Denice Frohman, “Dear Straight People,” from the Women of the World Poetry Slam 2013, Minneapolis, MN.


How to Memorize a Poem:

by Eris Zion Venia

1. Remove your bra

Anything worth doing should be done braless

2. Take a bath

Memorization is easy when you don’t smell like onion

3. Get hype

Do your best Beyoncé bounce while looking back at your ass in the mirror

4. Take a break

Beyoncé is exhausting

5. Post it to Facebook

It doesn’t count if you don’t

6. Read your poem

Eliminate all words that have 4 or more syllables

7. Masturbate

The mind is clearer post orgasm

8. Wash your damn hands


9. Take a nap

The mind is a little too clear post orgasm

10. Put your bra back on

Because clearly swinging boobs are slippery slopes.

I was lucky enough to be in the room for this very performance and be a part of the crowd going wild.  I approached Eris afterward about publishing this here and we’re grateful she let us!  Click her name up there to see her site and more of her work.


“Dear straight people… You’re the reason we even have a closet. I don’t like closets but you made the living room an unshared space and I feel like a guest in my own house.” - Denice Frohman. What a boss.
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