wow. what a powerful scene

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Do you think you can write like, a VERY short dabble on Justice dealing with catcallers? Either in Awakening or DA2, which ever you like.

(Okay ngl I kinda jumped at the opportunity to write this instead of working on my currently piling up WIPs because I LOVE WRITING JUSTICE SO MUCH OMG, he’s actually my favourite to write, and I never bloody well get to. So thank you nonny, for giving me the opportunity to write about the precious angry spirit bae beating up assholes. This is a good day. Ahaha whoops this isn’t short at all oh well)

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Anders was on his way back to his clinic from the Hanged Man, where he’d somehow been convinced to play a few rounds of Wicked Grace this afternoon, when he heard some sort of commotion ahead on the street. He could hear several male voices, but couldn’t yet discern what they were saying. He stopped for a moment, readying himself for trouble, before moving forward to see what was happening.

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