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When I Lost You - Part V - Jaehyun x Reader - Fuckboy HighSchool!AU

Part I - Part II - Part III - Part IV - Part V - Part VI

thank you to everybody for waiting for this for so long, i love you <3

Word Count: 1093

Trigger Warnings: Offensive Language, Violence

Genre: Fuckboy HighSchool!AU, Angst

Jaehyun’s POV

He could read those words in your voice, and it killed him.

You could have said anything. Literally anything. How could three little words hurt so much?

You didn’t cuss him out. You didn’t insult him. You didn’t even say something that was supposed to be considered offensive.

But this? This hurt more than anything he’s ever felt before.

It hurt more than having his arm broken during basketball practice, and it hurt more than having both ankles sprained and trying to walk.

It hurt even more than that day in the hallway, when he had completely broken down.

Good for you.

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Let’s continue - Montgomery de la Cruz

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A/N: Sorry that i’ve been so absent lately but I’ve been focusing on myself a little more since it was preatty necessary but I really try to write as fast and good as possible i promisee

Request: Hey I love your writing and I was wondering if you could please write a Montgomery imagine where he has a secret crush on you and asks you to go to prom with him. And even though you have nothing in common since you are the shy and qiuet books and band loving geek you agree to go with him and it’s just really cute and lots of fluff! Please and thank you so much

Word count: 1305

Finally some quiet time you thought by yourself when you entered the library. To be honest it was your favourite place of the whole school. It was quiet and you felt like all those popular kids who judged you all the time would never step foot in there so you were safe. You sat yourself down picked out the books you needed, plugged your earphones in and in a matter of time you were sucked in your cloud of concentration and solving your math and statistics problems like they were nothing. Suddenly you were woken up from problem 8c by someone who sat down next to you with a lot of noise. When you looked up you were shocked to see Montgomery de la Cruz sit next to you. You were probably staring awkwardly when you saw confusion come on his face.

“I thought this place was free, is it not maybe?” he said looking around already searching for a new spot.

“Oh eumh yeah it’s free.” You said awkwardly fast and stuttering. Your safe spot wasn’t a safe spot anymore you thought by yourself. As much as you hated to admit it the library was also you hiding place from Montgomery. You hated jocks, you really really did, but Montgomery had something, he had something that made you blush, something that made your knees weak and made you stare awkwardly cause you couldn’t get your eyes of him. But the past months you had caught him already staring when you were going to and now he was sitting here next to you looking like a god.

“What are you studying?” he suddenly asked bringing you out of your thoughts for the second time.

“I’m doing statistics, I’m at problem 8c, it’s about hypothese testing.”

“Oh what a coincidence I just have this hypotheses and I’ve been thinking about it a really long time now and I really need to know the possibility from it. Can you maybe help me?”

“I’ll try? What is it?” you said while taking a fresh sheet of paper.

“So if I would ask you to prom what is the possibility you are going to say yes?” you were focusing on your paper to write the details down when you fastly looked back up. You immediately started to look around.

“Where are they? Is this a joke? How much are you getting if I say yes?”

“Wowowow chill. I promise you this is not a joke or a bet or anything like that. I honestly like you.” Montgomery said while laying  his hand on yours making your heart almost jump out of your chest. You always wondered how his touch would feel. His hand was big covering yours completely, they were warm and his palms even were a little sweaty. Was he nervous? You were staring at his hand on yours.

“So are you in or?”

“I guess so.” You said with some hesitation

That was 5 weeks ago and now here you were standing in your room in front of your mirror. You chose a red dress with cross over on the back showing mostly all of your back, you took your sisters black strap on heels and channel purse and also some earrings that matched. Your hair was in loose long curls and you had a dark smokey eye as make up and for the first time in 18 years you went with lenses instead of your glasses. You were checking every detail a last time when you heard the doorbell ring. You walked out of your room to hear Montgomery talk to your mom. He was telling such sweet things about you it made you calm down immediately, you were mostly calmed down by the softness of his voice but he also made your heart melt a little by the compliments. You were starting to walk down slowly when his gaze suddenly met yours. Montgomery was wearing a plain black suit with a with button down, the first 2 buttons still open. He had this small red rose in his pocket matching the colour of your dress perfectly. He checked you out from head to toe, his mouth agape. You finally got down and stood in front of him.

