i have so many feelings about everyone’s character development in stranger things 2

- i actually love steve now like he just grows so much and you see he actually cares about nancy and really takes care of the kids and ahjjfjlalsljd i have so many feelings about this

- eleven’s coming of age arc is so beautiful

- and will????? wow

- like

- i am completely bl o w n a w a y by noah schnapp’s acting skills. just can’t even believe it

- mike’s character really deepens I think, and the emotion on his face when eleven comes back is so palpable and so strong and you can see the barest trace of tears in his eyes


- dustin does not get enough love i think



- and bob. what a cutie. the best guy.

- also wtf was that thing with billy and mrs wheeler like what

- i dont think ive ever been so emotionally invested in tv characters before like i feel like they’re my friends


more bey kids /////

beyblade is absolutely awful for consistency re: art style and character design between different seasons (so many eye colour changes… why this), so shoving my fave kids into my own style was a fun lil challenge!!

i’m definitely more partial to season 1 and 3 though for sure

Drinking With Donghan

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A/N: I’m starting a new bullet fic series where reader gets drunk with various people and how’d that go down lmao. And ofc me being my trash self for a certain walnut head, I’m starting the series off with him. Next one will be Jonghyun, and after that Daniel!

  • Okay, let’s set the scene first
  • I’m thinking like, huge group of friends from high school reuniting once again at like a bbq place with lots of alcohol involved too
  • no, this is def not based off of the story donghan told when he got shitfaced in daegu,,,,,,def not
  •  Anyways, you’re a college student right? legal drinking age and everything and your friend invites you to go out to dinner and drinking with her and the rest of squad and you’re like “sure, why not”
  • Well, she didn’t tell you rest of squad also included a couple guys you’ve never met before
  • “Who tf are they?”
  • “Remember the all boys’ school near our high school? They graduated from there, and one of them is pretty cute and single huehuehue”
  • ,,,,,,,,you should’ve stayed home
  • But it’s a Friday night, the guy is kinda cute, and the food and booze are being paid for by your friend
  • So you slap some meat on the grill, open up a bottle of soju and just start pouring shots for everyone i’m more of a whiskey person lmao
  • As the night goes on, the food starts being ignored for clinking of glasses and cans, the people in the group start dwindling
  • At one point your friend leaves bc she is gONE
  • You wave her off and pour yourself another shot
  • You know who else is still there? The cute, single guy
  • “Hey, you’re pretty good at drinking,” he says, pouring you another shot after you down yours.
  • “Eh, that’s like bottle 2? You’re already on bottle 3.”
  • “,,,,,,,,,,,,that’s your fourth bottle,,,”
  • “,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,wow,,,,,yeah, uni’s stressful,” you down the rest of your bottle and grab another one
  • “Since, it’s just us, I’ll treat you,” he says, and yes, he’s officially 10x cuter bc he’s paying
  • Okay, yall have to get drunk eventually
  • And when you’re drunk, you’re hungry, so Donghan orders more food to put on the grill
  • But you know when you drink alcohol it gets warm, and there’s no way he’s gonna let you man the grill
  • So he rolls up his sleeves to his elbows exposing his glorious forearms and unbuttons the first couple buttons on his shirt
  • you were you were def drunk enough for this
  • Anyways, he’s putting food onto the grill to cook and stuff and you’re just like ogling at his exposed skin lmao
  • He puts some food on your plate and notice your ogling lmao 
  • “You like what you see?”
  • “Pffffft, n- yes, I’m actually enjoying this a lot,”
  • He smirks at that statement and piles more food onto your plate
  • “Eat up, princess, how else you gonna catch up to me?”
  • You eyed his five bottles and quickly picked up your fourth one to down it
  • He’s like hella impressed now
  • Anyways, as the alcohol finALLY starts to sink in, your lips start to loosen
  • “So, where has a cutie like you’ve been this entire time?”
  • He just starts laughing at your comment
  • Honestly, drunk rambling you? he finds that adorable
  • Before he knows it, his hand reaches over the table to ruffle your hair
  • You pout up at him ofc, and wOW what a cutie you are
  • He swears he felt his heart skip a beat or something
  • Anyways, the hours creep past, and he can tell you’re getting to your breaking point
  • He pries your bottle out of your grip, calls for the check, and after paying, proceeds to help you up
  • He is able to coax your address out of your drunken self and calls a taxi for you
  • Ofc you’re drunk as hell, so you’re hecka confused why he’s helping you into a taxi
  • “Aren’t you going to come with me?” you pouted
  • Donghan almost choked
  • “A-ah, no, I have to go home too”
  • “But you can always stay the night~~~”
  • At this point, you had your grip on his shirt, and you’re tugging at it
  • “N-no, really it’s fine. I wrote my number on your arm, so text me tomorrow when you’re somewhat sober.”
  • He closes the door for you and waves you off, praying that you do text him tomorrow
coffeeshop au! seventeen (hip hop unit)

a/n: rap line version is finally here!!! & i mentioned hakyeon and taekwoon of vixx in this, which means… i have ideas for a vixx coffeeshop au too :D so please be on the look out for that! 

reminder: request box is open!

pairing: none
genre: fluff
warning: language (if you blink, you’ll miss it)
others in the series: vocal unit, hip hop unit, performance unit


