wowowow what

six years of this
  • mofftiss, 2010: here, sherlock holmes. shiny benedict cumberbatch and layered actor martin freeman as holmes and watson!
  • audience: wowowow s1! what great setup. what great premise. such cleverness!
  • audience: omg a cliffhanger
  • mofftiss: yeah are they going to get out? who knows? tune in next year?
  • audience: haha okay!
  • mofftiss: ahhh psyche! they got bailed out by a random phone call!
  • audience: lolol cool bro nice setup of irene adler. cool that she's gay. cool setup of john and sherlock's burgeoning relationship.
  • mofftiss: relationship?
  • audience: yeah, relationship.
  • mofftiss: pfft. yeah. we lie all the time.
  • audience: haha, bro. yeah you do.
  • mofftiss: omg sherlock doesn't die! what's going to happen next?
  • audience: john will be so sad! the whole point of this was for john! how romantic.
  • mofftiss: yeah, right?
  • audience: i can't wait! i want to know how it happened!
  • mofftiss, after two years: it doesn't matter HOW it happened!
  • audience: oh! because it matters WHY he excluded John! it's about their relationship!
  • mofftiss: yep. and here's mary and redbeard to complicate things.
  • audience: ooooh. lots of drama! how are they going to get out of this???
  • mofftiss: bang!
  • audience: whoa! so bold. what a great and complex female character. damn. that's amazing. didn't see that coming.
  • mofftiss: you were told, but you didn't listen!
  • audience: haha damn yeah bro.
  • mofftiss: now we gotta sell the resolution of the shooting and make people buy that john forgave mary
  • audience: lmao how you gon do that? sherlock literally restarted his heart for john, the man he clearly loves.
  • mofftiss: ;)
  • audience: shit! sherlock killed magnussen for mary! he must have a plan!
  • mofftiss: ;)
  • audience: omg an aborted confession!!!
  • audience: omg a fever dream about his fears and desires!!! and conspiracy!!! you love us!
  • mofftiss: love your fandom!
  • audience: oh man. series 4 is going to be amazing.
  • mofftiss, after two years: here you go! thatcher and agra!
  • audience: ...
  • audience: ???
  • audience: oooooh. shiiiiiit. Sherlock is in his mind palace, right? the whole time?
  • mofftiss: ...
  • audience: mary ain't dead. lmao you're doing that moriarty thing again. moriarty is back, and mary's working for him.
  • mofftiss: ... challenge your audiences! here's tld.
  • audience: ooh man. td-12 is gross. culverton is gross. but that talk. that talk! and that shot! euros!!
  • audience: so mary's dead? what plan do you have?
  • audience: i bet my child's ass it's extended mind palace. so many questions unanswered; how are they going to pull it off! it'll be so clever!
  • mofftiss: shit! the third episode leaked!
  • audience: ...
  • audience: ???
  • audience: rofl this is soooooo fake
  • audience: you had more time to do this ep
  • audience: you have two eps for us. this is like clue!
  • audience: you're hella clever
  • audience: lmao i can't believe you made such cheesy things, but at least it's fake
  • mofftiss: ... please don't share leaked version
  • audience: haha look! they're making sure everyone is going to watch the leaked version so that the rug can be pulled and we're all going to be so surprised!
  • mofftiss: *airs s4e3*
  • audience: ...
  • audience: but that's the same...
  • audience: what the fuck?
  • audience: you mean you're just shitty writers all this time and we've been giving you the benefit of the doubt!?!?
  • audience: we wrote better analysis of your own show than you did!
  • mofftiss: lmao you entitled dickweed. we just write what we waaaaant. women just have sex to get over things. who you are doesn't matter. everything we've built up was for no reason. factory reset everything, muthafuckas. can't afford bennybatchman anymore! so let's make sure it's reset so new people can come in to ensure this show is either trash or cash cow.
  • mofftiss: TRASH OR CASH COW
  • mofftiss: *cancels all public meetings* byyyyye binches

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Hello! I'm new to your blog & I have already have fallen for it ♡ Can you tell me what are your otps and which aren't?

i’m glad you like it :) and oh boy i love this question haha

notps: vmin, taekook, jikook, yoonmin, taejin, jinkook, yoonkook
ships i’m interested in but haven’t explored: sugamon, namkook, namjin, taegi
otps; EVERYONE WITH HOBI, jinmin, yoonjin, minjoon, vmon
ot3s: yoon2seok, sunshine line, minjoonseok, vnamseok, rap line


This con is unpredictable. It can break a mark. It can break a grifter.
It can break a team.

I am in love with everything in this scene.

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if its under a cut or read more it wont work on mobile, only thing we can do is copy the link to the post and open it up in a browser

Wowowow. What a hassle. So odd, I can usually see Read More posts on my phone, so maybe it depends on the kind of phone you have or something?