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I also have another project (for comic practice) which is 28 pages long (f*ck) and I’m still at page 21 and at stage 1 (rough sketches) ORZ


Faith here.

I would like to point out that we do have a submissions box (that we encourage you to use… please…)

Seriously, I am the one in charge of headcanons/writting prompts. Star is the edits one.

And, unfortunately, I’m hitting a temporary dead end… well, at least I was when I wrote this one… *checks date* May 5th.

I have a live fanfiction account and have been working on a few things there. Also, may 1st-5th I haven’t added much to the queue because of testing week and studying…

so, help out a little??? please. It would be highly appreciated.

I even accept some non-canon ships *coughcoughjercycoughcough*.

If you want Star to make an edit, send us an ask! As long as it’s canon, she’s a picky one.

So what are you waiting for? Surely one of you have a hc/wp or edit request.

Send them in.

We don’t bite

~Greeting from Murica


Haruhi Suzumiya Wallpapers


Alice Madness Returns Wallpaper // Halloween Edits ( 2 / 31 )