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Okay so I learned the craziest thing at church tonight! So as high lighted in the picture that is the number six in the Hebrew written language. The symbol resembles that of the hash marks on the logo for Monster energy drinks which is repeated 3 times which would spell out “666”, what the Bible calls the number of the beast. Monster’s tagline is “unleash the beast”. And Idk I just thought that was pretty interesting

Super Junior to have their own exclusive sub-label under SM Entertainment!

Say what? SM Entertainment has created an exclusive new label ’Label SJ’ just for Super Junior’s promotions as of November 6 KST!

The new label will handle all of Super Junior’s individual, unit and group activities. There are a lot of members, a lot of unit groups and a lot of various promotions for the popular boy group, so it makes a lot of sense that they’ll be managed under their own sub-label!

The label will be in full charge of producing Super Junior’s albums and managing the group.

source: allkpop