Fandom Hunger Games

I put all my favorites into the simulator and …..

WTH?!?! How? 

OK really the son of Poseidon drowned?

Really Rick? You should know better! 

The bear king ran away from Dipper? WOW

Ok the end was good, its pretty hard to kill an angel! These randomizer things are fun. 


wwow ok so I saw @shirehobbit do a personal aesthetic meme and I thought it would be really neat to do one for myself. This was my first time doing anything like this and it took longer than expected but I love the way it turned out.

I’d like to see @mysticbyzantium@brownies-for-thought and anyone else who’s following me try this out (; so I tag u guys


OH HOLY SHIT GREG.  Do you really not expect people to act like you’re peaches and cream when you KILL YOUR FUCKING PET after having claimed to love animals and act like an angel for it?  You’re going to own a pet and be THIS fucking ignorant and cruel towards it?  Kind of like running around with it high above the ground and sticking it in your fridge for one of your juvenile fucking videos.  Yeah, by the way, THAT’S not going to give your turtle a fucking heart attack but some noises from next door are?
Greg, we do all make mistakes, but they usually don’t result in the torture and death of an animal.  I can be a total fucking asshole sometimes but all my pets lived to be quite old because I wasn’t a total dumbass with them.Just for the love of God, Greg, don’t try and turn this around on people who are mad that you fucking killed an animal and then tried to leech sympathy off it.  You just can’t win here, Greg, you didn’t just fuck up, you legendarily fucked upside down into oblivion.  That’s harder to do then simply fuck up, Greg.  It’s one thing to be a complete and utter halfwit with your pet but to try and exploit it to gain sympathy is just fucking pathetic.

Oh, and by the way, “Nobody’s perfect, not even vegans”.  The only thing I can say to that is go fuck yourself.