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Last night my father in law went on a disgusting racist rant against non-white people. And so I thought, here is an example of a REAL racist person. How the hell can sjws trivialize this sort of disgusting racism by claiming that somehow every white person is a racist due to their skin colour? They think they're "fighting" racism, but really they're just letting more people get away with it.


  • White folks say:All lives matter!
  • White folks mean:I don't have the balls to say "black lives don't matter" because I'm one of those racists who doesn't want to be thought of as or called a racist, but that's how I really feel.

A Black woman is being shamed for having a curvy body while teaching children

The garments Monroe is pictured wearing in the classroom are objectively modest and definitely within bounds of standard school dress codes. One look features a high-necked midi with a long cardigan; there’s also a pencil-fit dress with capped sleeves, and another outfit that consists of jeans and a long-sleeved T-shirt. (Read More)

Talking about race, there are definitely some white people who don’t like that. And it’s not even always the content, it’s just saying: ‘white people.’ Because a lot of white people are not used to being called white. They get to be “people,” “human beings,” their first name. … The rest of us, we’ve had to get used to being the Other. We’ve had to get used to constantly answering those questions. We’ve been required to stand up for ourselves and to force ourselves into the spotlight because no one’s going to give it to us.

Hari Kondabolu, comedian and former immigrant rights organizer, on how some white audiences react to his jokes about race

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