Okay here is Jack My Swag Day 2: Sing a song

Sponsored by youtube because tumblr video is dumb.


Jack My Swag: Day 4

Talk in an accent.

Jack My Swag: The 15 Day Video Challenge

Okay so here’s the deal. Ashley and I are doing a video challenge together. So watch it. Also, some days multiple videos will be filmed because we are running out of time together and I will have to return to school soon. But yeah it’s going to be gr9. You will live forever if you watch us be dumb k cool.

Day 1: Introduce yourself

Day 2: Sing a song

Day 3: Your cellphone

Day 4: Talk in an accent

Day 5: Favorite band/artist

Day 6: Video a journey

Day 7: Make a short informative film about something

Day 8: Talk about your best friend

Day 9: Talk about your favorite movie

Day 10: Ten random facts about yourself

Day 11: List your five most prized possessions

Day 12: Make a music video

Day 13: Cook something and eat it

Day 14: Views on love and relationships

Day 15:  Do a celebratory dance for finishing the challenge


Jack My Swag: Day 3

Your cellphone.


Jack My Swag: The Musical Journey Of Two Girls Who Can’t Get The Cap Off


  • Scream-singing
  • Taco Bell
  • Losing control of the vehicle
  • Jesus
  • Teenage Angst
  • Blogging
  • Wrecking blogs
  • 20-08s
  • and Searching for Tyrone

“DIS IS DA BEST SHOW EVA” -Rebecca Black

“Watch this” - Jesus

“Shit” -Tyrone