wowee zowie

Wowee-zowie, about a year ago I started watching @rhettandlink and just over a year ago I drew my first ever picture of them!
I was really proud of it and it even got shared on their social media like WOWEE-ZOWIE What a start to mythical beastliness!
Dang buddy I’ve met so many really rad friends in the past year!! I’ve drawn a lot too, I’ve gotten a whole lotta inspiration from RandLs content, their creations have inspired my creations, and my new friends have inpsired me too
So of course, naturally, I had to re-draw the first picture I drew of them! uvu//

Callout post for some really great people I’ve met online who I consider some of my best friends:

@bloodsweatandpreciousmetals- for being such a sweet and caring space dad who is always interested when I ylel about Good Things to her

@msbeastlyeevee- for being someone who supports my oc making habits and happily ylels back about various series with me and also is Actually Satan when it comes to writing because wowee zowie those emotions

@cosmic-star-dust- for being the fucking voice of reason honestly??? and not being an asshole when telling you her honest opinion??? thank you so fucking much i love you???? also ShiraZumi just saying

@rubyshotbuns- because we have fun torturing our sons together and then scolding the other for what they’re doing to their son

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!!!! You're so cool oh my gosh!!! And your art is so amazing and pretty and aaaaaa heck I hope you have an awesome day!!! Thank you so much for letting us see such awesome art :D

hOLY HECK THIS IS THE SWEETEST MESSAGE?? You’re so lovely oh my goodness me thank you!! I’m glad that u enjoy my art aaaa and I hope you have a lovely day too wowee-zowie ;0; <3
Thank you!!!
Pavement Hint at ‘Great News Coming Soon’ | SPIN

This week marks the 20th anniversary of Pavement’s disjointed classic Wowee Zowee, and curiously the band seems to be stirring from their post-reunion slumber. On a Facebook page hilariously called Pavement The Rock Band, guitarist Spiral Stairs posted that the band had reclaimed the page thanks to help from their label from Matador and promised that they had “great news coming soon.” Someone behind the page later commented on the post that live performances “are ruled out for ‘15 but not '16, beyond,” and what’s more: “deep cuts will feature.” It’s not entirely clear just what the news will be, but based on what this page is saying it seems like there remains the possibility of future live dates from the indie rock legends. Since posting on Thursday night, multi-instrumentalist/hype man Bob Nastanovich has taken to posting a number of  pieces of ephemera from the Pavement archives, and says he’s “conjuring up a contest to win some Pavement relics from the '90s and 2010.” So regardless