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I have a bad feeling about Bonnie's ending on TVD

Maybe I’m overthinking it but has anyone else noticed how in all the bts/wrap party pics you don’t really see kat graham? Especially like the group pics with all the girls and Julie? And I don’t see any communication between her and Julie on twitter. It’s just suspicious to me. I feel like they probably don’t get along because of the way they treat Bonnie’s character. I just hope Julie didn’t fuck up Bonnie’s happy ending because of something petty. I feel like she’s a spiteful bitch who would probably do something like that lol

that feeling when you want to steal your friends identity so you can go to the doctor who wrap party. He was going to wear a shirt with clocks on, but he reckoned it was too on the nose. He said he’d give Peter a hug for me. 

Seriously, this dude needs to rot in hell. 

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I love the s1 wrap party pic. Sam looks like he's about to devour Cait on the spot, no matter who is there. It's knicker dropper.

he looks like a straight up serial killer to me but…I do enjoy the possessive glare and the arm around her chest. and she looks THRILLED and very drunk hahaha

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Was Colin the only main cast member at the wrap party? Didn't see pics of any other mains besides him..

Yep, only him and the rest just the guest casts.

#Morning Thomas Gallery...

Thomas & Jenine At The CM Season 10 Wrap Party Pic. Courtesy Of @Jsbarrois - Wish she was still with Thomas & show…

So Microsoft hosted Scandal S3's wrap party like they did last year but this year they banned everyone from taking pictures? Yeah ok.... count me giggling. Last year the pics were flowing and free..... this year... nah. I bet 1 or 3 very strategic ones will be released.

again…..count me giggling

I don't want to start any arguments, this is just my opinion

I know those pics are private but there are lots of pictures out there that people post alot that are private and noone says anything about them

For example:

I have seen that all over my dash and noone ever says anything

Plus, if whoever posted them really didn’t want them spread around then they shouldnt have posted them on the internet in the first place. They what fans are like, they can find anything!

Rant over