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Darling (Mark x FemTwinReader) fluff

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(A/n): lmao people were hype for this

Request:  Hello! I just read a lot of your YouTube stuff and I actually really like the twiniplier imagine, if you’re taking requests still do you think you could do another one, maybe one where they fight about who the older twin is?

Warnings: fucking fluff


“No way.”

“I’m not kidding.”

“It’s not kidding, it’s lying.” (Y/n) said “You’re a filthy liar.”

Fiercely, she snatched away the tape measure from Mark’s palms. With a relentless course of action, she pulled out the tape.

“Against the wall.”

(Y/n)’s twin offered an amused breath, standing up right against the pale surface of the wall. The girl briefly checked his feet before lining up the ruler with his form- her face icely dry.

“Five foot ten inches…” she mumbled.

“Ya’ see, sis’? Would I lie to you?” the male lulled, dropping his posture very lightly.

(Y/n) viewed him funnily, pushing back in the measuring tape “I think you would.” she said.

“Oh hush.”

From the couch, Ethan giggled slightly.

“So we know who’s taller- but who’s older?” he asked with a quaint title of his head.

In a parallel unison, both (Y/n) and Mark said:

“I am.”

Taken by humour, Ethan laughed fully. He offered the pair quick darts of his eyes.

All at once, the siblings looked at each other, rival resentment coursing through thin air. Mark squinted his eyes at (Y/n). In return, she eyed him suspiciously.

“I was born June twenty eighth, at nine thirty two in the morning.”

They both said.

“No, you were born at nine forty.”

“No, you were-”

Ethan coughed momentarily before he said:

“It seems we have a communication break here.”

“Yeah, because he isn’t hearing me when I try and tell him the truth- that he was born at nine forty.” (Y/n) defended, crossing both arms and swaying gently away from Mark.

“Sorry, I think I would remember being alive before Satan graced this planet with her presence.” Mark snickered, and so did Ethan.


(Y/n)’s cry of anguish didn’t go unheard, for Tyler responded soundly with a lawful grunt.

“Would you please explain to Mark that I’m older than him?” she whined.

For a couple moments, only soft taps of keyboard keys charmed the air. Then, from the room over, Tyler’s voice became audible.

“I could, but he’s older.” Tyler commented.

Quickly ushered into the air were Mark’s cheers of triumph. He slung one strong arm around his sister’s shoulders, reeling her into him.

“Aw, little sis’ don’t be sad~” the brunette purred, ruffling her hair annoyingly.

“Yeah, (Y/n), don’t cry.” laughed Ethan.

(Y/n) squirmed in Mark’s arms, trying her best to break away. She shrieked fakely and threw around empty threats.

“Ah, no! No little sis’!” Mark laughed, hugging his twin’s wiggling body harder. Her dismay increased.

“No, no, hush darling! Your big brother’s got you!”

Mark and Ethan both crackled wildly, the two siblings spinning in endless loops.

“Mark, let go!” (Y/n) pushed, almost laughing herself.

“Let your big brother love you~!”


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OMG I LOVE YOUR BLOG WOWZA is there any Bahorel and Feuilly headcanons you have? I love the bromos and it would really cheer me up ๐Ÿ’œ

Okay, hear me out: Feuilly and Bahorel having a Bakery-Library together

  • Feuilly has always wanted to hown a bookshop or a library, because books have brought him so much joy and knowledge when he was a child. He often felt lonely and finding friends and life lessons between pages really helped him in his youth
  • A jack of many trades, Bahorel finally left Law school, and went to culinary school instead. He’s always been a good baker, though he never thought to make it his actual job
  • So they gathered their savings (granted, Bahorel’s were enough to buy the place, but Feuilly insisted to participate. It’s also HIS shop. He won’t acccept a dime) and opened a shop together. Their own little business
  • It’s a huge success, because Bahorel invites everybody he knows for the opening, and Bahorel knows approximately 99.8% of Paris
  • There are two parts: the bakery itself, with the shop, and a cosy library with armchairs and tables where clients can eat and read at will
  • The only rule is that they have to respect the books and mind their sticky fingers
  • Feuilly’s kettle is always on, and he pours tea to readers while reviewing books with them
  • Feuilly also employs students who need a part-time job, because he’s been there. He understands. He wants to give chances to people who have often been overlooked as “too young” or “too unexperienced”. How do you want to have experience if no one lets you work?
  • Sometimes, Bahorel and Feuilly ice the cupcakes together, Bahorel holding Feuilly’s waist while Feuilly doesn’t his best with the piping bag
  • When they have a slow day, Bahorel lies on a sofa in the library and listens to Feuilly reading to him in a slow, soothing voice
  • Their humongous dog isn’t allowed in the bakery, but she chills in the library. Kids love her, she’s a darling even though she’s 5 times their sizes
  • Bonus: Bahorel and Feuilly having bees and producing their own honey for the bakery and to sugar the tea they pour for customers.

𝐃𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐣𝐚𝐝𝐞 𝐀𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐭𝐢𝐜

Hey there, Delilah / Don’t you worry about the distance
I’m right there if you get lonely / Give this song another listen
Close your eyes / Listen to my voice, it’s my disguise

I’m by your side

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To my lovely bride/grooms

, anon # 1 (will you marry me?)
- my dearest love, you were the first to ask me to marry you, and I cannot be more happy! I don’t know who you are, but that’s the exciting part! I’ll get to know you until our inevitable divorce (according to stats, we have about 6 months,) but let’s not think of that now, let’s think about the love I feel for you! I am so excited to marry you! You are my rock, you are my sun, you are my everything!

, anon # 2 (can you like marry me?)
- lovely, hello, when you also asked to marry me, I felt a rush of joy! I cannot believe someone as amazing as you wants to marry me! Wowza! I love you very much, and I want to spend eternity with you! I want to watch bad movies with you, and make rash decisions! I cannot wait until it’s official!!

, anon # 3 (I wanna join pls thx)
- BEAUTIFUL, HOW ARE YOU? I adore you!!! I’m so hyped to marry you!! You’re such a great person, and I want to be with you forever! I want to go on late car rides with you, and listen to music. I want to see you always laughing! I am so glad you want to be with me, I can’t believe someone as fantastic as you wants to be with me! Wow!

, anon # 4 (your mom said you’ll never find a boyfriend)
- hun, tell ur mom she’s right, you’ll never find a boyfriend, because you found a husband instead! Ah I love you, you are so so so so so beautiful, and your mom is soooo wrong. But out of respect for my new mother in law, I won’t say that to her face. You are so freaking rad, and I loVE yoU!!!!! I hope you know how stunning you are, gorgeous person!

, Janeella
- BABEEEE!!! I LOVE YOU SOOOOoooOooOoOoO MUCH!!!! You’re one of my favorites! I am so glad you hoped on this marriage train! I cannot wait to marry you! You’re so funny and great, and wowza, I just can’t handle it! You are such a gorgeous, amazing, person! AhhhHhhH, you are my everything!!!

(If I missed you, let me know, and I will write you one!)

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Okay, that got really sweet at the end, and it made me smile so much, and it was just amazing, and I love it. Still slighty mad at Logan though, for putting Anx through all that, but I forgive him a little for apologizing, and because Anx forgives him too. I'm really glad that Anx had a chance to show them how much of a hero that he is, and how badass he is on top of all the angsty emotions you made me experience about him. This was just overall anazing and wowza and I love it so. ~ ๐Ÿ’š A Friend

Friend…you’re so unbelievably kind, and i love that you tell about your thoughts after reading my writing? It makes me so very happy honestly.

I just got so excited when i saw this message. You actually light up my life, you really do. 💛