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Studio at Saugatuck, Mich. etching, 1914.

James Blanding Sloan (September 19, 1886 - October 5, 1975)

Blanding Sloan, who studied at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, was a versatile artist. He was a painter, wood carver, graphic artist, set designer, illustrator, and puppeteer. 

Originally from Texas, he moved to San Francisco in the 1920s where he established a studio on Polk St. and owned a puppet theater on Montgomery St. From San Francisco, Sloan moved to Hollywood where he worked as a stage and set designer.

In 1934, Sloan became the director of the WPA Federal Theater in Los Angeles.  


How The “Tiny WPA” Is Transforming Neighborhoods, With Help From Teenage Girls

Young girls are designing public infrastructure for their cities as part of the Tiny WPA project. In South Chicago, teenage girls made an impact that adults couldn’t because they were from the community and seen as unthreatening to gangs. They ended up inspiring the entire neighborhood. 

Source and Image Source: Fast CoExist