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How do u make dabs with a hair straightener? Iv heard about it but I don't know how to do it.

1. Fold a piece of parchment paper (not wax paper) and put a nug between. Plug in the hair straightener and set it to the lowest heat. 

2. Once the hair straightener heats up, put the nug and parchment paper in between and squeeze as hard as you can.

3. After 10-15 seconds tops, remove the parchment paper.

4. Open parchment paper to reveal your hash. Scrape up and enjoy. Leftover squished nugs can be smoked or eaten.

Stay regular super stoner~

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Can you please address the issue of people exposing their pets to weed? I mean I'm a weed smoker myself but fuck that shit exposed to animals can be really stupid.

Discomforting, possibly. Harmful - that’s debatable.

Humans are far from the only animal that enjoys to ingest drugs that alter it’s state of consciousness. From reindeer that consume amanita muscaria mushrooms, to horses eating spotted locoweed, to jaguars traveling to interdimensional space via DMT, to cats being fed nepeta cataria (aka catnip) by their drug dealing owners.

Animals get high. This is a undeniable fact.

Now to say that animals consuming cannabis specifically is harmful, that seems to stem from overprotective pet owners. While I’m not in support of people putting cats into boxes and smoking out of it (or forcing a pet to be exposed to smoke in general), I don’t see the problem with pets engaging in recreational — and often medicinal — cannabis use.

Cats get cancer bro. So do dogs. And probably hamsters too. Shit, what big ass dog doesn’t have their hips give out as they get older? So what’s more inhuman: letting an animal suffer and die from a deblitating condition - or letting them get high and healthier? To deny animals one of the most natural cures to their suffering would be the definition of inhuman. 

I’ve heard of, and personally owned, pets that enjoy to partake in pot recreationally. While there are animals that are deterred by it, I’ve heard of animals following the scent like bloodhound. I had a dog personally who would smell me spark up, come over, and literally bark at me until I blew him a hit. Afterwards he’d lay down next to me, relax, and occasionally come back for seconds. 

Shit, Kevin Smith has been on record saying that his dog (whose legs gave out, had seizures, etc) would cry every night it didn’t get hotboxed by him. He’d leave on work trips, and the dog would lament every sober night. The dog clearly recognized the benefits of the smoke, and chose to coexist with the cannabis use. He didn’t lock the dog into the room, he didn’t have to hold it down and blow it in his face — the dog clearly wanted weed and was content with being present during continuous smoke sessions.

Like humans, however, every animal is different. And their experience with a substance may be dramatically different than your own. A tiny toy dog with a tender heart beating ten thousand times a second may not take well to a fat toke of high THC buds. Dose and strain choice are incredibly important when considering to expose anyone to cannabis.

The only real ‘danger’ is overdose really. It’s the same thing that happens to kids when they’re admitted to hospitals for getting too high. Parents freak out and claim cannabis nearly killed their child, meanwhile the kid is just tripping too hard from a eating a platter of brownies. The problem with animals, and often dogs, is they eat anything you leave around. So be wary of any edibles you leave out and especially things like roaches (half smoked blunts/joints) or nugs/plant matter. They’ll just snag that shit up when you’re off at work and you’ll wonder why you have less weed later.

Don’t force your pets to do things they don’t want to do. I wouldn’t slip acid into your water for shits and giggles. But hey man, if you catch your pet with it’s nose your weed jar, wearing your weed socks, or suffering from cancer — you may want to consider speaking to your vet about utilizing medicinal cannabis as a supplement for your pet.

Stay regular super stoner~

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love your blog, but please keep dick pics off because that forces all of your followers to consent to viewing that, when a lot of us don't want to... Thanks. :)

Yeah, like all those tits and pussies chicks are forced to see all the time, and no women ever raise an eyebrow message me negativity, or unfollow me.

It’s cool when it’s a pair of meat sacks on a XX chromosome chest, or even the gnarliest looking meat curtain tucked between some thighs, but the second a penis peeks out every insecure and immature man child loses their minds irrationally.

What do you heterobros do when you watch porn? Do you restrict yourselves to only lesbian content to cut out any sight of a glistening bulbous tip at the top of a fat foot long shaft, dripping buckets of cum and saliva? Is the mirror in your bathroom covered by one of your “Love Sucks, True Love Swallows” shirts and fitted caps so you never have to look at your own shame?

