Being country is more than what clothes you wear, what music you listen to, or what truck you drive. It's an attitude a state of heart. One that can not be faked.

With country music becoming so popular I think it’s important for everyone to remember that even though you listen to country music and wear a western had with wranglers and a buckle that doesn’t make you country. It’s about the attitude you have. The sincere love for hunting or cattle and horses or just being out in the mountains or fields. However all that being said there are some people that would way rather live on a ranch than in the city where they have to live. I would still consider them country. Just because they where fancy clothes and drive a car instead of a truck doesn’t mean that that is where their heart is at but instead where the economy has placed them. I was just thinking about this because of all the people whom are upset that country music is becoming so popular.