wr: the miz

How I’d book Elias Samson

-Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz for the IC title
-Elias Sampson just drifts around the ring and plays his guitar
-Dean Ambrose gets distracted, loses the match and the title, Miz is the new IC champion
-Dean Ambrose loses his fucking shit and takes Elias Samson’s guitar and beats Samson with it.
-(Not sure if that would make Dean a Heel or if that’s just Dean being Dean)
-Start a feud with Dean Ambrose vs. Elias Sampson. 

You guys remember when The Miz “attacked” Elias Samson so Elias get’s a DQ win over Dean Ambrose. Since Dean loses the title if he gets DQed, what if Elias Samson “attacks” The Miz causing Dean to get DQed and help The Miz get a DQ win and win the IC title.

Then Elias wants a shot at the title.

(ALSO Elias looks like Damien Sandow)


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