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I can’t stop drawing this hairy spoon. I’ve been meaning to put this up after The Bad Hatter. Because. I mean. *gestures* Smuggling that poor hat alien thing away from evil powers in a civil war, and the idea of Wander starting out with nothing–the feels–just. I can’t.


I’ve had an idea for this for quite a while but couldn’t think of how to do it. Still not 100% but its close enough.

Considering that the A/C is turned off at my job after 4pm (I work 2.30p-11p) I absolutely hate this summer heat. Some days I wish I could just carry a giant industrial fan for work. Also my car doesn’t have A/C either so pretty much I’m a hot mess until I get home. If only I had Ice powers….if only…

Napoleon the Ice Cream man, George the Gingerbreadboy and Jessica the squid teen are background characters suggested by @carlycmarathecat

Done in 2 hours with Color pencil/ink

So today I realized that the mun behind the one and only @lord-dominator blog, followed me back…in fact, she’s followed me ever since the early days of WoY.

She was equeally as suprised when i told her that I had followed her for pretty much just as long. I was mostly just surprised that she actually liked my art XD

Funny thing is..I couldn’t connect the dots that those two ((or three if you count that certain blog of hers, wink, wink)) blogs were run by the same person. Yeah, I’m a real’ smart cookie, and it never dawned apon me that they followed me. Well, I knew that she followed me, but my brain is so scrambled that I forgot for a short time that they were an artist that I really liked and looked up to.

@queenbean03 I hope I’ll get to be less awkward around you in the future and get to talk to you more. You seemed eager to chat with me back, or at least surprised that I said ‘hi’. I dunno XD


Just thought i make Wander’s fannon parents once again, this time with a redesign! You can find some info about them in the link >>> [Link]

I like to imagine that Wander got his kind and caring side from his mom while he also got his silly and fun-loving side from his dad~

I’ll try to work on making older versions of Wander’s fannon siblings when i get the chance. For now i’ll give a hint on what they are like.. One loves animals while the other is a bit rowdy.

i have to go help with stuff in a sec but HERE’S A PAGE OF WHAT I DREW LAST NIGHT

DOOM DRAGON PJS because they’re the best and Duke would love them! luc came up with the idea, I believe.

also the theme of last night was basically watchknight, cute kids, and sleepiness, so prepare for more things in that vein when i get back from doin’ stuff

I know in the past i said that i would continue working on my woy fan comic this October, but lately i’ve been having second thoughts about it. On one hand i already got a couple of parts done, i actually like how the story progresses and i don’t want to leave people on a cliffhanger, but on the other i feel like i should just cancel the whole comic and work on other things, plus both Wander and the backgrounds look kind of weird in those last pages that i posted. I honestly didn’t think this comic would take so long to finish when i first wrote the script. How foolish was i? Anyways what do you guys think i should do? It’s almost October and right now i feel like i’m between a rock in a hard place..

for now please enjoy this pic~


Is it too late to have watchdog characters?

A while back my friends and I were discussing watchdogs in ridiculous situations and somehow this guy was created from it.

Basically the idea of a singer watchdog named Bing (Crosby har) thinking he is entering a singing competition when he is actually signing up to be part of the Hater Empire. So the entire time he has no idea and thinks Hater and Peepers are judges and every other watchdog are competitors. He just manages to stay oblivious to it all and thinks Wander is a third nice judge the other two harsher judges bicker with.

I don’t really do fan characters anymore but a watchdog guy was too much to pass up. (I am shame) (look away)

Made a new reference for my WOY fan character/kinda-sorta self insert, Mistress Philieros to submit to Operation: The Fans! :>

Quick overview for the unfamiliar: Mistress Philieros, or Phillie is a benevolent overlord in the show’s galaxy, with a considerable and quick-expanding empire. She’s an expert on the subject of love and attraction of all kinds - romantic, platonic, casual, marital, one-night-standical - ahem!! Basically if you’ve got a love or attraction-based question, Phillie’s the one who knows, or can otherwise find you an answer. She’s super into promoting education about healthy relationships, love, and sex ed as well.

anyways!! I simplified her design and costume to make her fit into the WOY style a bit more. her chest and legs are simplified heart shapes now! :’D here’s the old ref for the curious.