“Are you ready to go?” you asked with a small smile, Montgomery was still stunned by your looks.

“You look absolutely mind blowing.” He said.

“The boy is right about that sweetheart. Have a fun night and stay as long as you want just keep me up to date.” Your mom said. The time went by fast and you were having the time of your life. You were dancing like you never danced before and by the looks Montgomery was giving you you weren’t bad at it, at all. Through out the night you became aware of Monty coming closer and closer to you but you didn’t mind. Suddenly the Dj started to play a slower song. Like a real gentleman Montgomery picked your hand and asked you to dance with him. You blushed a little before you nodded affirmatively. You laid your arms around his neck while he pulled you closer, his hands on your lower back. You were on cloud nine enjoying every second when Montgomery whispered in your ear.

“Let’s go somewhere more quiet.” You heard before he took your hand and guided you out. You were confused at first but you decided to just go with the flow tonight and see where the night brought the two of you. You were walking towards his car.

“Where are we going?” you asked

“You’ll see.” Montgomery said before he got in himself and started the car. After a short drive of 20 minutes Monty stopped the car on a dark place and helped you out of the car since it was a little hard with your heels. Before you could ask something Montgomery told you to jump on his back and walked with you through some bushes, making sure you wouldn’t get a single scratch on your legs. When you finally got through, what felt like a jungle, you were looking at the most beautiful view you had ever seen. You were looking over the whole town, with all the beautiful city lights shimmering and the stars shining above you, you were mesmerised when you suddenly heard music play again.

“Let’s continue our dance here?” Montgomery said while walking closer to you.

“We came all the way here to continue our dance?” you asked while laying your arms gain around his neck followed by his hands on your lower back.

“Yeah I kind of was done with all these guys eyeing you up and down, you’re my date not theirs.”

“There was no-“

“Yes they were y/n.” You giggled at Montgomery’s response blushing a little and looking at the ground.

“Do you have any idea how cute you are when you giggle like that?”

“You know I can only handle a certain amount of compliments per day, you’re already way over that limit.”

“Then make me shut up.” Montgomery said confident. You were caught a little by his smoothness and looked with wide eyes in his beautiful brown eyes. You smiled softly before Montgomery cupped your face with both hands and slowly brought your lips closer to his. When your lips finally met his it felt like 10 000 fireworks went off and not just butterflies but a full zoo was released in your belly making you smile against his lips. Suddenly Montgomery picked you up and spinned you around after breaking the kiss.

“You just made me the happiest person alive, I’ve been waiting for this for 6 months already.”

“The feeling is mutual.” You said before kissing him again, you tasted him once and you already couldn’t get enough of Montgomery de la Cruz.

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1,000 Follower Surprise!!

~Hello hello I was feeling sort of torn between doing a “get feels for each leader” post or even a “get feels for visuals” post. Buuutttt. I think we all need to really appreciate our baes that don’t get as much love and attention.~

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Jung Hoseok:

~Wowowow okay. Lemme give you feels here fam okay hold on.~

- Imagine him coming up from behind you and wrapping you in a warm hug. His head set lightly against yours before he places a kiss to your cheek. “No one has ever been luckier than me.”

- Hearing his laugh from the other room, and casually knowing it’s somehow going to be at your expense. So you walk into the room and Hobi is scrolling through old photos he took of you while you were asleep. You want to be mad but seriously they were like super funny and hearing Hoseok laugh was so worth it being at your expense.

- “Why are you like this?” “Please?” “What is in this for me Jagiya?” “Seeing your girl/boyfriend be happy???” *proceeds to do his performance of the cute version of Fire*

- Him coming back from a trip overseas and wrapping you in his arms as he spins you. He sets you down gently and presses his hands softly to your cheeks before pressing his lips to yours. However it doesn’t stay chaste for long as you’re soon pressed against the wall in the hallway. Your hands find their way into his hair and his are slowly tracing the exposed skin at your waist.~~~

*you can imagine the rest ;)*

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Im Changkyun:

*i am what i am man*

- But like seriously. Laying in bed staring at memes all morning. Your face is still squished into the pillows and you’re half asleep until he starts laughing stupidly loud at something the Monbebe’s posted. He would apologize but you know he’s really honestly not sorry.

