I love seeing an apple and thinking to myself, wow that looks so good! Instead of, okay that’s roughly 100 calories so I should only have one slice.

I love ordering what I want off the menu at my favorite restaurant, instead of opting for the garden salad, no dressing, no cheese.

I love going for a walk with my dogs and laughing when they stop to sniff a tree for the hundredth time, instead of angrily hurrying them along because I need to be in constant motion to burn more calories.

I love the little reminders that ED doesn’t control me or my life anymore.

I’m an African from Ivory Coast. And all my friends and all Africans i know agree, for the bigger picture. African “Americans” are Africans. And that’s it. You are not from America. You were brought, and sold from Africa, and told “this is what you’re called from now on”. You are not African American. And if you have any pride in the name “American”, don’t. That’s a name from a thief, a name for property. You are African. Yes it’s hard, in that, you wouldn’t know which country in Africa you’re from. But an African that has lost his or her memory, is nevertheless, an African. And an African, cannot be accused of appropriating African culture. Or, I’ve been appropriating african-american culture all this time. And if there’s anyone who thinks I am, wow. You’re really trying to break this connection we’re trying to make with our sisters and brothers we’ve been separated from by force? I’m ready to argue the origins of slaves in America and why wearing dashikis and other practices is not appropriation with anyone who wants to try it. Ya’ll really make this “blacks/africans fight among each other” thing a reality. You’re African, and that’s it. Did ya’ll really make a post about dashikis and braids being appropriation among african americans? Ya’ll better fucking unite in every way possible, I cannot even believe that came up as a topic among you. Stop the divide, it’s another way that destroys you and anything you’ll do as a people in the future. Please also, if you’re not familiar with the culture, study the culture, learn the culture, know the culture, before practicing, to be respectful. You’re not African-American. Learn who you are. Don’t wear a name an oppressor has given you with pride, don’t wear it at all. You’re African, as far as I’m concerned. 



-the original post and all it’s versions and varieties
-going on and on about problematic issues in the fandom that have already been solved and settled
-not realising that you can’t not have flaws in a fandom, and that things can never be perfect
-not letting people make mistakes so that they can be educated about them
-not understanding that hatred is a basic human emotion that should be allowed to be expressed as long as it’s not in an offensive, public and/or targeting manner
-romanticising incest and pedophilia (and possibly abuse) with the excuse of “ship whatever u want uwu”

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Hi, so I'm looking to get my first set of synthetic dreads and wow there are a lot of sellers. Any recommendations? You know since yours always look amazing.

Depends on what kind of dreads you’re looking for! : D

Smooth, thick, thin, wavy, curly, crocheted.. Every dread-artists seems to specialize in different kind of dreads!

There’s a list of dreadmakers on my Facebook page, under ‘Likes of this page’ (or something, my Fb settings are in Dutch..!) I’ll share a couple of dread styles down below with links to the artists! ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

There’s even more I could show you, but this post is already getting too long..! Goodluck!


Drake Performs Back To Back At OVO Fest 2015

look at this nigga’s clout……..

AU where Thor is a garbage man and when he’s picking up the bins at Loki’s house, Loki asks Thor to take him out too (as a self-loathing joke bc he is trash) and Thor is like wow okay yeah I’ll pick you up at eight and drives off and Loki is just left standing there like wat wait really

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They had to "confirm" it though. Didn't really have a choice. Last nights fiasco with granny turned the whole thing into a bigger joke than it had ever been. The whole fandom was laughing at it. The needed to whip us back in line. I felt like this was obvious and thats why Im not concerned but apparently not many other people picked up on this.

LOL i do agree that fandom was laughing so hard at granny last night.

i finally got to watch the interview. and wow that was awkward. the crowd especially - you can tell how awkward things got