, and you smiled and waved. The crowd screamed, and you smiled wider. Josh raised his eyebrow, but smiled at you. Tyler pulled the mic to his lips. “My sister and Josh’s wife, Y/N everybody!”

You stood on the platform at the back of the stage. The plan was a backflip, a trick you had learned just for Josh. Your back faced the crowd, and you took a deep breath.

You jumped, feeling your back bend. The flip itself was great, but the second your injured knee landed, it buckled and you heard a loud “snap”.

You screamed in pain, and your vision blurred from tears. The pain was too much, and your eyes snapped closed.


You woke up in a hospital bed, and saw a flash of yellow. Josh noticed you move and he lunged towards you. Tears streamed down his cheeks. “You said you were okay, you told me it was fine!” he sobbed, kissing you repeatedly.

You frowned, and hugged him softly. “I’m sorry Joshy…um, what’s the damage? With my knee?”

“Fractured, they said…. You’ll be on crutches, knee brace, that kind of thing.”

You felt tears well in your eyes. “How am I gonna help with shows? I-I don’t know how to help.” you whimpered. Josh pet your hair. “It’s okay, Y/N. You’ll heal before you know it.”

You took a deep breath, and Josh laid his head on your stomach. “Y'know, Y/N Dun, you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, even in a hospital bed with a fractured knee.”

You smiled, sniffling slightly. “And you, Joshua Dun, even with your tear-streaked face and bloodshot eyes, you are the most handsome man on the planet.”

He kissed you softly. “God, I love you.” he whispered. “I love you too, babe.” you said, ruffling his hair. “Just remind me to never play sports again.”


A/N I hope you like it! I didn’t even realize the time, haha. But this was really fun to right, and I hope it was just as fun to read. :)


Summary- Just two besties hanging out n chilling on their day off


With your eyes shut, you rest your head on Juggies chest. Today’s your day off and you and Jughead decided to spend it together - like most of your other days. Except this time there was no teachers, no Archie-Betty drama and best of all; Jasons death didn’t feel like it was glooming in the shadows whenever there was sunlight present.

“I swear if you fall asleep…” He warns, eyes glued to the screen before him. He doesn’t even need to look at you to know you’re halfway in your own dreamworld.

Wrapping your arms around his waist tighter, you sigh happily, “Don’t threaten me.” You mumble into his chest, hearing the sound of the movie stop abruptly. His arms hug you back as he lays down comfortably. 

“Please. You’re three inches tall, what’re you going to do?” He’s always felt comfortable when he’s around you. Hoping that never changes, Juggies hand finds its way to the stray strands of hair laying on your forehead and he brushes them back.

“Don’t test me.” You joke back, snuggling into him further. He smells nice, like fresh cologne. 

“Fine, take your damn nap.” He chuckles, shaking his head at you. 

Teaching Milton how to kiss would include :

(Woooo more nasty prompts! Woooo Milton :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original)

-Him getting nervous from how close you are sitting next to him and blushing hard the instant he feels you straddling him

-Him stuttering as he answers your questions about his past sexual experiences, only to end up confessing he nearly has none, making you smirk to know you’ll be the only one to have touched him

-Him being reassured as you’d stroke his hair while he talks to you about it and feeling somewhat confident to wrap his arms around your waist

-You cupping his cheeks to surprise him by pressing your lips to his, making him instantly close his eyes

-Him whimpering to feel your lips move around, only for you to laugh and go even slower to tease him

-Him trying his best to keep up with you as you’d build up your pace, only for you to have to remind to breathe through his nose

-Him asking you in between kisses if he’s doing alright, waiting for you to approve him before he keeps going

-Him tensing to feel your tongue in his mouth, only for you to go faster, waking him up

-Him whispering to you about how much he likes it to feel you like this in between kisses, making you chuckle from how sweet he is

-Him getting turned on from your lesson and shyly asking you if that’s it or is there more that you need to show him

Who are you when no one is looking? What does 3 a.m. Look like to you? How do you take your tea? A splash of milk, a packet of sugar, drizzled with honey? When you smoke do you inhale and let it sit or do you take it fast and quick? How would I feel if I hugged you? Wrap my arms around your waist, my head against your sternum. I want to know everything. The way you sleep, how you say my name. Tell it all.
Beach day (RQ)

Summary: You are ready to enjoy a nice day at the beach with your boyfriend JB, but he seems more busy trying to keep other guys from looking at you.
Genre: Fluff
Length: 733

You were wearing your most summery outfit, but you were still sweating. This summer had been especially hot. Your shirt was sticking to your back, giving you that gross uncomfortable feeling. Your boyfriend and you were heading to the beach today. It was a perfect day to go anyway. You were super excited to get out of these clothes and run into the cool water, but JB seemed less excited. “What is bothering you?” you wrap your arms around his waist and push your face into his arm. He seems to get out of deep thoughts as he answers. “Oh, nothing.” he kisses your forehead. “Okay, then stop moping.” You let go of his arm and walk back in front of him. 

As you walk through the sand, a few meters ahead of JB, you are dragging the heavy bag full towels and snacks with you. A young guy walks over to you. “Need some help, pretty?” he says and smiles at you. You were just about to deny but JB walks past, picking your bag up and placing him arm around your waist, pulling you away from the guy. You look at him in some confusing as he lets you go and puts down all the stuff a good 50 feet away from the water. “Thank you?” You grin at him. Was he jealous? You run over to him and throw your hands around his neck. Then you pull him in for a sweet kiss. You feel him lean in to the kiss more, giving you a smile inbetween. 

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Sleeping next to someone, not with someone, is perhaps the most intimate you will ever be with another human. In sleep, we are completely defenseless. We are soft and supple and childlike. Our hard exteriors falls away when the sand hits our eyes. The way you sleep, with your face softened and your arms wrapped around my waist, is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I am not an artist, but I may become one just so that I can capture that moment.
—  Michelle K.

I feel like Taehyung would be the type to randomly come up behind you while you’re on your phone or something and gently raise your shirt up and wrap his arms around your stomach so he can feel your skin and he would probably tuck his chin into your neck and just stare at you from the side while you focused on your phone or the tv or whatever and im about to cry

I don’t necessary want a love like that in movies or romance novels. I just want to wake up to your arms wrapped around me years from now and I want our kids to look at us and think, “Love can be forever”, yeah, that’s what I want.
—  future, Rida Aamina
The worst part is that I remember the exact moment I laid eyes on you. You were laughing and you turned to me and you just smiled. That was all it took. I was hooked. You were wearing the blue sweater that’s hanging in my closet right now. Sometimes I wear it and pretend that you have your arms wrapped around me. I know that I shouldn’t but it’s all I have. I need this right now. I need you.
—  Please come back.
I was never in love with you;
I was in love with the idea of you.
The idea of you comforting me if I needed it, the thought of you wrapping your arms around me.
To have the memory of you calling me beautiful.
I loved you, but not for who you were…
—  a.a.
so why is it that I still ache for you? m.k.j.