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One party to call. Two people, one falls,
No mermory at all. Just a waiting list.
Some yelling, some tall.
Some quiet, some small.
They nibble on, well, anyone. No can do for you doll.


I feel like I fucked it up somewhere but weh I did it. I did tryyyyyyyyyyyy.

/sobs in the background


Haruhi Suzumiya Wallpapers


Take my love, take my land,
Take me where I cannot stand,
I don’t care I’m still free,
You can’t take the sky from me,

Welp, after ages of work that should’ve end much sooner both designs are done ;; In the end I decided to go for more Firefly-ish look and can’t wait to print those. I hope that both look equally as good ;;

Also for those who displayed some interest in getting your own western dorks I uploaded them to society6 as well. God bless any of you who will actually throw money at them. Really, bless you. 


I tried to work on a western KOBD comic today and during browsing my Western-art folder I came across these panels from first story I planned for them. I posted one of them before if I remember o:

It was quickly dropped since Breakdown changed from panel to panel and that annoyed me a lot. Proportions, perspective, details and that stuff (I still haven’t figured how to draw him eugh)

They were supposed to be bitchin’ about old times and why the prize for their heads is so high for a casual duo of outlaws. Blowing up bars doesn’t help guys D:

Today everything was pretty westernish haha, so I’ve decided to post this lineart. I really look forward to colouring it (since I’m kinda proud of it and want to slap it on my new bag haha).

There is so much irl stuff to do first tho *sigh* I miss so much drawing western stuff. And I need to start writing it haha. Yes mum, I know that you are looking at me.