  • owner seungcheol is rarely ever there, but when he is, he likes to bother the others
  • only drinks decaf (lmao who is he
  • boi you own a coffee shop;;
  • when he’s at the shop, he likes to sit near the counter to bug jeonghan
  • stop I’m working
  • I’m the owner, I do what I want”
  • comes into the coffeeshop with a disguise sometimes to spy on his employees, but his disguises are stupid
  • seungcheol, why do you have a fake mous—
  • who’s seungcheol, i don’t know her
  • jeonghan is t i r  e d
  • however even though seungcheol seems like a jokester, he’s really serious when it comes to his cafe
  • wants 100% customer satisfaction, if not even more
  • lowkey he wants to beat the starlight cafe that’s a couple blocks down but he denies it (what a loser)
  • literally LOVES his employees
  • is his employees’ personal cheerleader
  • likes to hype every single one of his employees
  • especially jeonghan bc seungcheol really does appreciate everything that jeonghan does (wow is it even so obvious that I ship jeongcheol HA)
  • when I say that he loves his employees, I’m saying that he loves his employees
  • the customer’s always right?
  • it isn’t if the customer is being a huge butt to any one of his employees
  • even though he wants 100% customer satisfaction, he also wants his employees to be treated with respect and like actual human beings
  • owner seungcheol is a very silly man, but when it comes to business, he gets stuff done


  • regular customer wonwoo comes in and usually sits at the table that’s nearest to the baristas
  • likes to talk to mingyu while he’s working
  • they literally talk about anything & everything
  • but when mingyu’s busy, his face is always covered by a book
  • is the person you go to if you want book recommendations
  • the coffeeshop has a little bookshelf of books for their customers to read while sipping on their coffee
  • ofc this boy has read all of the books
  • so he likes to bring his old books and places them on the bookshelf for others to enjoy
  • boy, there’s no more room for more books” -jeonghan
  • …. buy another one
  • b o I
  • he doesn’t listen to jeonghan so he keeps bringing books
  • is properly named “book boy” by the customers that come in
  • people thinks he works there bc he likes to help around
  • likes to help clean tables with vernon sometimes
  • once, seungcheol came in and said , “when did i hire another bus boy
  • likes to hang out with joshua outside whenever the cafe gets too crowded
  • they like to talk about what they’re reading at the time
  • it’s a little book club that no one else is in ; it’s just them (wow so soft)
  • doesn’t come for coffee, but comes for the vibes (bC SOFT! WONWOO IS CANON)
  • like can’t you just see wonwoo with a beige wool sweater, his circle glasses, faded skinny jeans, and sneakers sitting in the corner of a coffee shop sipping on his mug while reading? ?? ? 
  • brb my heart is beating rlly fast


  • barista mingyu makes the best coffee
  • literally everyone wants him to make their coffee (which makes other barista jun m a d)
  • whenever someone orders a latte, he tries his best on latte art (wow what a cutie)
  • he wants the customers to remember the carat cafe as the one with the best coffee 
  • (is lowkey in competition with the starlight cafe too bc they have taekwoon & hakyeon > :( )
  • yes we must beat the starlight cafe” - seungcheol 
  • believes that coffee must be made with love♡
  • is also the pastry maker
  • seungcheol was about to hire another pastry maker but then mingyu was strongly against it
  • believes that he should be the only one in the kitchen bc he thinks that another person would distract him and that he needs to be “in the zone” to be able to make the best pastries
  • that boy can make a mean scone
  • & the carrot cake he makes, like wow
  • the carat cafe specializes in carrot cake (i totally didn’t think about this for a good 10 minutes he h;;)
  • people come to this coffeeshop for two things: cute boys and mingyu’s special roast
  • his special coffee recipe works wonders on people & everyone loves it 
  • mingyu’s special roast is always in demand but he can only make so much of it a day : ( 
  • what’s in the coffee” -jeonghan
  • love
  • i call bs, it’s probably *********
  • !!!!
  • in charge of making up new drinks
  • constantly makes wonwoo drinks his creations 
  • how many shots of espresso is in this??? ? ??
  • 4
  • well… it’s called the wake up in a cup for a reason……
  • wonwoo’s also tired


  • busboy vernon likes to keep the coffeeshop clean (i mean, duh, it is his job)
  • but abnormally clean
  • you’ve been scrubbing that table for 5 minutes
  • but there’s a stain
  • that stain is as old as you, just leave it
  • n o .
  • cue deep sighs from jeonghan
  • is a really shy bus boy
  • him and joshua are the coffeeshop’s unofficial shy boys
  • (the boys behind the counter call bullshit on josh tho)
  • one day while cleaning a table, he found a napkin with a girl’s number on it 
  • and ooooooooo boy, never has his face ever been that deep of a shade of red
  • hyung what do i do
  • the customers rlly like him though, the shy boy aesthetic is real in chwe hansol
  • he’s still in school, so he’s the only employee that’s still in high school
  • when days are slow, he sits and does his school work 
  • during exams, he evens studies as he wipes down tables 
  • aww can you imagine vernon with a notebook in one hand while wiping down a table & muttering out his essay outline ?
  • bc i sure can 
  • seungcheol notices this a lot & tells vernon that he can take days off to study 
  • bc seungcheol cares a lot for his employees and he wants vernon to focus on his education 
  • but vernon says no and that it’s ok; he needs the money & he’s doing well in school 
  • highkey he’s been saving up to buy his little sister her birthday present (wow so soft)
  • bus boy vernon is such a hardworker and such an intelligent boy, who loves his sister (love him too pls)