after I did all the barn choirs and rode all the horses and everything was taken care of, I was bored and so of course when I’m bored at the barn i usually end up braiding one of the horses tails, and I wanted to make a really unique tail braid that you never see on horses tail’s so I ended up coming up with this dutch wrap around braid.

Wrap Around Braids

Looking for a new way to wear crown braids? Check out these gorgeous pictures of wrap around braids! These different braids are romantic hairstyles for summer! Wear the wrap around plaits as a crowndoubled up, or in a low updo with bangs.

AS A GENERAL RULE OF THUMB I never ever ever draw pegasus knight and fem wyvern rider armor as they are in the official designs bc impractical gendered armor

Sumia’s redesign is based off of this cordelia redesign. I yanked aquanut’s cherche redesign and made my own changes.

I’ve learned a few things while working on cherche’s design. The most important is that I HATE DRAWING COUTERS.

noire&nowi, nahaversa

Wrap Around Braid

Looking for a braided hairstyle that wraps around the head. These gorgeous braided looks start with a crown braid and continue around the back of the head. Check out these pictures of wrap around braids for some braided hairstyle inspiration! This gorgeous look works with inside outand French braiding techniques.