“Inside” A short film about having Multiple Personality/Dissociative Identity Disorder directed by Trevor Sands

As someone who lives with this on a day to day basis this amazes me with its accuracy and representation of how overwhelming alters can be. It’s only five minutes long and very very well done. Slight trigger warning though, so watch with caution


Feliciano was forced to dress as a girl when he was younger for protection reasons since he couldn’t fight as well as Lovina. He played with the son of their grandfather’s close friend–Heinrich, most of the time. Meanwhile, Lovina was raised to kill and uphold the family…business, which led to a lonely childhood.

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“A guy lost contact with reality after becoming addicted to hentai, games and the like. Then, after realizing that he lost his g/f that he really loved (the girl crying with the one piece dress, and in the pictures of the beach and such) he tries to quit it all and get her back, but he simply can’t overcome his addiction, and ends up alone on his bed trapped by the things that cost him what he loved most, a shell of his former self.”