10,000 Signatures! #SaveWOY

Lord Hater: Wait.. HOW MANY!?

Commander Peepers: 10,000 Signatures!!!

We did it! We did it! We’ve reached 10,000 signatures! Oh my Grop! This is incredible! I can’t believe it! We have this many supporters!? Wow! Everyone you should all be SUPER proud! You have all done a brilliant job! Thank you so much to every single person who has signed this petition! I’m so proud of you all! You’re The Greatest!

We started this petition on March 5th and it only took us 19 days to get 10,000 signatures! Wow! Disney I hope you’re watching closely! We have a whole army fighting to SaveWOY!

Now let’s keep it going guys! Remember we don’t have a set goal! We are just aiming for as many signatures as possible! Every person who has signed will have their name added to the #SaveWOY World Map which will be sent to Disney and uploaded online for everyone to see!


(I would draw a WOY thank you picture for you all but I have my hands full with this map for the next two weeks so please accept my heartfelt thanks and a virtual hug instead. I love you guys!)