- He doesn’t look outright super cuddly, but when it’s cold and you both can’t seem to share the blanket properly, he’ll someone wrap his arms around you in his sleep. But you try to cuddle him during the day and he’s got a ten foot pole waiting.

- “Don’t do this.” “I’m not doing anything though.” “Changkyun I left my phone here and I know when I open it something scary is gonna scream at me.” “Maybe… maybe not.” “Why do I love you?”

- You’re standing in the kitchen pulling out things from the cupboards to make dinner, when his hands find your waist. His fingers trace lightly over the bare skin, as he presses a soft, fleeting kiss to your neck. “Stop it, I’m trying to make dinner.” You would giggle. But as he brushes the hair away from you neck he whispers huskily into you ear. “Don’t bother. I’d rather get right to the dessert.”

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Yoon Dowoon:

~have you seEN HIS ARMS !?~

- Super quiet and shy. But around you he opens up and talks. Not for long and not overly serious, but he talks. Unless it’s something he can’t stop thinking about or there’s something he’s working on and he needs inspiration. He thinks it quietly and it shows when he looks at you. You’re his muse.

- He seems like he would have this sort of unspoken and gentle way of letting you know that he loves you. The small things he does let you know. But then there are those bad days where everything seems to be falling apart and both of you are just so stressed. So he just looks at you with tired eyes and rests his forehead against yours. “Y/N… I love you. Even when the days are bad. I still love you. I’ll love you until the end of my days, and even then my ghost will love you.” Of course it would cause you to laugh and some of the stress would melt away. Things would be okay again.

- “You can’t sound worse than I do.” “I can and I do so I won’t sing it.” “Come on…” “… If I sing it do I get anything in return?” “The glory of sounding like a dying peacock.”

- The two of you were laying in bed, laughing about something he said. You reached over and attempted to tickle him. Of course he was joking about something at your expense, so you wanted to get him back. Then commense a tickle fight. You were totally losing as he had you pinned to the bed, straddling your hips. When you have in and he smiled triumphantly before leaning down to kiss you. Small, chaste pecks soon turned into heated kisses as his hand slipped into yours. His free hand tracing small patterns along the smooth, exposed skin of your abdomen. “I have you cornered now. Maybe I should do more than just tickling.”

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Moon Taeil:

~saranghage temeuneeeee~

- People like to believe he’s super shy -to be fair he does seem shy and all- but honestly I think he just needs a chance to come out of his shell. Like when he’s around you and he can’t look at anything else and he like shines because you’re there and you make him so stupidly happy that he doesn’t know what to do with himself. He’ll talk and be funny, and everyone is like what the hell is wrong with Taeil.

- He doesn’t seem like he is really into being cuddly, but he’ll cuddle and be affectionate when it counts. When there are lulls in time where you and him are alone and he just feels the need to have you close. He’ll kiss your head and tell you he loves you and keep you wrapped in his arms. “I think I forget to say it sonetimes, but I really do love you Y/N. Please don’t forget that.”

- “Can we not talk about it.” “Can we though, I mean…” “Please don’t…” “If your hair honestly got anymore yellow you would have been a rubber duck. Just saying.” “Thanks for that…”

- You would be sitting in the dorms with the rest of NCT and Taeil would just give you this look. You kind of knew it meant, let’s leave. But it held something deeper to it. So without even getting a proper goodbye in to each member, he took your hand and dragged you out of the dorms. By the time you got into your apartment, Taeil’s lips were on yours and you were stumbling to your bedroom. One hand tangling in your hair as his free hand is sliding under your shirt and over the smooth skin of your back. He pulls away just enough to breathe out something. “I couldn’t wait another minute Jagiya. I need you.”

*wow okay that was a lil mean. my bad lmfao 😂😂*

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Lee Jaeyoon:

~my god that smile though, also like i need more sexy gifs of him. i had a hard time fam.~

- Cuddly times a bazillion. Will wrap you in hugs from behind. Hold you while you’re trying to speak to someone. Kiss your cheek while you’re on the phone just so you can lose track of what you were saying. Just loves skinship with you and doesn’t really care who sees because “who cares, we’re dating and it’s not like I’m making out with you in front of everyone.”

- Sees you sitting on the couch so he automatically flings himself on top of you. After you groan from the force of his impact, you chuckle and start carding your fingers through his hair. His head settles against your stomach and he hums contentedly. You don’t really speak for a while and eventually you fall asleep together on the couch.

