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Joker Imagine - You Catch Him In The Shower

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WARNING! Smut. This is pure smut. If you have a problem with it, then skip it. And I put a ‘keep reading’ link for the first time ever. This might be long so..yeah. Happy reading.

Your P.O.V.

The second time I woke up, I noticed that I was alone in bed. My eyes felt heavy and I sighed, just staring at the pillow beside me where my boyfriend the Joker usually was. The shower was running and that’s how I knew he was there. I took a few deep breaths and tried to make myself get up. Suddenly I remembered what had happened last night.

I had tried to sleep for a long time, rolling in bed for a small eternity. Yesterday had been long and I had complained that I couldn’t sleep. Then in the middle of the night I woke up because J was growling right beside me. His strong arm was holding onto my body and he was pushing his crotch against my body. J wasn’t quiet either. Raspy moans and grunts had left his mouth and I was surprised, since he wasn’t the most vocal guy in bed. Since I was both surprised and unsure, I fell asleep again.

Now it was morning and I decided to say something about it. I pushed myself out of bed, groaning because it was cold. My skin got covered in small goosebumps and the fact I was nearly naked didn’t help much. Maybe I should join J in the shower?

I stripped out of my T-shirt and red undies, leaving them on the floor. Then I walked tiredly to the master bathroom. It smelled good, like J’s shampoo. As I opened the door, I froze on the spot. J was leaning against the tile wall as water hit his shoulder. His right hand was wrapped around his cock and he was jerking off. My eyes widened and suddenly I was wide awake. 

His blue eyes were closed and he was so focused that he didn’t notice me. I smirked, growing hungry for him. Honestly, the sight of him pleasing himself was hot. Gently I shut the door and walked closer to him, feeling how I grew warmer between my legs. 

‘‘Oh J, why didn’t you wake me up? I could’ve joined you earlier’‘ I purred softly, making him flinch. J’s eyes snapped open and he finally noticed me. Water droplets ran down his muscled body and I couldn’t help but to look at him. I adored every inch of J, literally.

‘‘How could I wake you up when you finally fell asleep?’‘ He asked me with a deep voice, sending shivers down my spine. I grew excited as seconds passed. I got closer to him and pressed a kiss on his collar bone, not reaching his face because he was taller than me. J let out a soft chuckle and his hands travelled to my body. He grabbed my butt and pulled me closer to him. I got wet but I didn’t care. Then he lowered his face and kissed my jaw. 

His touch was magical. Feeling his lips on my skin made me feel so good. I licked my lips and let my hand touch his chest. Gently I dug my nails into his skin as he licked my neck, finding my sweet spot. ‘’God, you’re a tease’’ J growled to me. Then he attached his lips on me, making me moan quietly. I got a tingling sensation on my skin where he was gently nibbling on. 

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A Dangerous Game (Suho Mafia!au fic) Chapter 14 - Glutton For Punishment

Warnings: Sexual undertones 

Ch. 1, Ch. 2, Ch. 3, Ch. 4, Ch. 5, Ch. 6, Ch. 7, Ch. 8, Ch. 9, Ch. 10, Ch. 11, Ch. 12, Ch. 13Ch. 14, Ch. 15(M)Ch. 16Ch. 17(M)Ch. 18Ch. 19, Ch. 20, Ch. 21, Ch. 22, Bonus Chapter  

Weeks went by and Spring slowly faded into Summer. Junmyeon, was up and walking around but still wasn’t able to get back out on the streets. It wasn’t just his body that wasn’t back to the way it was yet….

“Morning,” he said, walking over and kissing my cheek as I made breakfast.

“Morning,” I replied, handing a dish to him.

