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New from Official Rammstein Youtube Channel 😍


If it’s Thursday, then it’s time for covers:

Rammstein’s Du Hast, an industrial metal tune originally in German, covered by the Russian band Dobranotch. Not just klezmer, but also translated to Yiddish!

Here’s the original for comparison:

I love Rammstein

Where else can you listen to such wholesome songs as:

  • Moscow is whore and Putin can suck my German dick
  • Feelings complicate sex
  • Naughty children come hither and listen to my whispers
  • Wife and husband pray to Satan to cue wife’s fugliness
  • Older sibling rapes younger brother
  • Local Boy Fucks Entire Family Including the Dog and Cums EVERYWHERE
  • Cask von Amontilladostein
  • Cannibal and Victim Share Penis For Dinner
  • Father Keeps Daughter in Subbasement and jfc this song is creepy af “ich pflanze dir ein Schwesterlein” JESUS
  • Local man tells foreigners to get fucked
  • I fucked a french milf
  • Naughty children get burned to death
  • Gay sex is amazing, 6/6 East Germans agree
  • I have a sniffing fetish
  • Village boy dies while trying to impress needy af girlfriend
  • Till Lindemann is a top
  • Spanish pickup lines and other important phrases
  • Till is an engine-kin
  • Fuck you, mom
  • Crowd grows bored as man takes too long to commit suicide
  • Fuck this wedding and fuck you
  • My Crew is Dope, also Sharks Have Feelings too
  • Sexual frustration makes me want to destroy things
  • Claims to be the best seaman, drowns anyway
  • I’m experiencing symptoms of major depression
  • American imperialism the musical
  • Harder Daddy the musical
  • Fuck man, being an angel sounds pretty shitty
  • The Hunt is on, and it is for pussy
  • Local widower digs up wife and fucks her rotting corpse
  • It’s about nuclear weapons or god, either way the result is the same
  • I want validation, among other things
  • Mother receives worst birthday gift EVER
  • Where tf you at bitch, you stole my heart
  • The boys are back in town
  • The musical adaptation of this meme:


  • Love confessions at the firing wall

I fucking love this band.