okay… so i’m really nervous about this.

i put on my god tier, though, for courage or some shit.

here goes!



wow, haha, i’m really bad at this!

uhm… you don’t have to say yes! i mean, if there’s someone cooler you’re going with, i totally get it!

i just thought it was worth a try! 



oh, god. 

okay so:

my handwriting is atrocious oh mAN i wanted to write more on a lot of these cards but i got embarassed by my poopy handwriting and cut it short addsd

also i dug up my sticker collection including these anime dog stickers (i can’t make this up i have no idea where i got them from they are fucking classic) that i put on liz and kate’s cards god bless you guys

i am still laughing

also sean i put really manly stickers all over your package so your brother wouldn’t give you a hard time if he saw it in the mail it is now covered in spaceships and transformers xoxo

i have some cards left if anyone wants a badly written xmas card covered in really awesome stickers