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hey im not black so i didnt want to speak on this a lot but ive noticed that a lot of ppl draw or write nursey as bigger than dex even though they are the same size? its kinda uncomfortable to me as it seems to be endorsing this stereotype of 'big black men' do u have any thoughts on this?


I also see this. I personally give nursey a couple pounds of muscle on dex or at least more definition bc dex does look like a skinny skinny boy in the extras! take a look at that one with dex fixing the washer. how is he a hockey player? string bean

bUT. he’s. not small. he’s nine inches taller than me, probably at LEAST two hundred pounds because I can guarantee y’all when I was a legitimate athlete? I was heavy as fuck. as a person who swam probably a couple miles a night (as a ten year old!) I was eating two heaping plates of meals and I was thick. when I was… eh, twelve, I was running two to five miles a day four days a week with meets every few saturdays, then in the weight room two days a week benching maybe eighty if you counted the bar (forty-five pounds– I hated benching) and then squating fifty plus the bar that’s ninety five, medicine balls, then sprints, indian runs, etc… I pounded granola, pasta, fruit, and water like nobody’s business, and on top of that I ate junk. I think I was probably one forty five and five foot two, and I was a middle school athlete.

Dex is gonna be big. Hockey is much more strenuous than swim, volleyball, or cross country, i’m pretty sure. Marns is one seventy and that’s small as hell, but he’s only six feet tall. Papi’s two sixteen and he’s six three. Nylander’s five eleven and he’s like, the same weight as Marner. most of the time you see hockey players and they’re over in or around the just above or just under two hundred range. even jeff skinner’s two hundred pounds, y’all.

that being said, I also looked the thinnest i’ve ever looked? so it’s kind of hard. everybody’s body is different, on top of that. 

they’re both six two in canon, y’all. I really do think that it is kind of problematic that people are making him dramatically larger– taller, bigger body wise– because he’s not. and you’re right, it is perpetuating a stereotype. and people should probably recognize that– I get wanting the whole size shit like “oh this character is larger than that one that’s so cute” but that’s also largely a heterosexual notion and when you’re writing about black characters you have to take into account their race because it! is! wildly! important!!!

i know i said a lot of nothing here but like. yeah. people really ought to stop making him so much larger than dex. if you’re gonna write about a black character or make art of a black character or headcanon about a black character you have to take into account their blackness, you have to. it’s not optional, it’s non-negotiable, you have to.

We know, like participants of any industry, the general effects an especially racialized capitalism engenders: minoritized poets must comply with established standards of excellence to be considered excellent; minoritized poets must trade their power to remain excellent or to impact the establishment; and minoritized poets only impact the establishment by maintaining its usual operations under contemporary order. But this doesn’t have to be true, and this can’t stop us from doing urgent and necessary work for our communities.
—  Paul Tran, interviewed by Katie Schmid Henson for Prairie Schooner

Enjoying a family reunion with my husbands family.  I am the only one ethnically different - Hispanic.  I received a bug bite on my cheek with a significant swelling and redness. My sister-in-law of Swedish decent says, “I’m surprised someone like you with such dark skin is so sensitive.  I didn’t think dark skin was as sensitive as light skin.”

For me, classic movies are the likes of Love & Basketball, Selena, and Mahogany — coming-of-age stories that were relatable or aspirational for a young brown woman. My awareness of what everyone else considered classic movies was pretty much limited to Singin’ in The Rain and Breakfast at Tiffany’s

HBCUs Responsible for:
75% of all Black PhD’s
46% of Black business executives
50% of Black engineers
80% of Black federal judges
85% of all Black doctors
50% of Black attorneys
75% of Black military officers
40% of Black dentists
50% of Black pharmacists
75% of Black Veterinarians

Source: dreamsburntoashes, who writes that her professor added, “when they try to get rid of HBCU’s know that they are trying to deteriorate not only our future progress but our past. And if the number of HBCU’s goes down, so will these stats”


Despite growing Asian population, Irvine City Council is now all white

Asian studies experts say having a white-only City Council isn’t much of a concern as long as the elected officials understand and serve the needs of different ethnic communities.

I don’t live in Irvine and I’m not an “Asian studies expert” but if it were me, HELL NO. Asian people HAVE to represent Asian people. That’s it. There’s no fucking substitution for representation, especially when said representation is all white people. Asian people should NOT be passive about this shit.

Angry Asian Guy

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jewishmagpie is literally a racist who ins't opposed to getting coze with white supremacists and who has repeatedly offered themselves as a "token Jew" when a lot of the rest of us try to call out antisemitism and people want to dismiss us.

And I told you before that you can “literally” [sic] keep your libel and personal vendetta against jewishmagpie out of my inbox. I have never once seen her interact with white supremacists.

Thanksgiving Conversations About Race | Showing Up for Racial Justice

This Thanksgiving, SURJ is offering two ways to help support white folks in having tough conversations with other white folks – conversations that are necessary if we want to break silence about race in this country:

Thanksgiving Discussion Guide: These conversations are tricky, and often get “in the weeds” fast. We’ve put together a discussion guide that gives some more substantial talking points for those tough conversations, as well as some questions you can ask to elicit feedback and avoid conversational shut-downs. Click here for the discussion guide!

SURJ Holiday Hotline: When you get stuck during Thanksgiving conversations, SURJ has you covered. Simply text SOS (with no quotation marks!) to 82623, and we’ll send you some key talking points that tend to come up in these tough conversations. If you get *really* stuck, we’ll even hop on the phone with you for a short 1:1 coaching call. 

It’s vital for white people to break white silence about the danger of Trump’s presidency – we we’ll make sure you have the tools you need to have those conversations over the holidays!
KING: Black teen James Means killed by remorseless white man
James Means. You will know this name. Tragically, it now belongs in the ever-increasing list of unarmed black victims of racial violence.

After Pulliam left the store, the two exchanged words a second time, and Pulliam shot the teen twice in the abdomen, leaving him to die, then proceeded to go home, eat dinner, then go hang out at a friend’s house, according to a criminal complaint.

After Pulliam’s arrest on Tuesday morning, police said that he expressed no remorse whatsoever for killing the teen, but simply said, “The way I look at it, that’s another piece of trash off the street.”


Trump’s America Week Two.

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Has Trump ever said something legitimately anti-black? I don't support him on the slightest, just curious.

“Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys wearing yarmulkes… Those are the only kind of people I want counting my money. Nobody else… Besides that, I tell you something else. I think that guy’s lazy. And it’s probably not his fault because laziness is a trait in blacks.“

Zadie Smith On Historical Nostalgia And The Nature Of Talent

Smith tells Fresh Air’s Terry Gross how being biracial allows her to blend in with different cultures: 

“I think people of my shade all over the world will have these experiences: You might go to Morocco and people will believe you Moroccan; you might go to Egypt and be confused for an Egyptian; you might find yourself in Bangladesh and people are talking Bengali to you. It’s an interesting mind state, one I’ve always found very enjoyable, actually. … I guess … the movability of the identity is interesting, whereas I suppose a white person is white wherever they go. They’re kind of stuck with it, whereas I find the interesting interpretive quality that my shade creates in others curious — sometimes funny, sometimes upsetting, sometimes alarming.”

Her new novel is Swing Time.

Photo by Dominique Nobokov