Today Is Wreck-It Ralph's 2nd Anniversary!

I declare a celebratory toast to the fandom for keeping it alive and kicking. There have been a few ups and downs during these past 2 years, but I wouldn’t change anything. This film helped me during some really bad times in my life and I made some amazing friends through it.

And here’s to you, Wreck-It Ralph, for being awesome.


Hey guys, I got the new Disney Halloween storybook that has the Ralph and Vanellope Halloween story in it and thought I’d share pics with everyone! I don’t have a scanner so I had to take them on my normal camera, so sorry if they aren’t that great!

I’m putting these under a Read More since there’s so many pics. Sorry my hand’s shadow is on some pics.

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So… this is how I spent my weekend. By making a Ralph paper doll.

I blame BellsMc and her constant Ralph pin-ups.

Feel free to print out and enjoy!
For the record, the grid is in square inches, so you can print them at their proper size. Any other questions or problems, feel free to ask!
There may be more outfits to come in the future, if I have time.

‘Repair-It Ralph’ design © astropolice (I think) with this picture used as reference.
Some of you may remember Ralph’s chess outfit .