What's in a name?

Context: This is our second session after we lost two of our players after the first session. My Tiefling Bard recruited two new party members while the remaining two of the original party were away. When we went to the goblin cave in between Phandelin and Neverwinter we freed a wolf who became our Ranger’s companion. He cast a spell that allows him to talk to the wolf for 10 minutes.

Me(at ranger): ask him what name is.

We find out his name is Benjamin. We love him. Soon we beat more goblins and one begs for his life. Let it be said for the record that we kept getting shitty rolls against him so he was this godly skilled goblin that we kept asking our dm if we could recruit him, too.

Me(at ranger who speaks goblin): What’s his name?
DM: -sighs- Hang on let me look at goblin names.
Me(ooc): Just name him something generic like Joe or Greg.
DM: His name is Wrags.

So we get brought to a room with other goblins and our ranger says

R: What are their names.
DM: Frank, George, Henry, Paul, and Ryan.


You plunged your sword into the Orc’s chest as he let out a howl of pain. Though, you hadn’t noticed the wrag that had been running towards you as it leaped in the air and threw you to the ground with immense force.

“(Y/N)!” You heard Aragorn yell your name. With all the strength you could gather, you slam your feet on the wrag’s jaw to hear a satisfying crack.

“I’ve got this, Aragorn! Go help Gimli!” You reassure the Ranger. You turn back to the wrag as it growls in anger. He charges towards you again, snaping his jaw around your clothing as he began to run while pulling you with him. Although, you did have a sword on you, it was quite difficult to reach for.

The wrag suddenly yelped and that was the moment you felt the sensation of falling.

“(Y/N)!” Aragorn called as he searched the field with Gimli by his side.

Legolas mounted the cliff as his elven eyes scanned for any clues that would lead to where you were or perhaps, to what had happened. His slender fingers touched the grass till he heard a gurgled chuckle. He turned as Aragorn and Gimli surrounded an Orc.

Aragorn pointed the tip of his sword to the Orc’s throat, “Tell me where she is, filth, and I might ease your passing!”

The Orc continued to laugh as he choked to answer, “She’s dead. She took a little tumble off the cliff.”

Aragorn grabbed the Orc by the armour and shook him angrily. “You lie!” But for some reason deep inside he felt as if those words were true. Though, he didn’t believe it, he didn’t want to.

Teach Me (Dwalin x Hobbit!Reader) Part 3

Teach Me (Dwalin x Hobbit!Reader) Part 3

A/N: Hi guys!! Here is the third part of Teach Me! Basically requested by @weirdnewbie
Enjoy!! And tell me what you think!

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“Come on, (Y/N)! Wake up!” Dwalin shouted as he shook your shoulders. You were lying on the ground under the massive tree that you had collided with an hour before. You were still unconscious and it freaked Dwalin out.

“Come on Ghishavel…” Dwalin pleaded, his voice breaking at the end.

When one of the trolls had knocked you out cold, Dwalin had expected the worst and had tried to reach you but unfortunately, Bilbo got caught and the company had to surrender. Dwalin was furious as he was tied up with some others and suspended above the fire. The trolls were trying to cook them and they got his One, his (Y/N) hurt. The three monstrous creatures had grab you not that gently and put you into a nasty bag with a bunch of others. Dwalin roared when he saw the dumbest troll throw you over Thorin. Hopefully, the king had somehow cushioned your fall as much as he could and Dwalin let out a sigh of relief.

The fierce warrior tries to stay focused on the situation but every time that his eyes landed on you his heart would bolt into his chest, beating so hard that it felt like a heart attack. You staid unconscious the entire time, even when Bilbo tries to gain some time and even when Gandalf turned the trolls into stone.

Dwalin cries out when there was no threat left, he cried out for the others to free him from his bonds so he could check on you. When Fili finally cut the rope that was constructing him, Dwalin ran to your aid. You laid in the same position than before, only without the bag tied around you. Bilbo was cradling hot head on his lap, scared to loose his little sister.

“Oin!” Dwalin had shouted, beckoning the healer closer. Before Oin could make his way toward you, Dwalin kneeled by your side and pleaded for you to wake up. Everyone had heard him call you Ghishavel but no one dared to say something about it. Thorin walked behind his friend and squeezed his broad shoulder for support, Mahal knows he needed it!

“She’s knocked out.” Oin said as he checked your pulse and looked at the nasty wound that bled too much for his liking on your head. “But she’s alive.” He added when he saw Dwalin’s scared face.

“What… what can we do?” Dwalin asked as he observed your face worriedly, Bilbo doing the same.

