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The King and his Advisor

as if we needed more proof that aaron and robert are the cuddliest shits in the whole entire world that tiny bed just proves they can’t sleep unless they’re tangled up in each other

since Boron came from an urchin background he gets a ratty companion, and i ended up making it a possum. 

for the first half of the campaign, i totally forgot about it, but ive started using them a lot more, including using them to help overthrow capitalism. 

‘Supergirl’: Katie McGrath Promoted To Series Regular For Season 3

Lena Luthor will be sticking around. Katie McGrath, who has recurred on Supergirl this season, has been made a regular for the upcoming Season 3, which was recently picked up by the CW. Luthor plays vixen Lena Luthor, the baby sister of Lex Luthor, who came to National City to get out from under the shadow of her notorious brother.

McGrath was introduced in the fourth season of Season 2 and has appeared in seven episodes of the DC drama so far.

The Irish actress also has been recurring on Netflix’s Frontier for two seasons and co-starred on the NBC/BBC series Dracula and BBC’s Merlin. In features, she co-starred in Jurassic World and recently wrapped Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

McGrath is repped by Gersh, Luber Roklin Entertainment and Hamilton Hodell.

Congratulations Katie! (x)

the greats: wayne gretzky, 1978–1999

The leading scorer in NHL history, Gretzky is the only NHL player to total over 200 points in one season – a feat he accomplished four times. The NHL retired his jersey number (99) league-wide, making him the only player to receive this honor. At the time of his retirement in 1999, he held 61 NHL records: 40 regular-season records, 15 playoff records, and six All-Star records. Nicknamed “The Great One,” he has been called “the greatest hockey player ever” by many sportswriters, players, and the NHL itself. [x]

Something I noticed

Something I see overlooked when people are talking about the Elements Miniseries intro is the line after all the introductions:

With Finn and Jake, Ice King and Betty,
Who knows how it will end
It’s Adventure Time!

Betty knows how it’ll end. Does it mean that she thinks she knows because of how crazy she now is, or that she helped cause all the pink candy mysteriousness that’s going on and knows the outcome? Did they just need something to end the theme song? It’s very curious nonetheless, especially since the song itself is sung by Princess Bubblegum.

What does it mean? 

So I’ve been thinking about my Royalty AU quite a lot recently, especially the part where Phichit shows up (because he is my sweet bab and I adore his friendship with Yuuri), and @realisticallycynical‘s update of In the Rough seriously inspired me.

So anyways, the way I always imagined that meeting to go is that Phichit is visiting to attend some peace talks and strengthen the relationship between himself and prince Viktor, so that the alliance between their countries can remain strong even after the two of them have taken over their respective thrones.

He’s going to be staying at the Nikiforovs’ palace for a week, and just as that initial audience with the King is wrapping up, Phichit makes a somewhat unusual request.

“If it is not too presumptuous of me,” he says, looking at King Yakov rather than his son, “It would provide me great comfort if, for the duration of my stay, the Yutopian gentleman standing with Viktor would act as my aide.”

Viktor protests immediately, but is silenced by a look from his father.

Yuuri has only a sinking feeling as he wonders what his best friend is up to.

“I am sure you have no shortage of aides in your accompaniment,” Yakov states diplomatically as he eyes the assortment of bodyguards and servants that had come with Phichit. “Is there any particular reason you want my son’s personal bodyguard? As you can see, he is quite attached to the young man.”

Phichit casts his gaze to the ground, face twisting into an expression of melancholy that Yuuri can tell in a heartbeat is fake.

“I did not mean any offense,” says Phichit, his voice uncharacteristically quiet. “It is just that…prince Viktor had mentioned his name is Yuuri, yes?”

“Yuuri Nishigori,” confirms Viktor, looking suspicious of Phichit - he has met the young prince in the past once or twice and has gotten along with him reasonably well, but he is feeling a bit mutinous now that Phichit is trying to take his beloved Yuuri away from him.

Only Yuuri notices the slight twitch of Phichit’s lips as he hears the name.

Phichit nods, and smiles a shy smile. “Well you you see, he reminds me greatly of the prince Yuuri of the Katsuki royal family, after whom he was no doubt named,” he explains.

Yakov watches him patiently, an eyebrow raised as if to ask what his point is.

“The Prince Yuuri is my closest friend - we have known each other since childhood, and have spent countless summers together. He is as a brother to me. And, as I doubt you are aware, Prince Yuuri disappeared from his family’s palace several months ago.”

Phichit doesn’t even have to fake the sorrow and the worry that crosses his features then, and Yuuri feels his gut twist unpleasantly at the thought that he’s made his best friend worry so much.

“I miss him terribly, and having Mr Nishigori around would no doubt bring me great comfort during my stay here.”

