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hey, I check out your blog from time to time and I find the fact that you watch bollywood movies so cool!! I'm indian myself and I haven't been to into some of the movies from my home country but I guess I've rediscovered them in a way after seeing some really /beautiful/ gifs on your blog (I spent hours after that scouring tumblr for more). It's so so so cool to see people outside of the culture enjoying it and learning about it for themselves!! I just thought you should know <33

wowser hiya there!! im happy that you enjoyed the gifs, i feel like it’s a movie that every person should see :D i’m very into indian culture and though bajirao mastani is my first ever full-lenghted bollywood movie, i’m looking forward to see more bollywood movies because they are so AWESOME

and thank you for your kind words! your culture is amazing and colorful and i just can’t get enough of it

have a great day friend!! <3

Life Is Strange - Theory.

Horoscopes & Roman Mythology.

I have seen a lot of theories regarding on Life is Strange, and I have decided to make a theory about this as I have gathered some useful information. However, I cannot confirm the fact that this is believable, but let’s just move on.

When Max was trying to find the three student files, I took a screenshot of all the files that she found and recorded the birth date of each student, I even added their horoscopes as I knew it might come in handy. Here is what I recorded down:

Victoria Chase - August 14, 1995 (Leo) (Lion)

Max Claufield - September 21, 1995 (Virgo) (Maiden)

Chloe Price - March 11, 1994 (Pisces) (Fish)

Warren Graham - November 20, 1996 (Scorpio) (Scorpion)

Kate Marsh - September 12, 1995 (Virgo) (Maiden)

Rachel Amber - July 22, 1995 (Cancer) (Crab)

Nathan Prescott - August 23/29?, 1995 (Virgo) (Maiden)

As you can see from above, Max, Nathan and Kate have the same horoscope which is Virgo. According to that horoscope, it is the maiden, an Earth sign, ruled by Mercury. After that, I started looking at the Roman mythology and Mercury is the God of Thieves, Commerce and Travellers, he is also the messenger of the Gods. This Roman mythology information pretty much sums up Max and Nathan. For Nathan, it’s self-explanatory. But for Max, she really is like Mercury, because she is using her rewind powers to travel back just to ‘steal’ answers from people, like in the very beginning when she stole Victoria’s answer just to answer the question. In addition, she acts like a messenger or a spy and you know the rest! Yet, Kate is quite confusing as it doesn’t show any to her. So, let’s just put her aside.

Then, I began to focus on Chloe’s horoscope. Her horoscope, Pisces, means the fish, a water sign, ruled by Neptune. Back to the mythology, Neptune is the God of the Sea, you may think that there isn’t anything special about that. But, remember the graffiti that says, “The 7th sign: The sea and sky will turn black and living things die because of it.” I am not sure about the sky. Yet, I predicted that the sea is depicting Chloe. Although, I realised it, I don’t really understand it that much. Nevertheless, I may think that if Max didn’t go to the toilet, Chloe would die and Max wouldn’t be able to rewind, which would cause some people to die. Because, without Max’s rewind power, people like Kate and other would probably die or just get injured.

However, that is just a little theory I made. Thanks to some people who I kind of got inspired by their theories and I am pretty sure there is more evidence about this, but, it’s all I know. And I know that this theory is weird as I was surprise that I added the Roman mythology for this. 


okokok so this is thing and I can’t remember why I drew it (tho I have a suspicion it was something to do with @thunderbirdgordon but) THIS IS UR PROMPT u precious bagel <3333333

HERE YOU GO lenleg thunderbirdalan thunderbirdgordon


low gravity

“…John, honestly, the truth is just that he’s getting to be too much to handle down here. He made your grandmother cry last week and Scott hasn’t spoken to him since. Virgil and Alan are hitting their limits, and I’m doing my best, but–”

Jeff trails off and shakes his head. John winces at the stress in his father’s voice. He’s really not sure he’s up for this, but it’s the very least he can do. “Well, if you think it’ll help, I’m certainly willing to try. Have you asked Gordon?”

“Not yet.” His father hesitates and his eyes are distant, sad and his voice is soft when he continues, “It’s a lot to ask, John. If he can’t push past this, it feels like it’s going to break him.”

“I didn’t know it was that serious. He seemed fine the last time I was down. I guess…I guess it’s been a while.”

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On Oct. 25, Lori Chalupny’s #USWNT career will come to an end. Show her your support, gratitude and love using the hashtag #ThanksChups on FB, Twitter and Instagram.

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