wrap around braids

[Image: A digital drawing of Bodhi, Cassian, and Jyn. Bodhi and Jyn are in front of Cassian and smiling with flowers in their hair. Bodhi’s hair is styled into braided pigtails, and Jyn’s hair is styled into a bun with a braid wrapped around her head. Cassian is smiling and gesturing to the Bodhi and Jyn with his arms.]

when your bf styles your hair <3

Okay but hear me out: Voltron black tie AU

  • after they all return to earth theres a huge formal black tie party thrown in their honor as Defenders of the Universe™
  • held at the Garrison or somethin
  • they all show up wearing super formal black tie shit looking hella fine
  • Pidge has their hair done up all pretty in a wrap around princess braid with little flowers in it
  • also wears one of those tuxes thats more of a feminine style
  • and their makeup would be the best ever
  • literally the perfect combination of masculine and feminine 
    • is also one of those people who wants to wear heels and then complains about wearing heels the entire time they wear them
    • the boys “accidentally” break one so Pidge can change into comfy shoes
  • each paladin has a bowtie and corsage that coincides with the color of their lion
  • of course Lance come out in bright fucking blue chucks
  • keith questions his fashion choices but ultimately decides that lance actually looks really good in them
  • at some point during the night lance and keiths corsages end up getting switched *shifty eyes towards Pidge and hunk*
  • seriously she’s the prettiest thing anyone has ever seen
  • please just picture Hunk in a tux he is so handsome
  • Shiro getting a special honor for saving his crew after they were taken by the galra (like when he saved matt from the fight)
  • lance showing off his dancing
  • everyone thinks its to show off for Allura but really its bc keith itsnt paying enough attention to him 
  • theres a special dance for the paladins and their loved ones
  • lance starts out dancing with his mom but half way through his littlest sister runs up to them and he finishes out the dance with his 6 year old baby sister
  • Pidge taking turns dancing with their brother and father because its been over a year since they’ve seen each other and missed them so much 
  • Coran dancing with Allura bc she’s basically his daughter at this point
  • I’m sorry i really just made this entire thing up for the sole purpose to have Pidge in a tux
  • thats all i wanted
  • i didn’t mean for any of this to happen

So, I get asked a lot how I put all of my hair underneath a wig. So here’s a small picture tutorial on how I do this.

The first photo is me with my long hair down.

The second photo is me splitting my hair into two sections and braiding it. I use small rubber bands to tie it up.

After I do that, I then wrap the braids around my head, sticking Bobby pins in the braid where it feels like it should be secured. I do the same thing with the other braid too. After that, I put my wig cap on and then pin that to my head.

When I pin it to my head, I make little X shapes with the pins and place the wavy side down. I also put them at the front, back and sides of the wig.

Finally, I put my wig on. I pin the wig to my head by finding the little X shapes I made and placing a Bobby pin | up and down like the simbol.

If the wig is short, I pin any loose parts of the wig down in X shapes where needed.

I hope this helps!!

a little rey solo thing i wrote from a fic i decided to scrap:

“I had a little girl that would’ve been about your age,” the General says. Her voice soft as her fingers weave through her hair, pulling it back into a braid that wraps around her head. A braid that feels nearly like a crown. There’s something almost familiar about it, such that Rey wants to lean back into the touch, but fears overstepping.

A part of her wants to ask what happened to the little girl, but she can guess well enough.

Instead she asks, “What was her name?”

The General is silent for a long moment, so long that Rey thinks her question will never be answered. It’s only when the braid is finished tightly wrapped around her head, that she gets her answer. “Breha.”

It doesn’t hit her until nearly a week later, when she’s half-way across the galaxy chasing down a man made out of myths, that the name had sounded familiar to her.


Just a quick A/N:

  • There is a death in this story, and it is depicted with some detail (finding the person post death). It is not gory, and not particularly detailed, more about the emotion of seeing the person, but I just wanted to warn you.
  • There is also some swearing, but only about 3 times.
  • And, to avoid confusion, italics are thoughts, thought process, or memories.
  • Lines taken directly from The Hunger Games and Disney’s Mulan are in no way mine, and all credit is due to the respective owners.
  • Artwork by the wonderful ombradellaluna.
  • Wonderful Betaing/Editing by titania522.
  • Also on AO3 as part of the Disney Everlark* *And other fairytale things collection.
  • Written for the everlarkianarchivesDisney Everlark* *And other fairytale things Challenge.
  • Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the story!

Katniss stormed into her room, sitting down unceremoniously at the old, used vanity in her room.

She slammed her hair pins down onto the worn surface as she pulled them out one by one, letting the intricate braid wrapped around her head that her mother had helped her with fall piece by piece.

Scowling at her reflection, she saw herself coming back into view, strand by strand that fell. Once they were all out, and her hair was a wild, wavy mess, she stared at her reflection as it stared back at her.

Who are you? she thought, directing it at the reflection.

Her scowl eased and her face became a blank stare, looking at nothing in particular as she recalled the events of that morning - the ones that brought her here.

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