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I will legit never understand racial pride, like even national pride makes more sense to me (btw I still think it’s mostly stupid.) But racial pride just seems like, hurray for my random grab bag of genetic traits are so much more special than this other random grab bag of genetic traits.


Makeup artist under fire after transforming a white model into a “woman of a different culture”

  • Scroll through the Instagram account @PaintDatFace, and you’ll see picture after picture of makeup transformations.
  • With more than 60K followers, there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. Until just a few days ago, when @PaintDatFace messed up big time.
  • Over Memorial Day weekend, the account posted a before and after makeup transformation that has ignited the internet, with plenty of people claiming that it’s basically glamorized blackface. Read more (5/30/17)

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I keep seeing these native american anti sjws that shit on black people and blame them for their problems but yet talk about how native americans are oppressed right now and of course white people. Im sorry, but that is disgusting hypocrisy and they are racist. I am sick of them and anti sjws that like them and praise them.

It’s disgusting. You don’t fight racism with more racism.


Race, Finance, And The Afterlife Of Slavery

Justin Leroy presents on the overlapping histories of race and financial innovation, from slave insurance to social entrepreneurship, in conjunction with Cameron Rowland’s project for the 2017 Whitney Biennial. Leroy teaches nineteenth-century U.S. history at the University of California, Davis; his book Freedom’s Limit: Racial Capitalism and the Afterlives of Slavery, is forthcoming from Columbia University Press.  

Bill Cosby tries to win black support before trial, despite years of berating black people

  • Bill Cosby goes on trial June 5 for sexual assault, and he’s spent the last few weeks setting the tone for his defense. 
  • In several media appearances and courtroom interactions, the comedian and his supporters have tried endearing themselves to black observers by painting Cosby’s trial as a racist witch hunt.
  • But perhaps the most striking part of Cosby’s campaign is how shameless it is.By angling to gain black sympathy in the court of public opinion, Cosby is glossing over the years he spent castigating poor black people for their alleged pathologies. 
  • In an infamous 2004 speech, the comedian lambasted low-income blacks for not “holding their end in this deal” after years of landmark civil rights legislation gave them more opportunities. 
  • At one point, he even suggested that death was an appropriate punishment for black people who engaged in petty theft. Read more (5/26/17)

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  • les: them brooklyn boys so big!
  • leader of brooklyn boys: [is 5'4]

passive aggressive reminder that more than two genders and transgender people have existed for millennia

reminder that colonialism forced native societies to revert back to their gender assigned at birth or be killed

reminder that there has been Mahu in Hawai’i until it was forcefully taken and colonized by white america

reminder that there were Hijra in South Asia until britain colonized it and forced every Hijra person into concentration camps the same time the german holocaust was happening

reminder that We’Wha was lhamana who served as an Ambassador to the Zuni people in 1886 to Grover Cleveland and was arrested for witch craft

reminder that in ancient Egypt there were people who were transgender and Egyptologists say that it was just people who were “buried wrong”

reminder that there are thousands of societies and cultures lost because of white colonization and we will never hear there stories

reminder that when this isnt taught in school it erases the history of people of color and queer people 

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect

Even if they’re cisgender
Even if they’re heterosexual
Even if they’re gay
Even if they’re transgender
Even if they’re white
Even if they’re black
Even if they’re Mexican
Even if they’re Asian
Even if they’re male
Even if they’re female
Even if they’re progressive
Even if they’re conservative
Even if they’re old
Even if they’re young
Even if they’re smart
Even if they’re dumb
Even if they have mental illnesses
Even if they don’t have mental illnesses
Even if they have physical disabilities
Even if they are perfectly healthy
Even if they’re a single mom
Even if they’re a single dad
Even if they’ve had an abortion
Even if they’re against abortion
Even if they’ve contemplated suicide
Even if they love animals
Even if they hate animals
Even if they’re vegan
Even if they’re vegetarian
Even if they love meat
Even if they’re fat
Even if they’re thin
Even if they’re in shape
Even if they aren’t in shape
Even if they’ve had an eating disorder
Even if they’ve never struggled with weight
Even if they’re religious
Even if they’re atheist
Even if they’re cultured
Even if they’re very sheltered.

Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

As a TV critic who keeps an eye on social issues, I’ve long been critical of ABC’s The Bachelor and The Bachelorette franchises. They urge viewers to believe completely contrived events are somehow spontaneous. They also support an unhealthy princess fantasy in which romance is conflated with an upper-middle class wonderland filled with reality TV fame and luxury resort getaways.

So why do I find it so important that The Bachelorette is welcoming its first black woman as a star this season? The answer came as I watched Rachel Lindsay navigate what turned out to be a pretty typical Bachelorette debut episode, which aired Monday night. The show hit all the expected notes: a quick review of how she was rejected by Nick Viall in the last Bachelor season, a hasty reminder of her background as an attorney and a turn into the new life she was hoping for at the end of the Bachelorette “journey.”

But part of the show’s princess fantasy involves building up its bachelorette as an archetype of beauty: a smart, personable, all-American woman who a bevy of Abercrombie & Fitch model lookalikes would fight over.

‘The Bachelorette’ May Have A Black Star, But It’s Still Set In A White World

Photo: Paul Hebert/ABC


Second Half Marathon done!! Finished it in 1:34:25 which is more than 4 minutes faster than I ran last year!
My only goal was to stay under 1:40:00 and I decided to just run by feel not by pace. ~4:25 min/km pace felt easy after the first kilometer and it still did 20 km later. It went by incredibly fast and I did not once wish for the finish line to come sooner. 21,1 km has definitely become my new favourite distance :)