Co-optional History
  • Totalbiscuit: Remember remember the 10th of November there's another shitty podcast on today that's how the rhyme goes if i recall correctly.
  • Crendor: As quoted by George Washington.
  • Totalbiscuit: Indeed in his famous speech atop the hill before he was shot by a man on a grassy knoll.
  • Crendor: Ghandi.
  • Totalbiscuit: Ghandi?.
  • Crendor: Ghandi shot him down.
  • Totalbiscuit: I don't think Ghandi was there i think you are misremembering that.
  • Dodger: I mean that's what we where taught.
  • Crendor: That was the civil war i thought it was the revolutionary war.
  • Totalbiscuit: Ah yes that was it, totally true.
  • Crendor: That was Lincoln that shot him down.
  • Totalbiscuit: Yeah.
  • Crendor: I always get my history mixed up.
  • Totalbiscuit: Ghandi is like "The confederacy is amazing" and Lincoln is like "Fuck you" and thats basically how the civil war happened.
  • Crendor: And then the vampires attacked.
  • Jesse: Im not sure that's what happened.
  • Dodger: Oh and yeah then the communist army came out of the sewers they had been underground for a really long time.
  • Totalbiscuit: Yeah the ratmen.
  • Crendor: That was World War 1.
  • Dodger: Oh god im sorry i get so confused.
  • Jesse: First of all everyone knows that Lucky Lindy flew the spirit of St.Lewis across the Atlantic with Amelia Earhart single handedly ending the civil war and causing the buycut of Chinese fish.
  • Totalbiscuit: I thought it was the Wright brothers.
  • Crendor: Me too.
  • Jesse: the Wright brothers where the guys who invented the hula hoop.
  • Crendor: Wow i didn't know that fact.
  • Totalbiscuit: We learn so much from this show.
  • Jesse: Yeah you should go to your history teacher and tell them everything you just learned.
  • Crendor: I only got D's in school.

I had a plan for Coxcon, and then life happened.

Here are some finished paintings and concept sketches for some Coxcon postcards I unfortunately had to cancel.

They’re each of the guests - Wowcrendor, Alex Faciane, Jesse Cox, Totalbiscuit, Jirard the Completionist and Mike from the Warp Zone as Overwatch characters!

These were far too much fun to do.