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When did you start shipping them? SEASON 4: Episode 9 - After

Long Before My Tumblr/Fandom Days:

I enjoyed the show. Thought Michonne would end up with *gasp* Daryl. : I was young and naive, I swear!: Anyways, it was this episode and the scene where Michonne cries when she realizes it’s Rick and Carl in the house. I hadn’t expected more tears. But she was so relieved. My heart had broken a bit more for Carl. He was afraid and angry and lost. I ached for him.

Then the knock at the door. I heard the “Ship” horn started blowing when Rick reacted as he did. Rick, beat up and defeated, peeps through that hole and sees Michonne. He crumbles to the floor and tells an anxious Carl, “It’s for you.” He smiles, despite his lips being cracked and bloody. You know it was painful. He smiled. Then fades to black. I screamed Nooo! I wanted more. I wanted to see what happened when the door was opened. I was hooked. I was officially Trash.

Then is see the clip where Andrew Lincoln is shipping 🚢 Richonne. I was thrilled. I joined Tumber, stumbled upon this wonderful Fandom and became a Landfill. 😜💋

‘The Walking Dead’ 7x14 - 7x16 Title & Synopsis

Season 7 Episode 14: Strong Threats

‘ The Saviors visit the Hilltop unexpectedly, surprising everyone, with plans of taking more than supplies. ‘

Season 7 Episode 15: And Here We Are

‘ A group of Alexandrians embarks on a journey; one member of the group must make a heartbreaking decision. ‘

Season 7 Episode 16: Do It Now

‘ TBA ‘

GUYS!! This new parallel theory from the lovely @ikkleosu is making my head spin with too many feels!!

I know I was not the first to have this idea for the future, and I’m probably the fifth person who’s going to say it but it’s so awesome that I have to repeat it!! 

Just imagine: 

Carol corners Dwight at one point (please be 7x16) and forces him to remove Daryl’s vest. Later on, she gives it to him all nice and clean, and of course puts the Morley cigarette box back into the pocket after she washed it. Daryl fishes in his pocket and finds the box, but dumps it and sees the wedding rings and engagement ring, and you could see his mind pondering before looking in Carol’s direction…

Just carry me to the grave right now!

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