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You know what my favourite thing is? If you don’t already, you’re about to find out! Harry Styles with nail polish on his fingers. Especially the red that shows up on his index fingers from time to time. Like he painted his whole hand but they told him he couldn’t go out with it on so he removed most of it but left two fingers as an open act of defiance. That’s my favourite thing in the whole world. So here’s a masterpost of times Harry Styles wore nail polish.

MC x Mitsunari

“I wish there were words that fully described how much you mean to me.“ 


A frustrated huff left his lips as he crumpled the paper in his fist, tossing yet another draft into the bin.

Words always came so easily to him; he was surrounded with them in fact, his private chambers consisting of nothing but shelves upon shelves of books, confidential documents stacked neatly on his desk.

If he thought about it enough, he could remember all the times he’d stayed up reading, memorizing annotations and criticizing metaphors, his mind buzzing out of its shell and escaping into another world; places he could truly put himself to rest.

He could write scrolls of his infallible logic overnight, the sharpness of his words and the conviction in his voice weighing down on even the mightiest of lords.

So why was it that when she looked at him with those dreadfully bright eyes, he felt the ice in his veins crack, the millions of snarky remarks on the tip of his tongue melting into ink.

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defectillusions  asked:

Hey your super cool drawing with Jack and Angel and the glowing eyes. You said you wouldn't get into what your AU is about unless someone asked. Well I am super curious.

WELL i kinda went into some detail over here already, but i can always say more…

So, in this AU Jack is well known around Pandora as the guy you want to talk to if you need to know something about the vaults - he’s a book of knowledge that guy, honestly. Rumours have it that he was the head of some top secret Hyperion Vault thing before the company up and left but no one knows for sure (it was top secret after all) the only thing is that this guy, who insists you call him Handsome Jack is… well… he’s kind of weird.

Oddly energetic, prone to mood swings, will be helpfully giving you directions on your map only to smother you with it a second later, yknow, the usual for your typical violent Pandoran citizen, not to mention that he sure loves to talk to himself a lot - like, a lot. You can hear his voice echoing from like a mile away (okay maybe not that far but close enough)

BUT RHYS HERE, new Atlas CEO and so desperate for that sweet, sweet Eridian loot and to be the first to crack through Hyperion’s tough defenses on Elpis (because COME ON if that doesn’t just scream invaluable riches he doesn’t know what does) so this ‘Handsome Jack’ is his best bet at getting it. Especially if he’s ex-Hyperion like everyone says.

Except Rhys was expecting some lunatic wielding a blade saw and instead he got… a pretty normal guy. A complete asshole with nooo personal space, but a normal guy none the less.  So really, it could have been worse.

[Except Rhys can’t help but feel like Jack’s the one playing him when it should be the other way around, that it’s Jack using Rhys to get up to Elpis and Hyperion. Which is strange because… why would Jack want that? Must be nothing, just the Pandoran heat getting to him. Yeah. Definitely it.)

me and my dude Steve Hackett chillin’ on a boat, four years ago today (or tomorrow actually i forget lol)

Steve is literally the sweetest most polite person I have ever met im not even kidding a little bit !!! and sorry if i look awkward but i was like, jumping out of my skin with excitement, so, yeah


Friendly reminder that I’m still alive and drawing even if I haven’t been able to touch the computer for a bit lol. A couple OCs and a FNAF thing in this one wowee who even am I there’s not even a Grillby in here wut?

Title: Anata ga Iru (You’re Here) [pixiv]
Artist: Koto
Fandom: Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest
Pairing: Xander/Kaze
Rating: SFW
Page Count: 37
Notes: Minor plot spoilers for Conquest. Contains crying, angst, and kissing, mostly in that order.

Scanlation by me. And my first one ever, wowee. Also available in full here on Imgur! Useful if you don’t want to deal with tumblr’s funky resolution scaling.

Last edited March 30, 2016.

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hey since i’ve had Henwin for almost a year now i wanted to compare her development that shes gotten

so this is what im pretty sure this is my very first drawing of her, if not my second. she didn’t??? have any chub??? wowee.

this is one of the first drawings i did of these two, and when Henwin first got her pointy nose i think???

this was the very first ref i made for her, still no chub

the only drawings i have of her when she first got her chub was nsfw lmao so im not postin that but yea after this she got chub

so in September last year was when i decided to draw her and Bigby together again after about 4-5 months of not doing so

after that, i drew them 3 months later, which is where we are now, now its nonstop art of them :’^) Henwin has gone a long way and her basic design has never changed but i mean?? oh well