“I think she has a few broken ribs and I don’t like the wound on her head. It’s bleeding too much.” Oin stated then grabbed some ointment and slave from his bag. He searched for clean clothes or bandages but he only found a single one. “Well… that’ll have to do. We need to find more bandages when we come across a village of men.”

“We will.” Thorin assured the healer and his best friend before he turned away to find Gandalf. The wizard agreeing with Oin on your fate; they’ll have to wait and hope that your body will heal correctly.

“This is all we can do? Wait?!” Dwalin roared, looking at Bilbo for back up. After all, Dwalin might be in love with you but Bilbo was your brother and he cared for you so he was Dwalin’s ally in this situation.

“Can’t we… help her in any way?” Bilbo stuttered as his eyes crossed Dwalin’s fierce eyes.

“I’m sorry laddie but I do not have the necessary supplies to tend to her head here. We need to find shelter somewhere where they have medical supplies.” Oin explained as he wrapped you head as much as he could to stop the bleeding.

After that, Thorin wanted to find the toll’s cave and when it was done, he asked Dwalin to come with him. The warrior reluctantly left your side to follow his king but he stayed in the entrance of the cave, only descending a few steps and his eyes stayed focused on you from far away. Dwalin glared in disapproval at Gloin, Nori and Bofur as he saw them buried a small chest of gold in the cave, Gloin claiming that they were doing “a long-term deposit”.

However, Dwalin was glad to leave the cave first when Thorin came back with a new sword, asking everyone to leave the cave. The dwarf almost ran in your direction, kneeling by your side once again. Thorin appeared next to the scared dwarf, observing as his huge and calloused hand brushed your hair out of your face with tenderness.

“So… Miss Baggins is your one?” The king asked, not an ounce of teasing or of judgement in his voice. If Thorin was true to himself he was happy for his friend but also a bit jealous of the new bond he had found. Thorin knew that he might not be alive at the end of the journey and he knew that he would probably never know what it meant or how it felt to find his One.

“I…” Dwalin tried to control his voice. “I did not mean for it to happen. It just did.” He told his friend, looking up to see Thorin’s soft smile.

“You shouldn’t be ashamed of what you feel for (Y/N). You’re lucky to have found your One. Cherish her and your love for her every day of your life, my friend.” The king said, smiling at the both of you as a new wave of loneliness gripped his heart.

“She does not know how I feel, Thorin. She does not know that I will love her for the eternity and she might never know that I love her.” Dwalin’s voice broke and he gripped your hand in his, praying the Valars and any other entity or God who might hear him that you will wake up.

“We will heal her, Dwalin. I promise.” Thorin said, his eyes staring determined at the both of you.

Then, suddenly, noises came from the woods and everyone was on their feet, weapons ready and waiting to fight the incoming threat. Dwalin grabbed you, carrying you and cradling you against his chest with one arm as the other took hold of his axe. The dwarf was ready to fight and to protect you with his life if he had to. Dwalin followed his king and the others into the woods but suddenly, huge rabbits erupted from the bushes and a weird sledge following with an odd figure riding on it. The stranger screamed nonsense and Dwalin held your unconscious body closer and protectively, almost trying to hide you from any threats. Bilbo was next to him, his new sword pointed in fright at the stranger.

“It’s Ragagast! Radagast the brown!” Gandalf told everyone, his voice laced with relief. The company looked skeptically at the odd wizard but seemed less nervous and on edge. Dwalin shared a look with Thorin and he knew that he had to stay alerte.

After calming down and taking a stick insect out of Radagast’s mouth, Gandalf walked a few meters away, needing space to discuss wizard matters with Radagast. Dwalin staid by Thorin’s side with you still cradled in his arms. Bilbo’s eyes staid focused on your unconscious form as they waited for Gandalf to come back. Dwalin looked down at your face, your (H/C) curls brushed against the skin of his neck, in his opinion it felt like soft feathers brushing his skin, soothing and calming. His eyes lingered on your features as his rough fingers brushed against your pale cheeks. He was so scared for you, so scared to loose you or to see you fade away without being able of doing anything.

Suddenly, a loud howl reverberated into the woods and everyone was on their feet once again. Bilbo looked around in fright.

“W… wolves? There’s wolves in these woods?” He asked out to the company in general, stuttering as he looked around.

“Wolf? No, that is not a wolf.” Bofur answered, looking at the trees with worried eyes. Dwalin set you down carefully next to Nori and Bifur and grabbed his other axe, shielding you with his body. Then, everyone turned around as a huge warg appeared on a higher rock from where the company was standing. The creature roared then launched at the dwarves, trying to reach Bilbo but Kili quickly shot the beast which landed at Thorin’s feet. The king finished the wrap with the sword he had found in the troll’s cave but another wrag appeared behind him and this time it was Dwalin who killed the beast with his axe. After retrieving his axe from the dead wrag, Dwalin quickly ran back in your direction and held you in his arms once again.