It’s obvious that Phichit’s little act has worked wonderfully.

There’s a somewhat softer set to Yakov’s features, and even Viktor is feeling sympathetic, though he is still loathe to let his Yuuri go.

They agree to the request, and as Yuuri walks over to Phichit’s side, the glee that lights up the prince’s face is entirely genuine.

Yuuri bows deeply to him and greets him formally, an action that has Phichit’s eyes glittering with laughter as Yuuri pulls out of his bow.

Phichit and his company are dismissed to their assigned chambers after that, shown the way by a curious maid who keeps darting glances at Yuuri, wondering what he’s doing with their party.

And before long, they’re in Phichit’s private chambers, and the only ones there are Leo and Guang Hong, discreetly keeping out of the way and unpacking Phichit’s belongings.

Phichit and Yuuri take one look at each other, and immediately collapse over each other in laughter.

The two of them are inseparable for the rest of the week. Yuuri stays in Phichit’s quarters and even shares a bed with him (not that anyone else knows that). Yuuri recognizes all the servants Phichit has brought with him, knows them as intimately as he does the servants in his own palace back home, and they all greet him warmly as one of their own. At least in Phichit’s quarters, Yuuri is treated as the prince that he is, and he has to admit that there is a part of him that has missed this.

It all helps soothe the terrible homesickness that has been churning unpleasantly in his gut for months now.

Viktor watches from the sidelines, and he sees how easily Yuuri smiles at Phichit, how they can communicate entire conversations with a quirk of an eyebrow and a vague hand gesture.

And he might be suspicious at how well they seem to know each other despite only meeting a few days ago, if he wasn’t already so busy burning with jealousy and worry that Yuuri will leave him because he likes Phichit better.

After Phichit and his company leave (Yuuri watching wistfully after them until they’ve disappeared from view), Viktor spends the next few weeks being especially clingy of Yuuri, until eventually he is reassured that Yuuri won’t leave him.

(A few months later, after the cat has finally been let out of the bag and after Viktor has made his unexpected proposal, Yura lets out a dramatic “AHA!!!” and everyone turns to stare at him.

“No wonder you were so comfortable around Prince Phichit!!” he exclaims. “He knew who you were all along!”)

“I can’t stay away.” [Part 3] [Nesta x Cassian]

~ new part released 07/10/17 ~
: I’M TRYNA KILL THE UPDATE GAME here’s part 3 of my NESSIAN FIC!!!! Part 4 smut and CassianwashingNesta’shair afeajweofiawe;f are yoU FCUKING READY

tags at the bottom :) and thank you to my beta and fellow elorcan/nessian trashie, @easkyrah~~

CW: Nightmares, PTSD
FST: Moth’s Wings (stripped down) by Passion Pit
Word Count: 3233

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“You come beating like moth’s wings
Spastic and violently
Whipping me into a storm
Shaking me down to the core

But you run away from me
And you left me shimmering
Like diamond wedding rings
Spinning dizzily down on the floor”

- Moth’s Wings (stripped down) by Passion Pit


After visiting Nesta the previous night, Cassian had flown straight home and collapsed onto the silky red sheets of his king-sized bed, clutching his pillow like a life-raft.

Although he dozed off half a dozen times, his vivid dreams were tormented by a series of scenes – the King of Hybern smiling viciously, soldiers vanishing from the field as the Cauldron’s power swept over the earth, Nesta screaming his name, the King of Hybern snapping his wings, the King of Hybern killing him, the King of Hybern killing Nesta…

Cassian resisted. He fought, even though what he saw in his mind’s eye wasn’t real; his reality and fears clashed and manifested into his worst nightmares. He felt sluggish, there were rocks tied to his limbs and he was sinking deeper into the water, into the unknown abyss…

Still, he struggled. I’ll kill you… Don’t you dare touch her, don’t you dare…

Cassian’s hands wrapped around the King of Hybern’s neck, he could see the obsidian eyes and the gleaming teeth right in front of him. There was nothing else but inky black all around him.

And then… Nesta’s face. Nesta’s beautiful face replaced the king’s, and instead of the mask of laughing cruelty, there was only fear laid bare.

And Cassian’s hands were still around that neck, that slender and pale neck… which had turned cold, beneath his fingers.

Nesta’s lifeless body lay beneath him, lacerations and bruises across her arms…

What… have I done…?

Slain soldiers lay in beds of their own making; vivid pools of red stained the ground and ran in rivers through the bloodstained fields surrounding him.

