New part of the blog I may be adding:

Since we often get questions about weapons that can go with transmogs, I was thinking of adding Favorite Items; such as favorite bows, swords, axes etc. 

If we do this, would you guys be interested? We wont post anything right away but sometime in the future. 

Just wanted to get some feedback on the idea.


Now that you've seen some of our favorite items, we want to see yours!

To submit your favorite items to be posted, please do the following:

  1. hide your interface. use alt+z to hide it in game.
  2. Take 3-4 good screenshots of you with the item (reference the way we take screenshots for this with different angles, etc;)
  3. in the caption please name the item you are using

After doing this, please Submit your pictures seperately. I will then put them into a photoset such as i’ve done with our favorites.

If you fail to follow these simple guidelines, your favorite item will not be posted.

I just want to keep everything looking the same for this feature of the blog.

Thank you in advance and we can’t wait to see your favorite items! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


  • i’d love to do that! right now actually we have 15 things in queue(all submissions have been queued so none in inbox). 3+ posts a day, and on sunday our que will be empty!! D: if we are able to get more submissions we could definitely consider this! I have a few mogs i found that i will need to put in que as well but it’s still not enough.


  • okie then!


  • Like one we think is the best? I was thinking of adding a #favorite to some of the mogs we think really stand out. How’s that sound?


  • Alright! I’ll have to set up a page with information and i can announce that soon!! :D


  • I’ll do my best to find more rogue mogs! I have one going into que that i found. 

Thanks for the input! 

Also, I was thinking, since it’s almost summer time (not really but ya know, it’s getting there), Wowfashionpolice could have an Armorkini Contest?

What do you think?