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maybe barnum & bailey were hatched in the same egg and were born as conjointed twins (from the head) for a mutation, and then after sometime they separated and they were left without half their face. which would explain why they wear masks to hide that half

Ouch. That’s a hell of a Headcanon. Thanks for sending be a B&B ask though, now I can expose some new thought about them here!

I won’t post images to avoid accidentally spoiling the leaks further but, if anyone still has the images, look at the black silhouette, and then at B&B. A friend mentioned it could be fake because the silhouette has two short sleeves… But with the sprite having both horns, and the obviously mirrored look of the hair on either side? It feels like WP took the mirrored sprite and smacked it together, which could confirm its veracity, since each of the B&B sprites has one of the sides of the hair, and the other is unique. This feels like a bit TOO much work for someone to come up with a design that sticks true to the silhouette.


Alice Madness Returns Wallpaper // Halloween Edits ( 2 / 31 )


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bythical asked Donald or Goofy (KH)


慶一 x  夕魅

Here is the official introduction of her into the story. We only seen her name been mentioned by Ryuuki in chapter 1, now I give you the actual person. Once I’m done preparing my wordpress, you can read my full version of the chapters so far. There’s more conversation between them at that time about her. I also added some extra scenes in most of the chapters that have been released, too! :D

One Direction Channel Their Inner Fleetwood Mac on ‘What a Feeling’ | SPIN
Looking for the funkiest, most upbeat One Direction song they've released this Made in the A.M. album cycle? It's here this morning in the form of "What a Feeling," a tambourine-tinged anthem about longing and loss that gets all sorts of Fleetwood Mac inspired on its evenly harmonized chorus. Seriously, those floaty oohs and aahs are right out Stevie Nicks and co.'s playbook. Hear it below and pick up A.M. on Friday.