There was only blood. Cauldron save him, there was so much blood, and he couldn’t stop the bleeding…

The red sheets around him were blood, and he was drowning. Drowning, drowning…

Cassian bolted upright, face and torso covered in a sheen of sweat and chest heaving as his heart hammered in his rib cage… His eyes adjusted to the darkness, and he took in the familiar surroundings of his room, inhaling the familiar scents of the townhouse…

Cassian closed his eyes and focused on his breathing. He couldn’t look down at that sea of redness, at his trembling hands, or he would vomit right then and there.

Just a dream… he reassured himself, still breathing fast, just a nightmare…

He lay back down to relax and stared up at the ceiling, letting his imagination form the swirls and whorls into shapes and creatures.

But exhaustion soon dragged him halfway under again, somewhere between the realms of wakefulness and sleep…

Occasionally, he swore he could hear Azriel, the Shadowsinger, whispering in his ear, Wake up, Cassian

He could see the Illyrian crouched down next to him, a look of worry on his face.

Wake up, Cass…



He couldn’t move his mouth to answer, couldn’t do anything except lie there paralyzed… And when he finally wrested control of his muscles from his unconscious mind, he forced his eyes open to once again take in the undisturbed appearance of his room.

There was no one by his side. There was no one in his room, but whenever Cassian closed his eyes, he could hear voices and see forms while he lingered in limbo.

Cassian finally caught a few, precious hours of dreamless sleep just before dawn broke.

After his alarm rang at 6AM, he languished in the silken sheets of his bed longer than usual. The townhouse was near silent, save for the chirping of birds outside his windows and the faint-but-growing bustle in the city a few blocks away.

Usually, he woke to the smell of brewing coffee but today there was no familiar smell of cacao beans. From that, he inferred that Azriel had both ate out and slept out, which was rare. Unless he had somehow missed hearing Azriel come home; after all, the Shadowsinger could easily mask his presence if he wanted.

While Cassian and Az often went out to bars in the city together, they rarely slept over at a sexual partner’s place to avoid forming any unnecessary attachments. Sex without emotions was just… easier. Less messy.

Before going home with women – or men – Cassian and Az would make their terms clear from the start. Just sex, with no strings attached. And if the individual wasn’t looking for a casual hookup, then they’d part ways, no hard feelings. Nine times out of ten though, the individuals agreed to the terms.

So… not coming home was very unusual for Azriel. Cassian made a mental note to ask his brother what was going on at breakfast later this morning.

Just as he suspected, Azriel was already at the House of Wind when Cassian arrived. He was also surprised to see Nesta, already seated in her usual seat at the dining table. He gave her a cursory nod but that was it; the rejection from last night was still fresh in his mind, and the nightmares hadn’t helped, either.

Perhaps Mor was wrong. Perhaps Nesta really did just need time and space, like he had initially convinced himself.

Cassian poured himself a glass of orange juice, morosely hoping it would jog his spirit or revive whatever was left of his soul. But the lack of sleep was taking its toll so he poured himself a steaming cup of coffee as well, mixing in just enough cream and sugar in to take the bitter edge off.

Nesta seemed to be waiting for him to speak to her, as were Azriel and Mor, who were lounging casually by a column.

But Cassian turned his attention to Mor instead, giving her a lazy grin. “So did you make it to Rita’s last night?”

Mor made an exasperated face at him but started telling them a story about her night, while Azriel listened in the corner, weaving shadows between his fingers. Cassian was only half-listening to her story, although he vaguely felt like he had heard it before…

Nesta vanished shortly after Mor started chattering away, probably retreating to the library.

Neither the Morrigan nor Azriel missed it when Cassian’s eyes followed Nesta out of the room, looking… torn.

Before either of them could say anything, Cassian chucked his head towards Az. “So… where were you last night?” Mor’s brown eyes turned to Az’s face again, but her expression was unreadable.

Az smoothly replied, “Mor and I… had a long talk last night.” Mor nodded, giving a somewhat shaky smile.

Cassian instinctively took a step closer to Mor. “How’d it go?”

Az put his hands up, palms facing forward. “Relax, Cass… I slept on the couch.”

Cassian’s shoulders relaxed a bit as he glanced between their faces, but Mor didn’t refute anything Azriel said.

“Really, it’s fine, Cassian,” Mor said softly. “I mean, it’ll take some time for… things to go back to the way they used to be, and things may never be the same but…”

“‘The truth sets us free,’ remember?” Azriel quoted, smirking at Cassian.

Cassian flushed slightly as he turned on Mor. “You told him I said that?”

Mor pouted. “You flicked my nose!” Cassian rolled his eyes.

Azriel cut in. “So, what about you, brother? What are you going to do about Nesta?”

“Yeah, what are you going to do about Nesta?” Mor chimed in.

Cassian glared at both of them with annoyance, but he just sighed.

Maybe the situation could be remediated by adding a shot of alcohol to his morning coffee.

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