The Mage is Not Perceptive

Rogue: [going to a sex toy story, basically]
Mage (OOC): Can I roll a perception check to see where we’re going?
DM: Sure.
Mage (OOC): I rolled a 3 (a critical fail)
DM: Wow. Uh, okay.
Mage (OOC): Okay, so since I critical failed, where do I think I’m going?
Rogue (OOC): Walmart.
DM: Y'know what? What the fuck, why not. You think you’re going to Walmart, even though it doesn’t exist in Thedas.

Reality TV shows when they’re being stupid: surprisingly funny..cuz wow did u really say that???? What r u doing?!?? lawlz

Reality TV shows when they’re being ignorant: really not fucking funny, why do you even exist I hate that this is being aired rn and how are you idolized?