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He had this signature /dip/. Emma couldn’t get enough of it. She was pretty sure he wasn’t even consciously aware of it. He’d only done a poor substitute of it with the bar wench he couldn’t remember. Killian in the past was an excellent kisser, no doubt, even intoxicated. But Killian in love? That man could kiss like no other. 1/

Their lips would brush, entangle, press, and then he’d just open and lean in to devour her. His /dip/ made her toes curl that first time in Neverland. Sparks traveling along her spine, an undeniable shiver in her groin. When she finally stopped fighting herself after their trip to the past and kissed him again, it made her insides melt. She had no idea how long they were out there, her hand woven in his hair, his making its way from her hair to her shoulder and back again. 2/
The way his tongue simply /danced/, mouth both giving over to her, and taking over hers completely. The first time they made love, she noticed he did it the same way. He had let her lead, set the pace, and then quickly fought fire with fire. For all the passion and urgency of the moment, neither of them rushed. The way he peeled off her clothing, when he let her do the same. 3/
How he kissed her skin so reverently, only to worry it red with his teeth a moment later, her moans drowning out his chuckles. It hit her, he was like the ocean. Waves of lust and power, soothing calm, invigorating like nothing else… Killian had her cresting in no time, his movement within her following the same pattern, teasing and shallow motions turning into full and quick thrusts. 4/
Their skin was slick together, her legs wrapped around his, her fingers raking through his glorious chest hair as he continually sought out her lips between attending to her aching nipples. Emma tensed as she hit a final high, Killian falling apart with her. He leaned back in for one more kiss before detangling their limbs, and she hummed happily as he /dipped/ into her mouth again. He was by far her favourite ocean and hell if she was ever going to leave it again. /5💫

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Missing Puzzle Piece//Im Jaebum

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Pairing: Jaebum x reader

Genre: Sad//Smut//Fluff

Summary: @imsarabum said:
Hello beautiful person whom I love dearly ❤️ I’d like to request a soft smut with Jaebum~ Where he is incredibly needy and passionate. iloveyou❤️

Author’s Note:Hi beautiful I love you so so much you mean the world to me and I hope you enjoy this little thing I wrote for you <3

xoxo Sara

You sighed softly, gripping at the small amount of skin that covered your tummy. You poked it softly, watching as it jiggled, your eyes dropping to your thighs, a bit thicker than you’d like them to be.

You had never accepted your image; you always thought you were too chunky. Though you were around 54 Kgs, you had wished to be much smaller. You had watched the girls in your dance group be 48 kgs, 46 kgs, and you had envied their weight as they has your goal weight.

“Small and petite..” you murmured to yourself, the two things you had wished you were.

You never really appreciated your height either; taller than most other girls, you had always wished to be shorter. You always found your height as a disadvantage; everyone telling you that boys liked small girls, boys like girls who are shorter than them.

Of course, you never had your mind set to be what boys like, but you wanted to be shorter too.

Short is cute, you thought to yourself, why can’t i be short?

You hadn’t noticed a tear falling down your cheek as you stared at the body before you, your body. You were supposed to love this body, but how could you when all you see is a person who isn’t good enough for the boy who had fallen for you?

And in he walked, his soft brown hair and light brown eyes shining in the reflection of the sun, slipping off his coat before looking up at you.

“he—Jagi..?” Jaebum asked in a soft voice, noticing your tears and immediately rushing over to you, cupping your cheeks and wiping the tears away with his thumbs. “What’s wrong..?”

“Why me…?” you asked softly, placing your hands on his arms as he caressed your face, a soft sniffle escaping from you as you looked at him. “Why do you love me…?”

“Why wouldn’t I love you…?” he asked you, wiping a piece of hair away from your face as he tilted his head softly. “(Y/N), What’s the matter…?”

“Short and petite girls are much cuter, Jaebum… “ you mumbled, letting your insecurities rise in front of the one person that you trusted more than you had trusted yourself.

He smiled softly, shaking his head softly as he pulled you into his chest, your head nuzzled in softly into the crook of his neck as he wrapped his arms around you, rubbing your back soothingly as he swayed you both back and forth.

“jagi… You’re perfect to me, don’t you know that..? I love everything about you… Your height, your weight, your smile, your soft skin… Everything… i truly do…” He held you a bit tighter as he ran his hands through your hair.