- “Okay so like hear me out though.” “No.” “But why though….” “The last time we danced with just our socks on, you sprained your ankle.” “…. But it was a fun sprain.” “Still no.”

- You woke up to a soft kiss on your forehead. You smiled as your eyes met his warm brown ones. You kissed his cheek before rushing out of the bed. You needed a shower and to hurry, you had work soon. As you were showering though a pair of arms wrapped around your waist as a soft kiss pressed to your neck. You were slightly startled, your nerves fell away soon. “We should share showers more often, Jagiya.”

~yes i went there. you’re welcome.~

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Xu Minghao:

~so “i’m like a bird, not a turkey.” but a turkey is a bird…~

- So like super tame and polite in front of everyone, but then a total dork when you’re around no one. He turns sweet and nice and cute. When in front of people he’s just quiet and let’s everyone talk before him. When you’re alone he’s talking about everything serious and not serious. Gauging your opinions and listening to what you actually have to say. He’s looking into your eyes and really taking in your passion. Boy loves being around you because you bring out the best parts of him.

- You’re sitting and talking about anything and everything. It’s probably like 3 in the morning and you both have work by like 7, but neither of you care because spending time together just talking means more. He watches you talk and listens to everything you say. He loves how passionate you’re getting. Its honestly one of the things he loves/turns him on the most about you. Suddenly he’s brushing the hair away from your face, and his lips are on yours because going any longer without kissing you felt like a nightmare.

- “Can you not.” “But like…” “Just stop.” “I’M LIKE A BIIIIRRRDDDDD NOT A TURKEY.” “ITS NARAGALGE COME ON!”

- You had just gotten into a heated fight. He was yelling, you were yelling. It was hell just then. You didn’t want to even look at him he got you so angry. “Whatever, I’m just gonna leave for now.” You huffed as you made your way to the door. His footsteps sounded behind you as you went to open the door to leave. He pulled you back to him. It was silent as anger seemed to still be radiating off of both of you. But soon your lips were crashing together and you were on the nearest end table that happened to be situated in the hallway. His hands travelling over your skin with feather light touches. “Since when would I let you walk away from me?”

A/N: Thank you guys again for the 1,000 followers. I think I might do another little surprise at 1,500. But we’ll see. I hope you enjoy this. ;) Xxoo ❤❤

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that new claire's journey video by refinery29 solidifies my love for cait so much more - the excitement is setting in now

I just watched it WOWOWOW!! This is the type of stuff we need to see!! Finally they’re promoting Claire and showing everyone how much of a fucking badass she is!! 

thesimplest-litany  asked:

OMG that thing that you just reblogged with Johnny scating to Agape...... I watch it 2 times with stunned face and after the third time tears started to running down my face.. I'm seriously not making this up... I mean this music and moves that we love so much brought to real life... WOWOWOW I LOVE YOI SO MUCH I CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE IT ( I just really needed to take it off my chest)

THIS KLASJDFJKLASDF IT HECKED ME UP????? AND NOW HE HAS DONE EROS IDK IF YOU SAW???? It’s absolutely incredible! And I feel the same way about YOI omggggggg

German music

the lovely @claracivry asked me about german bands that arent Rammstein and I decided to make it public bc it might interest some more peeps. Every link leads to a video. If you dont like anything on this list you can tell me your fave genre and I’ll try to find something suitable bc there’s tons more stuff out there!

Rock: Böhse Onkelz, Die Ärzte, Farin Urlaub, Bela B, Die Toten Hosen, Madsen

Pop-Rock: Wir sind Helden, Silbermond, Jennifer Rostock, Rosenstolz

Pop: Mia, Frida Gold, Ich & Ich, Clueso, Xavier Naidoo, Mark Forster, Blumfeld

Electronic Pop: 2raumwohnung, Gestört aber geil, Tocotronic, Deichkind (i love them so much wowowow), Wolfsheim

HipHop: Cro, Max Herre + Joy Denalane, Culcha Candela, Peter Fox (good shit like oh my god), Fettes Brot, Die Fantastischen Vier, Jan Delay

Oldies: Joachim Witt, Peter Schilling, Karat, Paso Doble, Nena, Tic Tac Toe, Falco, Herbert Grönemeyer, Westernhagen, Spider Murphy Gang, Heinz Rudolf Kunze

Alternative(?): Dota und die Stadtpiraten, Seeed (good shit right there!!!)

