wowee i miss it

“Stop saying jellyfish are people to they’re NOT people”

“Stop saying fist me daddy come on guys”

“Keemstar is quite the meme now”

“imagine if you were doctor who, he has 2 hearts right, and you had 20089 hearts”

“I can’t even count because I never learned Maths”

“Guilty pleasures? Googling sexy bearded men”

“Let’s look at this minion meme, see if I want to kill myself”

sung “bee movie is my favorite movie evveeeerrr”

“I’m not screaming I’m your daddy”

“I’m not a screamer”

“I feel gross when I go on Facebook”

“Twitter is on point today”


—  Alex, IHE kamcord live-stream 30th may

ask-the-iron-queen  asked:

Crystal @ Asami: Wowee! You're really pretty, miss! I love your little bow! I know this is kind of weird to ask this really suddenly, but are there any boys you like at all?

Asami: “W-why would you ask that!! Hahaha! I don’t like a-a-anyone!! Ha! Haha! I mean, romantically- I like all my friends hsfdkajsd,,,”

Asami seems very flustered. She can’t really speak properly now, can she.

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