“Our bodies fit together like puzzle pieces, jagi…” he murmured, slowly slipping his hand around yours, intertwining his fingers between yours. “Everything feels comfortable against me.. the way your head fits perfectly in the crook of my neck… the way our hands mesh together so perfectly, as if we were made for each other… And we are, truly, I believe…”

He pulled away softly, pressing his lips to your knuckles, slowly kissing all the way up your arm and pecking everywhere his lips could reach to make you giggle.

“Jagi, if you were any smaller, you wouldn’t fit against me. You’d be so tiny, and i’d be afraid to break you… As for weight…” He murmured, pressing his lips to your forehead, stepping behind you and pulling you in front of the mirror, the look of his large muscular body shadowing your small structure making you smile only slightly. He placed his hands on your tummy, gripping it softly as he pressed his lips to your shoulder, “I see no flaws in your weight. You’re a healthy weight, Jagi, and all that matters is that you’re healthy. Your health is more important than anything, if you were smaller there would be less to love and less to hold, there would be less to care and love for and I am overflowing with love for you, Jagi…”

He blinked at you softly through the mirror, a soft smile appearing on his face as he pressed his lips to your earlobe, murmuring, “Jagi… I know you don’t see you the way I see you, but I wish you did, because in my eyes, you are the most perfect thing I have ever seen…. Your smile, your eyes…. your soft skin and your soft lips… The way you fit perfectly against me… i truly love all of that…” He turned you around slowly, pressing his hands to your cheeks once again as he looked deep in to your eyes, shivers cascading down your sides, “I am so, incredibly and deeply in love with you, (Y/N). Your body is perfect for many things.. it’s perfect the way it fits in mine… and it will be perfect for when we’re married and you’re carrying our children…”

your heart jumped out of your chest at that sentence, a soft blush rising on your cheeks as he smiled softly at you, eyes searching your face.

“Do you understand why i love you now…? And how I could never, ever want anyone else…. You and I were made for each other, (Y/N)….”

you looked down shyly, rubbing your arms as Jaebum placed his fingertips underneath your chin, slowly tilting your head up as he pressed his lips to yours.

The kiss was slow and passionate, his lips moving gently against yours as you felt his arms circle around your waist. You pressed your hands flat against his chest as he tilted his head, deepening the kiss as he slowly slid his tongue past your lips, running it along yours. Your gripped his shirt as he pulled you to him, as closely as he possibly could, his body practically towering over yours and making you have to crane your neck to kiss him.

He slowly leaned down, hooking his arms under your bum and pulling you up, never breaking the kiss as your legs wrapped around waist, fingers slowly raking through his hair as he gripped your thighs.

He slowly pulled away, looking at you softly as you both caught your breath, his eyes almost pleading for him so he didn’t have to use his words. You nodded softly, and without word he carried you to the bed, slowly laying you down and pressing gentle kisses to your jawline. His hands ran down your torso and to the bottom of your t shirt, his eyes searching yours before mumbling, “Can I take this off…?”

You nodded softly, lifting your arms up as he pulled the thin material off of your body, his shirt following soon after.

He looked at you in awe, eyes twinkling as his hands slid up your sides, poking all of the little freckles that littered your skin and pressing kisses to them, something he often did in the mornings while you were asleep in his arms.

He felt his breath get caught in his throat as he stared down at you, his heart pounding after he realized how truly lucky he was to have such a wonderful, sweet, kind, and beautiful girlfriend like you.

“You’re so beautiful…” he mumbled softly, leaning down to press his lips to yours briefly, before his lips pressed to your neck once again. He nibbled softly on the sensitive skin, his hands slowly roaming to cup and massage your breasts through your bra, earning soft groans to leave your lips.

