This is where I will be on the 28th. 

Go ahead and tell me that I’m a feminazi or that I’m being too sensitive and that we should just deal with our rights being taken from us. Tell me that things like this make no difference. 

Say whatever you will; but on April 28th I will stand with people that are just as willing to fight back to say that what is happening here is wrong, we deserve to be treated like people, we will not be silent.
April 28th is a day of action across the country to stand up against this anti-choice legislation!

If you live in the United States and you are PISSED about all of this normalized misogyny, or if you are scared about losing access to important parts of your healthcare, or if you are frustrated with the way our country seems to have lost its damn mind, there is a rally in your state, too! 

Go to the website, get signed up, get involved! Let’s show this small minority making these decisions that they DO NOT speak for us, and that we are here, we are organized, and WE VOTE.