Until we cultivate acceptance for our own anatomy, we’ll continue to perpetuate the constant discrimination of both genders and all sexual identities. Men, with the inability to control themselves, along with the incessant need to control everyone else — are the reason that women can’t expose their chests in public (while men can), why men are shunned from showing their packages (while women are heralded for exposition), and why women are expected to be nubile virgin princesses but also produce porn. It’s a backwards way of thinking imposed by the patriarchy.

Women want to see naked dudes as much as men want to see nude chicks. It’s a fact fellas.

As long as this blog is online it’ll be dedicated to the promotion of all genders and sexualities. There’s never a reason to leave anyone out of the party if they want to get sexy.

Stay regular super stoner~

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How the hell do you roll a cross blunt. Something so simple. ):

  1. Roll two joints, one big one small.
  2. Poke a hole through the side of both joints.
  3. Pull the small joint through the big joint’s hole. Make sure the small joint’s holes are pointing towards the top and bottom of the big joint.
  4. Patch any holes with glue strip from joint paper.
  5. Find a friend to help you spark it up, or use candles/hemp wick/etc to create stationary flames.
  6. Blaze that fatty boombatty until your brain’s blasted.

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People who dab are such assholes

It’s not necessarily people who dab that are assholes, it’s people who perpetuate an egotistical and elitist attitude about their passions.

It’s the people who think they have the best buds or BHO and make it a point to rub it in everyone else’s faces. The kind of douchebags that make shitty memes about stoners who “think” they have good weed. Rather than simply enjoying it themselves — or better yet, embracing cannabis culture and sharing it with fellow stoners — they prefer to keep a tight posse of other privileged assholes who enjoy alienating stoners who can’t help their position in life.

Fuck yeah look at these legit ass frosty cookies nugs, niggas be like ‘i got them cooks!’ and they rollin with regs! Can’t touch this top shelf indoor cali life all day only dabs cause we’re above flowers even though that’s where oils come from. Come take a dab of this royal kush purple pre 98 bubba slab off my mothership with a dnail attachment that I bought with all the money I made selling improperly purged hash for a couple years and start up money my rich parents provide, oh wait, you’re in a non-legal state? Tough shit bro, I’m too busy chiefing clouds of these loud ass terps over here.

We’ve had to unfollow quite a few stoners with an enormous thai stick up their ass on our Instagram feed. It’s amazing how these pretentious cunts can cultivate a lifestyle brand as big as they do, established on such an exclusionary and vapid mentality.

We prefer to cultivate an atmosphere of acceptance, and judge not a stoner on the quality of their nugs, but by the substance of their character. It’s not about who has the best buds, BHO, or boro – it’s about spreading the love as far as you spread your smoke.

Stay regular super stoner~

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"Overdosing" are you kidding me. You're supposed to be a guru is this a joke?

Overdose does not equal death.

I could drink a cup of regular coffee and get buzzed, or I can overdose on caffeine by drinking a couple shots of cuban coffee. I can take 2 aspirin per hour as recommended, or I can take 4 per hour. My buddy can drink 6 beers and feel nothing, while they’d be an overdose for me. 

Overdose means to consume more than a regular dose. That may be something different to each person for cannabis, depending on their tolerance. 1 gram may send someone to outer space and induce panic attacks - while 1 gram just gets me started.

The reason overdose is associated with death is due to more dangerous and lethal drugs such as opiates, crack, and meth. When overdosed, these substances can actually inhibit breathing due to their placement in the brainstem, which in turn leads to death. One of the things that makes cannabis so safe is the fact it doesn’t operate in this area of the brain, making it essentially impossible to die from overdose. It’s also incredibly easy to overdose on opiates, making the difference between doped up and dead very small. Whereas with cannabis, you could consume your body weight in buds and be as safe as a stoned kitten.

Stay regular super stoner~

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What would you recommend for people who "can't handle their high" so the could handle it?

Smoke less. Overdosing on cannabis is very common and incredibly easy. Start with small hits or bites and work your way up to a comfortable cannabinoid level.

Choose your strain wisely. Cannabis is an incredibly diverse plant with a vast array of different compounds - each eliciting a unique effect, from taste and smell to the actual high. While one strain may smell like blueberries, make you feel anxious and paranoid, and give you energy — another will smell like grapes and make you feel relaxed while relieving pain. Each strain has a unique profile that you’ll have to explore for yourself and discover if it’s compatible with your body chemistry. Talk to your dealer/budtender and accrue as much information as you can about what strains they’re serving.