He reached behind you to unclasp your bra, while simultaneously leaving soft pink make against your neck and shoulders. Once unhooked, he pulled your bra off from underneath you, kissing his way between the valley of your breasts, soft pink lips wrapping around your nub and running his tongue over it slowly. Your eyes fluttered shut at the sensation of his tongue, slowly rolling over your nub as his fingers rolled the other in between them slowly.

“Jaebum..” you moaned very softly, his name leaving your lips sounding like a symphony as he looked up at you with soft eyes, pupils dilated to twice the size that they usually were.

“Want me to move down, jagi…?” He asked softly, making you nod softly as his lips traveled down your torso. He pressed soft kisses against your hip bones as he slowly unzipped the zipper of your pants, sliding them gently down your legs. You kicked them off at your ankles, his hands now working on the belt and zipper of his pants, ridding his body of the tight fabric as well. He leaned down softly , eyes locked with yours as he slowly took the fabric of your panties in between his teeth, sliding them down slowly. Once they were discarded, he pressed his lips to your ankle and kissed up your leg slowly, wrapping his arms underneath your thighs as he nibbled on the skin there.

“You have no idea how much I love your thighs, Jagi.. they’re so perfect…” his fingers pressed against your skin as he breathed softly, hot breath fanning over your clit before he poked his tongue out slowly, pressing it flat against where you needed him most.

You gasped slowly, leaning your head back as he massaged your clit with his tongue; moving his tongue slowly against it, going back and forth between soft kitten licks and long, slow ones.

“J-Jaebum…” you moaned his name once again, hand tangled in his hair as he looked up at you, pulling you closer to his face by your thighs as his tongue slowly dipped into your opening, running along your walls as his nose nudges against your clit. He thrusted his tongue in and out of you at a quick yet soft pace, thumb reaching over your thighs to press against your clit.

you felt the tight knot beginning to form in your stomach as your back arched slightly off the bed, pants leaving your mouth and filling the silent room as he quickened his pace.

“Cum for me, jagi..” he moaned softly into your center, the words alone causing you to release, his tongue quickly lapping up your juices as your thighs twitched slightly.

he pulled away slowly, massaging your thighs as he smiled at you.

“Let me make love to you, jagi.”

You nodded softly, taking his arms and slowly pulling him against you, lips smashing against his as his weight pressed against your body. You helped him slide down his boxer briefs, his length springing free from the confinement as he pressed his forehead to yours. He aligned himself with your center slowly, looking into your eyes as he pushed into you. He allowed you to adjust to his length, biting his lip as his eyes searched your face, waiting for some sort of reaction.

“M-move, Jaebum…..please…” you panted out softly, eyes fluttering shut as your arms wrapped around his neck. He began to move slowly, soft moans leaving his mouth as he pressed his lips to yours, kissing you deeply.

He rolled his hips into yours slowly, pulling you closer to him as he did so. He sped up only slightly, his pace still slow and longing as pulled his lips away from yours, soft grunts leaving his mouth as beads of sweat began to form on his forehead.

“(Y/N),” He moaned softly, eyelids fluttering open as he pulled one of your hands away from your back, pressing his lips to your knuckled before sliding his fingers in between yours.

You had never felt this sensation before. Of course, you and jaebum had slept together, but this was different. The feeling was different. It was like he was giving you his all, uncovering the soft and passionate piece of Jaebum you had been longing to see. It was like he was truly making love to you.

You felt the know begin to form again as his thrusts sped up yet again, his head tucked into your neck and peppering it with kisses as he moaned.

“Jaebum, I’m gonna cum…” you moaned into his ear, nails digging into his skin as your legs tightened their grip around his waist, pulling him closer to you as the tip of his cock repeatedly his the spot in you that made your head spin.

He looked into your eyes slowly, pressing his hand to your cheek as he nodded, his cock twitching inside of you  as he moaned, “Me too, jagi.”

He slid his hand in between your bodies, pressing his finger to your clit and rubbing slow circles. You felt the knot in your tummy become undone, a loud moan followed by Jaebums name escaping your lips as you arched your back into him. Simultaneously, you felt Jaebum shoot his load into you, his soft moans mixing with yours in the once silent room as his thrusts began to slow down.

