Man I hate to break the hearts of anyone reblogging the Witch Queen Merida stuff all excited about an evil grimdark Meri, I guess because she’s dressed slightly darker and is slightly witchier, but ~Evil~ she ain’t. No more than any other dead guy unexpectedly brought back for reasons she doesn’t yet understand. But hey, don’t let that stop you from your own Evil Meridas! Just saying that mine…. is not.

This has been a PSA sponsored by The Foundation of People Who Care Too Much About Irrelevant Junk. Tip your waitresses!

Trying to clear out any lingering fanart so I have nothing to distract me from Real Work. I realize the counter-intuitive nature of this. SHUSH.

Basic outfit reference for Witch-Queen Merida. Things are subject to change but here’s where we are. I haven’t settled a few things, like the charms weaved into her hair, whether she’s fully shoe’d or partially barefoot, or whether she has any warpaint or not.