Mind your mind and ass. Getting high on the herb is a psychedelic experience which may heighten your senses, amplify your thoughts, encourage hallucinations, and evoke a range of powerful emotions (from fear to happiness). If you aren’t stable in a sober state, it may not be wise to alter that state radically. The classic rule for any psychedelic substance is that the set (your mind) and setting (where you are, people around you, etc) will define the experience. If you’re an anxious person by nature, you may not want to get high in a setting that makes you feel more uncomfortable. Or if you know you get paranoid, you shouldn’t put yourself in places that trigger that signal personally.

Change your smoking style. Each method of cannabis consumptions elicits different effects. Bong hits blast you way differently than blunts, while an edible hits dramatically harder and longer than both. Try each different way and see which works best for you.

To concentrate or not? That is the question. Some people need higher potency from their pot, while others are already intimidated by how dank their flowers are. Or it may be a matter of reliable dosing. 1 gram of flowers won’t hit you the same way each time, while 1 gram of concentrates will. The cannabinoid content of flowers may vary radically from bud to bud, whereas concentrates are more likely to be consistently potent throughout.

Try it again. We all have bad experiences with everything in life. I wouldn’t hold on to the first or worst bad experience you’ve had, it simply limits the possibility of the next positive experience. Alter the variables in the equation and blaze away. Come into each hit with an open mind, and Mary Jane will guide you through it.

Trust yourself. At the end of the day, you’ve consumed a substance that has never killed anyone in the history of it’s existence. Your senses have become heightened to a hallucinogenic state, where sounds bellow so loud they echo in the cloudy catacombs of your stoned cerebellum. The thundering beat of your heart thumps closer to your ear as it’s rate increases slightly from the THC traversing through your bloodstream. And despite the calamitous nature of this clamorous situation, all is right in the world. This experience, much like every moment, is a fleeting fragment of an ever-shifting veil of existence that we’re constantly pawing at to perceive. It becomes intrinsically clear that we are in control of the organic vehicle that is of human composition, and these seemingly alien signals are human in nature. You underestimated this peaceful plant’s true power, though through this sour struggle, you’ve attained more respect for the spirit of Mary Jane. With her guidance we find the wisdom that is an eternal love for ourselves and all that is, and with her help we can discover a kind courage that perseveres through peace.

Hope that helps,

Stay regular super stoners

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Do you see Iowa legalizing marijuana anytime in the near future?

Iowa just legalized medical marijuana last year, and only last month began to establish cultivation facilities and dispensaries.

To compare, Colorado took 12 years to go from medical to recreational, while Washington took 16.

However, we do live in a different day and age considering the number of states that have pushed the legalization standard further. After a few of years of a successful medical marijuana system, and more acceptance for cannabis garnered as a society in general, I’m sure voters will be easily swayed to take the next step towards recreational.

It’s all up to how well the medicinal system is implemented, and how hard you guys push in the next few years to convert any conservatives and politicians to the cult of cannabis. The more voters, representatives, and senators you have that support legalization (and not that bullshit “no grow at home” legalization), the better sooner you see your state turn fully green.

Stay regular super stoner~

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can we see some cute chubby girls on WPD or is this an anorexic people only blog?

Maybe if you’d check the NSFW tag past the first page, you’d see we feature people of all shapes, sizes, and even sexes. 

If you wanted to see stoners of a certain diversity, you’re simply contributing further to the discrimination of the situation by segregating a portion of the community simply because you don’t deem it sexy. You don’t like skinny chicks dude? That’s fine, but that doesn’t make them anorexic, as much as the “chubby” chicks aren’t fat whales. 

You want to see more people post themselves naked smoking weed? Maybe we should create a society where we’re encouraged to do that positively, as opposed to still shaming innocent humans simply seeking to express themselves. Create a world where I can post any person and they won’t be attacked in their askbox by contrarian opinions.

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Im trying to get some of my friends to smoke with me but they are too scared to do it. Any advice?

People will smoke when they want to smoke. You should never try to force someone into your lifestyle, despite how enjoyable the experience is for you personally.

What you can do is provide education on the subject, which over time, eradicates fear and cultivates interest.

Let them know of the benefits - how it helps countless people who suffer with chronic or debilitating diseases and pain, or how it enlightens and empowers the ego to pursue more enriching endeavors.

Drop some science on them. Teach them about the endocannabinoid system, and how humans are born with receptors for the chemicals in cannabis. That runner’s high they enjoy? A product of your endocannabinoid system being stimulated. 

Keep them consistently updated with the latest news and developments in the world of weed. There tends to be a new breakthrough each week about the great bud.

