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Flake on Till.

Is it a stroke of luck for you that you have a man such as Till Lindemann as a frontman?

Flake: Well of course that’s a stroke of pure luck! But we did put together the band in a way that worked nicely. If we had wanted someone else, we would have someone else (laughs). Till radiates complete authority in my eyes. When he sings or says something, you realize that he also means it. That makes the whole song a lot more precious. Especially since there are singers who say or sing just about anything because it sounds good. With Till, you know that he means it. With a guy like Till, we differ from a lot of other bands.


Bu şarkı gibi hissediyorum. Özellikle 1.15′te.
Klibi de tam benlik.. Çok doluyum çok..

Zaten Rammstein dinlediğim zamanlarda çok da normal olmuyorum. (yani çoğu zaman)

Learning German with Rammstein's lyrics be like

Me repeating out loud: Willst du dich von etwas trennen dann musst du es verbrennen.

Random person who knows German: *calls the cops*