witchtimez  asked:

Hi, what would your take be on the RFA accidentally finding out MC is an expert level fighter/brawler?

I have like next to no knowledge about this topic so I’m sorry if this sucks >_<;;;;;


  • Surprised
  • Like he never would’ve guessed

  • You’re so strong holy shit

  • Tbh feels a little inadequate as a man at first

  • Loves when you pick him up

  • Not really big on violence but oh man watching you fight is the best thing ever

  • You’re so powerful and lovely like how???

  • Inspired to start exercising more after watching you

  • Lil string bean wants to be strong too


  • The beast is intrigued
  • Bragging constantly
  • Supportive af
  • Watching you fight is so hot
  • T H E  B E A S T  I S  I N T R I G U E D
  • Strong beautiful warrior king/queen/non-gendered title
  • Working out together
  • Working out together huehuehue wink wink nudge nudge
  • Just because you’re a strong beautiful warrior doesn’t me he’s not gonna be romantic af
  • After a fight there are so many flowers holy shit is there even a room behind all these flowers
  • You’re gonna be so pampered after you win a fight
  • And if you lose too tbh
  • Because you did so good
  • And he’s so proud of his strong beautiful babe


  • A little shocked at first
  • But now that she knows she is all over it
  • Researches the subject like crazy
  • So many recommendations for like everything??
  • She’s so good to you
  • Not really her thing but she puts in a lot of effort because it’s you
  • And if you thought she wasn’t gonna support you
  • Oh boy oh man oh boi were you wrong
  • Constantly checking up on you to make sure you stick to your schedule
  • So smitten with you like wow she loves you SO MUCH???


  • You now have the best nutritionists and trainers at your disposal
  • Sponsored to hell and back
  • Knows you can take care of yourself but gives you bodyguards anyway
  • They’re intimidated
  • Odds are you’ve had to protect them at some point
  • Your mascot is Elizabeth 3rd
  • Jumin is actually really proud of you
  • Knows you try your hardest
  • Makes sure you’re well taken care of


  • The john cena theme is now your ringtone on his phone
  • “FITE ME MC”
  • Lots of play fighting
  • Totally supportive of you obliterating other fighters
  • So swole so stronk wow
  • Feels super safe with you around
  • “Would you kick ass for me? Would you kick Zen’s ass? Jumin’s ass? Your own ass??????”
  • You are literally the best thing he’s ever seen
  • So stupid in love with you