Letting you ride out your highs, he waited to pull out of you before collapsing next to you on the bed. With tired but loving hands, he cleaned you up softly, slipping his large t-shirt onto your torso as he smiled at you. He pulled you against him, your hand resting on your chest as his rested on your lower back, tracing hearts and singing both yours and his name repeatedly into your skin. You nuzzled your head into his neck once again, leaving soft kisses there, realizing that he was right; the way your body fit perfectly into his wasn’t something that can be replicated. You two were meant for each other.

“I love you jaebum…” you murmured softly, eyelids feeling heavy as you felt his grip on you tighten. He pressed his lips to your forehead, pulling up the blanket that crumbled by your feet at the end of the bed.

“I love you too, princess.”

Dating Min Yoongi Would Include-

- ok but naps 25/8

- your first date? at the dorm while watching a movie somewhat cuddLING THEN NAP

- ok but you guys share really lazy kisses that happen a lot 

- sometimes when you actually go outside it’s to get ramen for his all nighter he’s gonna pull off to finish a verse of a song or something but you’ll stay up with him and keep him company

- ok but when you get to the store you see all this stuff you want like you want to eat and end up forcing yoongi in the cart and putting all the snacks and ramen on his lap 

- ok but you’re a really cute couple when you’re up to it

- sometimes you were matching couple t-shirts when you go out but the next minute when you get inside you’re in matching couple onesies 

- ok but you’re the only one he told about his mixtape before he confirmed it and likes to tease you when you beg him to release it so you can hear it

-when you cuddle he usually lays his head on your chest and his arms are wrapped around your waist while raking a hand through his hair

- ok but he loves it when you wear one of his shirts to bed because you look so squishy and cuddly

- he lives for eskimo kisses

- he likes to hold your hand when ever he feels like it

- you’re reaching for the popcorn while watching a movie? nOPE HOW ABOUT YOU HOLD HIS HAND INSTEAD

- ok so once you got him a kumamon plush and he fucking cried and kissed all over your face since he was so grateful

- when you’re down he’ll rap about all the things he loves about you and how your flaws were adorable and he’d just appreciate you so much

- but when hes down you’ll be by his side with his kumamon plush and hugging him and showing him love 

- ok but basically dating yoongi is quite fun tbh he holds a lot of respect for you and sometimes is inspired to write lyrics abt u

Dating Series Masterlist

Round and Round (5/5 + Epilogue)

Finally – here it is! Sorry it took forever, but hopefully the length makes up for it. Thank you to everyone who read and commented and just generally loved on me throughout my first multi-chapter adventure.

(This will probably be the first and last because multi-chapter is hard.)

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four

Also available at FF.net.

A hand touches her face and panic jolts her body upwards.

“Easy, my girl.” Doc’s voice is soothing as he holds his hands up in front of her in supplication. She relaxes fractionally, eyes darting around the room as her heart beats quickly in her chest. Her bedroom is bright with the sunlight that streams in through the windows and she lets out a shuddering breath, wide eyes falling back to the dwarf.

A frown twists his features and Emma can’t help but notice how much older he looks like this. He sighs and sits in the chair next to the bed, the one she vaguely remembers seeing him in when she woke last night. Her eyes dance around the room before landing back on Doc and he gives her a small, sad smile.

“I thought it would be best if it was just you and I when you woke. But don’t worry –“ He inclines his head to her bedroom door and his smile turns much more genuine. “They aren’t very far. Now, how are you feeling?”

She shifts and winces sharply. She wants to say it feels like I’ve been run over by a herd of horses and then stabbed in the throat but she doesn’t think she’ll be able to manage all that.

“Headache.” She tries to say, but her throat is sore and scratchy and her words are barely intelligible. She puts her hand to her throat and winces and Doc’s face contorts back into a frown.


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