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Hii! So I was rereading six hours ahead while I wait for the update, and I just want to say I love the way you write Yuuri's friendship with Phichit! It's one of my favourite parts and it always makes me smile when I read it (^-^)

Oh gosh, thank you so so much! Phichit is my favourite character tbh, and he’s so much fun to write so I’m glad you like reading his interactions with Yuuri, that means so much to me! <3 <3 <3

Also?? I’m so flattered you’re rereading it?? bc it’s a compliment that you read it in the first place, but to read it again? wowowow that’s a huge compliment, tysm!! 

Also?? (part 2!!) I’m sorry it’s taking so long, ik i said the gap between these chapters would be much shorter than last time, but life’s been wild lately n I need to find the time (and motivation) to get back into it, but I’d say its like at least a third written so hopefully it won’t be too long! ty for your patience! <3

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OMG tumblr made me unfollow you ??? damn it tumblr, DAMN IT ! Whateverrrrr ily and you only deserve the best

SABRINA I LOVE YOU SM!!! you’re amazing wow?? thank you sm wowowow i can’t even explain how much i love you :”)) thank you for being so sweet and so kind and beautiful <33 i woke up this morning and saw this and :”)) it’s so cute omg who needs a boyfriend to send you cute messages in the morning, when your friends already do that :”D

thank you sm sabrina i love you <33 

and fdsjfksfs i know tumblr is shitty omgg ily don’t worry <33 i love you to the moon and back :”))


✿ 1k Follow Forever ✿

i can NOT believe there are a thousand of you guys!! just wowowow. i love and appreciate all of you so much and if i left anybody out i’m so sorry, i’m a ~mess~ and need help. hope you’re all having a wonderful summer!! 

italics: mutuals who should talk to me pls i’m so shy 

bold: blogs too amazing for words that i look up to :)) 

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Lucy In The Sky with Suit & Freckles

An early birthday present to @neato-ft

Happy birthday my lovely little sunshine. You know I love you so much bc every convo we have we kinda end up saying ily anyway. But you are such a darling (is that a pun ) and you know I love you and god, let’s just recap to all the good times. And that time we almost fucked up @acnomogia‘s bday collab and that time when I drew you and all the shit that’s happened and wowowow thank you so much for doing all you can for me. You’re the type of friend everybody needs in their lives, dar. You make a lot of people happy and you make me especially happy. You’re such a kind, meme-filled soul, my love. And you go through shit that you don’t deserve and lmao friendship is just 10/10 would be frands 4eva with. I would write a shitton more but that would be essay length and we both know the extent of my love anyway so it’s all gucci. I would buy you so much chicken nuggets if I were in Maryland rn. 

Other than my love for dardar, lucy with a suit and freckles was inspired by @legendofthefairies‘s post. 

Have a good day and good dinner bebs. 

This episode may be my favorite, ever, or at least top 3.

Wowowow, that was such a beautifully done episode. Honestly it was very draining for me, but only because it hit so many good points. I needed a few hours to walk away and really process it all.

I felt so stupid while watching the episode because I couldn’t stop crying. I kept thinking “why are you crying so much?! Stop !” But it was just so deep and personal !

And every time Garnet or Connie talked about confronting their thoughts and problems, I internally was screaming, “NO.”

Because it’s so hard, facing your demons…but it does need to be done.

I hope people were able to get what they needed from this episode, because it had a great message.

This episode, this SHOW, THIS CREW ! I’m just, really grateful.

12/10 episode honestly.

so, back when you first were having to move, i wanted to cheer you up and i started this painting… only it took me much longer than i expected and now it seems a bit less needed… but anyway, i thought you might still like it anyway.

i couldn’t figure out the best way to send it to you, so i hope this works out.

This is so cool, wowowow!!! Thank you so much <3

Trust me, you could not have chosen a better time to send this to me.

You are amazing<3<3<3

Wow– okay I have reached two-hundred followers thanks to you darlings. I have reached this amount before—- but i deleted and remade this blog. But, I there is a bunch of you that I would like to thank for sticking around for so long— and I hope I can get everyone. You can look under the readmore for your url and you might have a small message for you uwu <3 even if I didn’t mention you, every single one of you are my bbys  ——- Chia (Izu-mun) ]

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