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I dont even know what to say. I'm so happy that you are writing things for Yuri!!! On Ice. When you end your stories then there is a slight air of mystery and it makes me feel so at peace. I commented on your fics as well saying how much I love you and your endings and that i need to know if you become a published author but I'm just gonna remind you bc I love your writing!!! I'm probably coming across as a weird stalker person now so I'll stop showering you in praise. Thanks! Bye.

AWWW thank you!!! I’m so glad that you like my endings <3 <3 <3 <3 and omg I’m so flattered that you think I could be a published author??? Wowowow seriously thank you so much!

@starsofthenightcourt THANK YOU <3

THANK YOU!!!! Oh my gosh I’m so happy to hear that I inspired you in some way! I’m sure your fics are FANTASTIC <3 <3 <3

@gia-cometti ADLSKFJASDF TEARS OF LUBE ahh I’m so glad that you liked it <33333

@mugglebornandraised Hahaha thank you!! I had to fit it in somehow :P :P Thank you so much for reading!

AHHH THANK YOU!!!!!!! I’m so glad that you liked the ending and the fic in general ahh just thank you so much <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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Kay, I need your opinion. I love shows like Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, and Switched at Birth.. should I try Sherlock? I am currently going through Supernatural as well if it helps at all.. Anyway, love your writing darling :) keep up the great work :) love, a Hufflepuff unsure about TV :P



I’ve never see Once Upon a Time or Switched at Birth but if you love Doctor Who you’ll definitely love Sherlock because the guys who have written Doctor Who wrote Sherlock (aka Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat my loves). Also yes to Supernatural I need to finish that show wowowow.

And thank you so much I’m so glad you like it! <3 <3 <3 <3


Lucy In The Sky with Suit & Freckles

An early birthday present to @neato-ft

Happy birthday my lovely little sunshine. You know I love you so much bc every convo we have we kinda end up saying ily anyway. But you are such a darling (is that a pun ) and you know I love you and god, let’s just recap to all the good times. And that time we almost fucked up @acnomogia‘s bday collab and that time when I drew you and all the shit that’s happened and wowowow thank you so much for doing all you can for me. You’re the type of friend everybody needs in their lives, dar. You make a lot of people happy and you make me especially happy. You’re such a kind, meme-filled soul, my love. And you go through shit that you don’t deserve and lmao friendship is just 10/10 would be frands 4eva with. I would write a shitton more but that would be essay length and we both know the extent of my love anyway so it’s all gucci. I would buy you so much chicken nuggets if I were in Maryland rn. 

Other than my love for dardar, lucy with a suit and freckles was inspired by @legendofthefairies‘s post. 

Have a good day and good dinner bebs. 

This episode may be my favorite, ever, or at least top 3.

Wowowow, that was such a beautifully done episode. Honestly it was very draining for me, but only because it hit so many good points. I needed a few hours to walk away and really process it all.

I felt so stupid while watching the episode because I couldn’t stop crying. I kept thinking “why are you crying so much?! Stop !” But it was just so deep and personal !

And every time Garnet or Connie talked about confronting their thoughts and problems, I internally was screaming, “NO.”

Because it’s so hard, facing your demons…but it does need to be done.

I hope people were able to get what they needed from this episode, because it had a great message.

This episode, this SHOW, THIS CREW ! I’m just, really grateful.

12/10 episode honestly.