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Palazzo Aldenard Presents:  All Wrapped Up! A Starlight Slumber Party

Where:  Palazzo Aldenard - Mists Ward 7 Plot 15 Balmung Server

When:  December 9th, 6pm-9pm EST

A cozy starlight celebration before the fire.  There will be warm drinks, seasonal appetizers and rousing performances to warm your body, mind and spirit.  Dress appropriately in your favorite loungewear, pull up a rug, and get comfy with us!

There will be a raffle drawing to include fabulous prizes, including a cozy flying chair!  Tickets 5k each, max of 5 per person.  Proceeds to cover our expenses and pay performers/staff.

REBLOBS/Signal Boosts Super Appreciated! ♥

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#LetFushimiRest Just Fushimi napping on Munakata while Munakata works. Reisaru obv

Maybe this happens some time in between the end of S1 and MK, when Scepter 4 was super slammed with work. Fushimi’s been out constantly on missions, when he’s not in the field he’s back at headquarters writing a million reports and doing a bunch of stuff that isn’t technically his job. Any attempts at helping him are blown off, like the alphabet squad keeps offering and Fushimi just clicks his tongue and tells them to get some sleep, not caring that he’s got these huge obvious bags under his own eyes. Munakata’s been working a lot too and as he’s typing Fushimi always finds his gaze moving towards Munakata’s office, thinking about Munakata saying stupid things like ‘Kings don’t sleep.’ Them Fushimi looks back down and starts typing again, working on twice as many things and if some of those things are reports that Munakata should technically be doing, well, he’s just trying to get things done more efficiently.

Eventually Munakata comes out of his office and expresses surprise as seeing Fushimi there. Fushimi half ignores him, muttering that he’s working and doesn’t have time to chat. Munakata notes that Fushimi’s been in the office very often lately and that he requires rest, Fushimi gives Munakata this twisted smile as he’s like ‘clansmen don’t sleep, Captain.’ Munakata chuckles a little at that and is like nevertheless, your body requires rest or it may break down. Fushimi clicks his tongue and says he has to finish this first. To his surprise, Munakata promptly sits down next to him and takes one of the reports, working on it. Fushimi stares at him and Munakata smiles back at him, noting that in this case if Fushimi will not rest until the work is done than the least Munakata can do is help him. Fushimi stares at him for a moment and then clicks his tongue and looks away, muttering 'do what you want’ even as his face feels a little hot. As he types his eyelids keep drooping, he’s exhausted but determined to stay awake. He can hear Munakata typing beside him, this steady clack of fingers on keys and there’s something lulling about it. Fushimi eyes droop closed again and soon he’s fast asleep, half-falling over to slump against Munakata. Munakata notices and shifts Fushimi a little so that Fushimi’s resting comfortably with his head on Munakata’s shoulder. Munakata tsks quietly like what will I do with you Fushimi-kun, continuing his typing and sopping every now and again to smooth Fushimi’s bangs or run his fingers through Fushimi’s hair as Fushimi sleeps peacefully against him.

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Ninten: … Right.
I’m not sure how my voice is doing, but I’ll try.

Take a melody, simple as can be. Give it some words and sweet harmony.

Giygas!Ness: Sh-Shut up!
Ninten: … Raise your voices all day long now, love grows strong now. Sing a melody of love,

Ninten: Oh love…
Ninten: Did he pass out?

[Giygas M!A: END (finally)]


Prompto Week | Day 7 - Happy Birthday, Prompto!

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He’s too cute… too soft… too good…

So is the chocobo…

Lemme, um, get at that.

Hard Daps.