Talk about the history of pot prohibition, and how it’s founded in racist and corporate roots. It’s amazing to imagine that cannabis has only been criminal for less than 100 years on earth, and it’s all thanks to ‘Murica.

And of course, make sure to inform them of the harmlessness of the plant. Draw comparisons to substances they’re familiar with, such as alcohol, tobacco — or even coffee, aspirin, and cough syrup — and how all these legal substances have never-ending death tolls and negative consequences we carry as a society. Whereas cannabis has never killed anyone directly. The illegality of cannabis and the ‘war’ we wage on drugs is what causes stigmatization, imprisonment, and even death.

It’s all about discovering that your body is essentially a chemical cocktail that you are responsible for influencing. We’re all just vessels for drugs, stuffing our faces full of protein and sugar while seeking our next dopamine fix desperately - either in the form of a physical or mental motive. And then your body gets tired thanks to melatonin, and trips the fuck out during REM with DMT. Cannabis can be another essential supplement, a nutrient, a vitamin for your sustenance if your body requires it.

Shatter the perceptions established by prohibitionist’s illogical ideals through persistent precipitation of fact. Live as an prime example of why the pothead and stoner stereotypes are fallacies fabricated by fear mongering hypocrites. Free your fellow colleagues today from their brainwashed states with steady dose of truth about cannabis.

Stay regular super stoner~

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What do you do if you're in California, you have a rec, you're out walking at night totally sober & haven't medicated that day.. But the cops take you in anyway. You say you haven't had anything that day because it's the truth, but they find THC in your blood, obviously. All you've had that day is 2 beers & a cigarette but they don't buy it. What do people do? Since it's technically illegal federally.

Fear not my intrepid toker, you can never be arrested for solely being high. 

Getting stoned isn’t a crime under any law on it’s own. Possession, cultivation, and distribution may be illegal under certain jurisdictions — but you can never be arrested for the THC content in your blood unless you break another law (such as driving under the influence).

A cop will only draw blood for drugs if they have suspicion you’re under the influence, and it’s more likely they’ll breathalize you before going through the effort of detaining you, taking you to a hospital, and having them draw blood for drug analysis.

Even if they draw your blood and find traces of marijuana, they’d only arrest you if there was another crime involved. People don’t get arrested for being drunk. Anyone can get as shitfaced as they please — until they’re disorderly, littering, exposing themselves in public, driving, etc.

As long as you aren’t breaking any other laws, local and state law enforcement won’t be able to charge you on any grounds.

Now this quickly changes from paranoia to possibility if you’re on federal land or crossing state lines.

The only time you have a reasonable expectation to be arrested by the feds is if you’re caught possessing or cultivating cannabis on federal land. Again, if you roll up to a national park or state border and you’ve pre-gamed properly with blunts at home — you don’t have any worry of being persecuted and prosecuted.

Wall talk after each toke knowing you’ve disposed of the dank contraband, and taste the sweet air of stoned innocence.

Stay regular super stoner~

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you know weed doesn't affect animals the way it affects us... it literally kills them. it's not fucking funny to put a blunt in a dogs mouth. don't encourage this behavior/let your follows know this is fucked up.

Dogs, like many animals, have an endocannabinoid system that is stimulated by the components of cannabis (THC, CBD, etc). Just like humans, they can accrue the benefits of cannabis, as well as the negative side effects from it. In terms of actually dying from overdose however, I have yet to find a single conclusive case of a dog dying from ingesting copious amounts of THC, CBD, etc.

Just like humans, animals sometimes get too high, and it can lead to death in poorly managed situations. If you get too high and stumble off a ledge, you didn’t die from marijuana, you died from being an idiot. The substance itself didn’t cause your body to cease function, the effect of gravity did. Equally so, if a dog dies from choking on it’s own vomit, it’s not directly caused by cannabis. It easily could be blamed on what the dog ate (perhaps the fact they were eating grass, or possibly what the buds were baked into).

There are cases where dogs have shown ‘negative’ side effects such as lethargy, high blood pressure, and/or irregular heart beat. Which all sound like the same side effects we see from humans. And they aren’t dropping like flies. Discomfort does not equal death.

And for all the people saying that you should listen to your vet, you’re a tool bro. How about you go down to your general practicioner and tell them you’re puffing large blunts for medicinal reasons. I guarantee 99% of the doctors, unless they’re in a medical state and providing MMJ cards, will tell you that combusting any substance, particuarly an unregulated, possibly moldy and diseased plant grown in someone’s basement, is the last thing you should be doing for your health. Meanwhile patients continue to dose themselves with cannabis and cure their cancer.

