wow....i can't stop listening to this


ahhh more new succulents & cacti

this has been the 3rd place i’ve gone to in the last 4 days… i think i officially have an addiction..

so i knew moana was great about hiring south pacific actors but i just found out that alan tudyk (who they were reluctant to cast but eventually gave the bit part of the rooster) is the only actor in the film with no polynesian descent????? and now i’m crying????? please let every movie with poc characters from here on out take a note from moana’s book


                   They call me devil
                   My heart is empty
                   They call me devil
                Just try and tempt me 

                  I’ll steal your soul
                   I’ll eat you whole
                   Aint no other way

 They call me devil

                                         And you should be afraid


lukas didn’t sleep at all when they were at gabe and helen’s otherwise philip would have heard him snoring then 

so i’m thinking that after staring at that watch for a while he probably spent the rest of the night looking at philip sleeping, marveling at the fact that this amazing boy cares so deeply for him and how lucky he is that philip moved to town

All Jaywalkers when they hear..


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this piano cover is actual ear porn