wowowow i need this so much

Avi DMed me on Twitter and he is the kindest man on the planet wowowow

Today was honestly the most emotionally difficult day that I’ve had in a VERY long time, and just when I needed it most Avi responded to my long message I’d been sending him over the past month. His response was so kind, heartfelt, and genuine. He even looked at the art I sent him (the birthday collage and the bass-clef mountain dragon cartoon) and said the they were “STUNNING” and that I was very talented and wowowow I’m still a mess. I feel so honored that this man, who has done SO MUCH for me already, had taken the time out of his day to read my message (which was so long it was basically a book lol) and look at my art AND respond to me with very thoughtful words. I just feel very lucky right now, and this day has REALLY flipped for me. I’m so grateful for this. And I’m also grateful for all of you guys. Thank you. Love you all! 💚💚💚

thesimplest-litany  asked:

OMG that thing that you just reblogged with Johnny scating to Agape...... I watch it 2 times with stunned face and after the third time tears started to running down my face.. I'm seriously not making this up... I mean this music and moves that we love so much brought to real life... WOWOWOW I LOVE YOI SO MUCH I CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE IT ( I just really needed to take it off my chest)

THIS KLASJDFJKLASDF IT HECKED ME UP????? AND NOW HE HAS DONE EROS IDK IF YOU SAW???? It’s absolutely incredible! And I feel the same way about YOI omggggggg

German music

the lovely @claracivry asked me about german bands that arent Rammstein and I decided to make it public bc it might interest some more peeps. Every link leads to a video. If you dont like anything on this list you can tell me your fave genre and I’ll try to find something suitable bc there’s tons more stuff out there!

Rock: Böhse Onkelz, Die Ärzte, Farin Urlaub, Bela B, Die Toten Hosen, Madsen

Pop-Rock: Wir sind Helden, Silbermond, Jennifer Rostock, Rosenstolz

Pop: Mia, Frida Gold, Ich & Ich, Clueso, Xavier Naidoo, Mark Forster, Blumfeld

Electronic Pop: 2raumwohnung, Gestört aber geil, Tocotronic, Deichkind (i love them so much wowowow), Wolfsheim

HipHop: Cro, Max Herre + Joy Denalane, Culcha Candela, Peter Fox (good shit like oh my god), Fettes Brot, Die Fantastischen Vier, Jan Delay

Oldies: Joachim Witt, Peter Schilling, Karat, Paso Doble, Nena, Tic Tac Toe, Falco, Herbert Grönemeyer, Westernhagen, Spider Murphy Gang, Heinz Rudolf Kunze

Alternative(?): Dota und die Stadtpiraten, Seeed (good shit right there!!!)

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i can NOT believe there are a thousand of you guys!! just wowowow. i love and appreciate all of you so much and if i left anybody out i’m so sorry, i’m a ~mess~ and need help. hope you’re all having a wonderful summer!! 

italics: mutuals who should talk to me pls i’m so shy 

bold: blogs too amazing for words that i look up to :)) 

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Lucy In The Sky with Suit & Freckles

An early birthday present to @neato-ft

Happy birthday my lovely little sunshine. You know I love you so much bc every convo we have we kinda end up saying ily anyway. But you are such a darling (is that a pun ) and you know I love you and god, let’s just recap to all the good times. And that time we almost fucked up @acnomogia‘s bday collab and that time when I drew you and all the shit that’s happened and wowowow thank you so much for doing all you can for me. You’re the type of friend everybody needs in their lives, dar. You make a lot of people happy and you make me especially happy. You’re such a kind, meme-filled soul, my love. And you go through shit that you don’t deserve and lmao friendship is just 10/10 would be frands 4eva with. I would write a shitton more but that would be essay length and we both know the extent of my love anyway so it’s all gucci. I would buy you so much chicken nuggets if I were in Maryland rn. 

Other than my love for dardar, lucy with a suit and freckles was inspired by @legendofthefairies‘s post. 

Have a good day and good dinner bebs. 

This episode may be my favorite, ever, or at least top 3.

Wowowow, that was such a beautifully done episode. Honestly it was very draining for me, but only because it hit so many good points. I needed a few hours to walk away and really process it all.

I felt so stupid while watching the episode because I couldn’t stop crying. I kept thinking “why are you crying so much?! Stop !” But it was just so deep and personal !

And every time Garnet or Connie talked about confronting their thoughts and problems, I internally was screaming, “NO.”

Because it’s so hard, facing your demons…but it does need to be done.

I hope people were able to get what they needed from this episode, because it had a great message.

This episode, this SHOW, THIS CREW ! I’m just, really grateful.

12/10 episode honestly.

so, back when you first were having to move, i wanted to cheer you up and i started this painting… only it took me much longer than i expected and now it seems a bit less needed… but anyway, i thought you might still like it anyway.

i couldn’t figure out the best way to send it to you, so i hope this works out.

This is so cool, wowowow!!! Thank you so much <3

Trust me, you could not have chosen a better time to send this to me.

You are amazing<3<3<3

Wow– okay I have reached two-hundred followers thanks to you darlings. I have reached this amount before—- but i deleted and remade this blog. But, I there is a bunch of you that I would like to thank for sticking around for so long— and I hope I can get everyone. You can look under the readmore for your url and you might have a small message for you uwu <3 even if I didn’t mention you, every single one of you are my bbys  ——- Chia (Izu-mun) ]

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