The medicinal aspects of cannabis on humans are just now being accepted controversially state by state, what makes you think the information on pets using pot has trickled down to vets? We’re currently struggling to scrap together scientific studies on this Schedule I substance for humans, it’ll takes decades before we see conclusive evidence on animals.

There have been numerous studies on the LD50 rate of cannabis on dogs and even they have varied in results for decades. 

In 2013, researchers writing in the journal Topics in Companion Animal Medicine wrote, “The minimum lethal oral dose for dogs for THC is more than 3 g/kg.” 

But in 1973, scientists writing for the journal Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology noted “In dogs and monkeys, single oral doses of Δ9-THC and Δ8-THC between 3000 and 9000 mg/kg were nonlethal.” 

A  2004 review published in the Journal of Veterinary and Human Toxicology looked at 213 incidents where dogs ate actual pot from 1998-2001.  “The marijuana ingested ranged from ½ to 90 g,” the scientists wrote. “The lowest dose at which signs [of distress] occurred was 84.7 mg/kg and the highest reported dose was 26.8 g/kg.” They found that even with a dog eating almost an ounce of ganja per kilogram of its weight, “All followed animals made full recoveries.”

(via Alternet)

So as far as the science on death is concerned, it’s not there yet in practice. It’s difficult considering the varying effects of each strains(the high, how it was grown, method of consumption), as well as the wide variance in animal size and species. Whereas a big dog might take down a biscuit of Bubba Kush, a small chihuahua may struggle with any sativa.

While there are a lack of studies, that does not mean there are none. Here is a list of studies supporting medicinal cannabis and it’s use on animals, share it with your friends, family, and local vet:

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You act like your business is changing the world. You sell socks and wicks??? Not really a big deal. Sell some socks with hello kitty on them and you'll be fine.

The headshop is only one part of the website.

I post the latest cannabis news daily to keep stoners up to date on any legalization movements (petitions, initiatives, bills, etc), as well as scientific studies confirming the medical efficacy of the cannabis plant, and not to mention the crime. I also aggregate the news state by state bi-weekly in a master post to ensure stoners are aware any local news.

I compile, condense, and articulate vital information about cannabis into articles for anyone to partake upon freely. We have the Stoner Dictionary, which defines a number of basic cannabis terms and colloquialisms. There’s also the Weeducation page, which features a list of articles ranging from referential resources for curious and collegial cannabis connoisseurs, a list of states and pages breaking down the legality of ganja and local regulations, and much more.

I created a database of over 1000 cannabis strains to document the ever evolving ganja genome and keep track of everything from THC to terpenes. I’m currently in the works of making the database an open source application, allowing for any dispensary, lab, growers, strain reviewer, etc to utilize the program to create their own strain journal of sorts.

I produce original cannabis-centric entertainment for the stoned masses. We’re constantly pumping out photos of frosty nugs, sexy glass, and joints galore. Then there’s the YouTube channel where we’ve pumped out over 600 videos to keep you company while roll one up, ranging from rolling up and smoking fat joints, sexy bong hits set to groovy tunes, vlogs going behind the scenes of WPD, streams of stoned gaming, excursions to glass shows and Disney World, and plenty more. Show me one fucking weed blog that has the balls to blaze up at Disney and make a video series about it.

But most importantly, the goal of WeedPornDaily is to cultivate a community of cannabis connoisseurs. Whether that be through submissions of them smoking it up usually every single Sunday of the year, questions and stories presented in the ask box, or even posts shared with friends. It’s all about sharing in the smoke, promoting out positivity, and keeping it real.

And I do all this for free, and all by myself. Well, the headshop part I get paid for I suppose. But everything else is provided absolutely for free (with a few non obtrusive ads).

Don’t be confused, I am trying to change the world, and I’m doing everything in my power to do so.

Stay regular super stoner~

anonymous asked:

If you're homeless try not spending almost half your income on weed, idiot. I have no sympathy for homeless people who use the money that they DO have on things that are a luxury, not a need.

Cause all I buy is weed right?

You know what’s more expensive than weed? Rent, utilities (water, electricity, internet), food, medicine, car/health insurance, phone bills, and various other of needs in my hierarchy that get handled before weed. That’s right Maslow, my pyramid is comprised of only marijuana. There aren’t countless bills to be paid for the website either, from hosting bills(servers, SSL, etc) to the business(PO Box, state/postage fees, etc) to stocking the headshop with thousands of dollars worth of products.  Or how about tickets and fees from local and state government that restrict your freedom to exist until you surrender thousands of dollars you’re supposed to accrue at a disadvantage they’ve placed you in?

