Featured Bloggers

This is my fourth effort to highlight some of my favorite bloggers here at Tumblr. They came from different fields such as, arts and crafts, photography, writing and the like.

  • SHUTTEREDAPERTURE - He ventures on the field of photography and encompasses the miscellaneous genre in which he focuses on random photography. Aside from being a photographer, he is a dancer and considers dancing as his passion.
  • ROADKNEE - I began following this blog yesterday and I found myself backreading for more than 2 hours. What I love about this blog are the photographs as well as the artworks and how pretty random stuff goes in there. And Ryan loves to read books, so probably you’ll have an idea of what are the good reads out there.
  • GOOGLYGOOEYS - This blog is one of the many reasons why I am proud to be Pinoy. GooglyGooeys is a blog owned by two Filipinos which features the life of two goos, Ponggo and Tipsy. The blog is internationally acclaimed and was featured in several publications as well as local network shows.
  • WOWMANI - The blogger features stuff about the Pinoy culture as well as some of his personal stuff. The posts are informative and spot-on.
  • JUANREPUBLIC - If you’re looking for a blog that is opinionated as well as informative, this is the blog to fit your needs. Posts are mostly socio-political and focuses on the Philippines.
Save Your Friendster Profile, Photos and Testimonials NOW! Step by Step Procedure

On May 31, 2011, Friendster will unequivocally delete all photos, blogs, testimonials, comments and groups uploaded or created by its users. The website is doing this is part of its strategy to become more of an entertainment and gaming hub rather than a social network.

If Friendster still has place in your heart and you want to save your FS profile data, here’s what you do:

1. Log-in to your Friendster account.

2. Go to your Profile page:

3. Go to the Friendster Exporter App by clicking on a banner located on the right side of the profile page (inside yellow box above).

4. Click Add App button

5. Let it load

6. You can choose to save your entire profile, including photos, in one go (slower download) or you can just save your profile with

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