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Here’s an Invader Zim and Midnight Crew Crossover (Plus Sn0wman)
For HB the canon outfit was already complex so I mostly copied that, for the others I added some extra details!

@shark-claspers​ !

Random Details under the readmore!

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Doodled a lot during this party I went to.

Amazing how my art style changes every time I draw something.

But the eyes, they remain the same. I guess that’s my trademark or something?? Like when you see art that looks like mine, or when my art starts to look like someone else’s, you’ll always be able to tell by the eyes.

Except WQ, she has no eyes.

anonymous asked:

Undertale reminds me a lot of RWBYquest. the music, the general aesthetic, some of the monsters, some plot & parallels, the barrier thing... so it's nice playing Undertale and getting to feel like I'm coming home again even after RQ is over.

Hhaha oh man I love that - im rly into undertale and love everything about it so thats a p big compliment to me !!! Throw that dome down get yourself a sick sports car

Tho I was warming up earlier and this ask was all I could think about, so this is your fault now i guess :P <3

[bergentrückung loops in the distance]

20:07    WQ    I’m becoming an adult, starting tomorrow.
20:07    somesickguy    Is it your birthday or something?
20:07    WQ    Yeah.
[A few days later]
15:50    WQ    I tried    to sing.
15:50    gingerale    Aw, wish we had heard that
15:50    Ziirroh    did it hurt
15:50    WQ    It hurt a lot.
15:50    gingerale    Oh
15:50    Ziirroh    that’s unfortunate
15:50    WQ    I couldn’t do it.
15:51    WQ    I couldn’t even sing myself a birthday song    haha