Clearly I’m some homeless drifter who drops all his donations into getting stoned, as opposed to any other struggling individual in this shitty economy. An individual that was hit by a car, and is still recovering from the physical and monetary damages that incurred.

Nah, I should stop my medicinal use of cannabis to treat my chronic nausea, insomnia, and pain from my injuries - despite it’s ability to allow me to eat, sleep, and work even harder than I can without it - simply because an anonymous accountant and his specious assessment of my assets thinks I spend too much on it.

My investment in cannabis returns tenfold in productivity and health benefits. It’s one of the many investments I make in life that I realize are necessary, and my budget allots for it. I’m also not some drug addict who allows the substance to consume my entire, or even a significant portion of my limited income.

anonymous asked:

So I recently broke my hand and can't use a lighter, grinder, or even pack a bowl. Any tips for smoking one handed?

To grind your nugs: put your nug in a cocktail glass, secure it with something (so it doesn’t move around), place the nug inside, and then use a pair of scissors to cut it up.

To spark up: I recommend using a lighter or torch and a ball of Hemp Wick. The ball gives you something to grip and maneuver easier than a lighter. You don’t want to burn your only good hand trying to get that last corner of a bowl only to get the flame to come up and lick your fingers.

To smoke, I’d recommend a stationary smoking device (like a bong on a table) that you can just walk up to, put your mouth in, and use the good hand to light it. To avoid cleaning the bowl after every hit, pack only however much you need, avoid using a screen, and try to suck it through the bowl into the bong. You’ll have to swap your water more often, but that process may be easier than the dexterity required to clean a bowl without breaking it. 

You could also invest in a self-lighting pipe, though that might be a hassle to setup by yourself. An herbal vaporizer like the Pax is simple enough to use one-handed as well, and requires less management than self-lighting pipes.

Or if glass and vapes are out of your price range, try getting a prerolled cone and cone stand from a local headshop. Stuff it, twist the top, give it a good shake to settle the herb, and then spark up. You could always have your friends roll your joints and blunts for you ahead of time and then keep them fresh in a airtight tupperware/glass in the fridge.

Hope that helps,
Stay regular super stoner~

anonymous asked:

So why do you run a head shop? Would it not be easier to run a smoke shop with everything being for tobacco consumption "only." Or do you just use head shop loosely? Keep up the dope blog btw!

Paypal doesn’t allow the sale of drug paraphernalia or tobacco products, but extends their policy conveniently to cover anything sold at a headshop, art or photography that includes cannabis, cannabis based services, etc.

emh1992 asked:

Ever had any run ins with the cops?

There was this one night where I was rolling on a couple of green monkeys with a couple of close friends, and we were chilling and blazing with another group of friends. We all opted to pop over to a local park to roll up and smoke a few blunts in the ambience of the open night sky. After burning down our share of dank nugs wrapped in Dutch Masters, we heard the sound of sirens nearby. Any contraband was immediately rocketed to the furthest patch of grass from our proximity, and before we knew it, they were upon us.

There were 2 cops at the scene shining their lights and shouting commands at our possy of about 6 stoners (and 3 people coming down from a personal rave). With no visible drugs in sight, they ordered us to walk over to their vehicles and sit in front of it on the asphalt while one ran our IDs. The other cop immediately started interrogating the group, trying grasp why 6 teens could possibly be congregating in a public place. Meanwhile, I was smiling the entire smile. Not because of the ecstasy necessarily, but because I knew they had nothing on us. We’d literally smoked away all the evidence, and we weren’t going to be arrested for being stoned and tripping. And even trespassing charges seemed unlikely considering it was a community park where my friend owned a home merely a stones throw away.

The cop was not appreciating my lackadasical attitude towards her authority. And I could see my friends growing tense with my relaxed demeanor. Their imaginations were running wild considering incarceration while I was already rolling my next blunt.

The other officer emerged from his cruiser with our IDs and a defeated disposition. The cops coalesced momentarily and the interrogator informed us we were free to go between gritted teeth.

After the police presence finally dissipated, we returned to our spot at the park and after a short time of searching with cellphone light - we found the small baggy of extra monkeys that was forcibly abandoned. All in all, it was an incredibly successful night, despite the temporary scare.

Stay regular super stoner~