The situation was a dead-end, they had to run for their life; a pack of orc was hunting them and their ponies had bolted. Radagast decided to make a diversion to give them a chance and escape. So, holding you close in his arms Dwalin ran behind Gandalf through the huge plains that would lead him to Imladris, the house of Lord Elrond.

On the way, while Dwalin was running for his life and even more for yours, your voice made him almost stop. You were mumbling in your comatose state.

“D… Dwalin…” Your weak voice whispered.

“I’m here, lass. Please, hold one.” Dwalin had told you but you did not hear him as your entire being started to fade, your souls leaving your body slowly.

_*_ _*_ _*_ _*_

Your eyes fluttered open, the bright light that steeped the room blinding and hurting your eyes. You groaned and closed your eyes a seconds to ease the pain then blinked and open your eyes fully.

At first, you felt disoriented. All you could remember was fighting the troll then you wake up here, in a beautiful room, bathed in sunlight and well decorated. Birds were chirping and the sound of water running down like small waterfalls filled your ears.

You looked down when you felt the soft brush of the thin sheets that were covering your injured body on your skin. You were lying in a huge bed, probably human size but the decorations and ornaments looked elvish. Your eyes trailed up when you finally felt rough skin against the soft one of your right hand. Your eyes landed on Dwalin, his head was resting against the mattress of your bead, his face hidden to your eyes, and his hand gripping yours in a loose but loving hold.

You watched him sleep next to you with a soft smile, forgetting about the unknown place you were staying at for a few minutes. Then, Dwalin suddenly jumped awake as if he had been having a nightmare and your eyes widen in shock.

“(Y/N)…” Dwalin’s voice seemed weak which made even more confused. This confusion made you speak out loud for the first time since your accident.

“D… Dwalin? Where are we?” Your voice was horsed and your throat felt dry, as if you had been unconscious for several day.

Dwalin stared at you in a mix of feelings, you could see the astonish state he was in but you could also see fear, sorrow and stress but what struck you the most was the intense love that transpired through his eyes. You were about to question him again about this place when you saw the tears that were forming in the fierce warrior’s eyes. Dwalin let out a strangled noise before enveloping you into his arms in a loving embrace. You gasped, not expecting such a kind and friendly gesture from him but you hugged him back anyway.

“Mister Dwalin… Why are you crying? What happened? Is someone dead?” You asked half worriedly, half soothingly. Dwalin slowly pulled away and cupped your cheeks into his huge warm hands. You couldn’t help but lean into his touch.

“You, lass. You almost died.” Dwalin weakly answered. You frowned then everything came back at you. You remembered being thrown into a tree by a troll, you remember the pain, you remember everything.

“Oh…” Was all you could answer, the memory too intense to talk. This is when Dwalin decided to keep talking, tired of avoiding his feelings.

“I was so scared lass, so scared to loose you!”

“Scare to loose me?” You repeated, not understanding.

“Yes. I can’t live without you, Amrâlimê.” Dwalin confessed, his voice filled with love and passion. You stared into his eyes, your own filled with happy tears as the love that transpired through his words suffice for you to understand the meaning of this foreign Khuzdul word.

“I’m sorry I scared you. I won’t do it again, I promise.” You answered then softly took hold of one of his hands and brought it to your lips, kissing his knuckles then the palm of his hand lovingly.

Dwalin watched you do so then slowly tilted your head up with the tip of his fingers. You stared at each other for a few intense seconds before Dwalin closed the distance between your lips and sealed your love with his passionate but gentle kiss.

You closed your eyes and kissed him back as passionately, trying your best at pouring all your love and devotion for the dwarf in one kiss. Soon, you pulled away to breath but Dwalin leant his forehead on yours as his eyes staid close and a small content smile appeared on his lips.

“I love you, Ghishavel.” He whispered for only you to hear. You giggled in pure joy, a few tears escaping your eyes.

“I love you too, my dwarf knight.” You answered, your smile never leaving your lips.


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Prompt #13. When they came to you injured.

Requested: Yes! (if you’re taking requests for the prompt list, 13 with Peter Parker?? I love your blog btw)

Warnings: Fluff omg so much fluff, Injured Peter. 

Word Count: 1,077


Ever since you had found out about your best friend Peter Parker being Spider-Man, your sleeping schedule was super messed up. Usually not falling asleep till 1am, your usual sleeping time would be 10pm, but not receiving a text back from him would really freak you out.

You were currently in your sophomore year with Peter, at Midtown High School. Two of your classes being clinical, hopefully, one day becoming a nurse.

What a coincidence.

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