Mystery Box….revealed!

Hello, Miss Lori!

Lori Coffey is our early childhood educator, and what a perfect person to have kick off the Week of the Young Child. Lori brings art to children as young at three months through songs, crafts, touch, sound, and, of course, walks through the galleries. There are so many wonderful early childhood programs at VMFA, thanks to hard work of Lori and her team!

Children cannot ruin art. They make it!

In honor of the Week of the Young Child (and to answer our little quiz earlier this week), behold de Kooning embracing the whimsy of his little girl. 

“De Kooning recalled returning to his studio the morning after completing the painting to find that his two-year-old daughter had pressed her paint covered hands onto the canvas. De Kooning left Lisbeth’s handprints and titled the painting in her honor. Like the Surrealists, who explored the unconscious using chance and randomness, de Kooning and his contemporaries embraced the importance of the accidental as a source of creative expression.”

- John Ravenal, former Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, VMFA

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Mystery Box Mondays!

It’s the Week of the Young Child, and our Mystery Box this week knows a bit about young children. See if you can guess who, what, or where: 

What is your first memory? The curvy road to my house, and my golden retriever that lived with us at the time. I think I was two years old.

What is your favorite hobby? Swimming and playing in water, especially the James River.

What is your favorite object at the museum? The sculpture Sudbourne Premier, by Herbert Haseltine, He is the most decadent of the Haseltine sculptures. It was cold when Haseltine went to the stable to sculpt him so the stallion had to be walked while Haseltine formed his plasticine sculpture. You can see the whites of his eye, his ears are pinned back and his coat is like a tortoise shell cat. 

If you could be a kitchen utensil, what would you be and why? I would be a potato masher. I’ve always liked to walk barefoot, and to feel mud squishing through my toes. And I love mashed potatoes!