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Are you attached to any future KF characters you know are going to die?

Oh why you got me. This question. Right here. If I answered it. It totally wouldn’t be a spoiler. Not at all. What a perfectly rational question to ask the creator. Wow. Clearly not a poor attempt at trying to bait an answer. Not at all.

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wow you hoard walls, what's that like

im just. sitting on a labyrinth. it’s getting kinda out of control i can’t remember how to get out of my house please send help

i don’t even know how to comprehend that something I created has been seen by so many people – like holy damn. HOLY DAMN.


☁️「bts!au」; sleep on the floor - “'cause if we don’t leave this town,
we might never make it out.“

leave a note on your bed
let your mother know you’re safe
and by the time she wakes
we’ll have driven through the state
we’ll have driven through the night
baby come on

Wow! What a reaction! :D

But, nah, Blue’s gonna be okay. Give him a few minutes — and he’d be acting like nothing’s even happened. Pap on the other hand…

…And then he’s gonna spend the next night — or a dozen — awake and feeling guilty over the whole thing! :D

Well, you guessed it about Pap! As for Sans… People always forget that in my version of Underswap, Sans is the pun enthusiast, while Papyrus chooses to be punny mostly for his brother’s amusement :)

Yeah, he has his moments, but he also has his reasons. The simplest way to put it is… He had a very different upbringing compared to Tale!Paps. So a lot of the things he does are just consequential. This comic exists for a reason after all! :D

Do you ever get blown away by how gay you are?

I’m sitting on my bed researching lesbians in the military for my APUSH paper and listening to a wlw playlist on 8tracks. I’m wearing a baseball tee that says “I got 99 problems and society’s attitude towards sexual orientation and gender identity covers like 98 of them.” I have a pride flag covering one of my windows and pride bead curtains over the other two. The only lights on in my room are rainbow Christmas lights around the edge of my walls. I have two rainbow laptop stickers and there are rainbow streamers from homecoming on my closet door (heh). I have an entire bookshelf of queer literature and a David Levithan novel on my bedside table. Spread out across my floor are about 15 books on homosexuals in the military. I’ve got an article in front of me called “Uncle Sam’s Lesbians.”

TL; DR: My life has become so aggressively homosexual and I don’t know what to do with myself.


Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Featuring: Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon

Words: 1436

Warnings: none

Tags: none

Request: none

Notes: none

Originally posted by amusing-saga

When you woke up that Wednesday morning you knew something was off. You weren’t feeling quite yourself. Yet, you decided to go to work at STAR Labs. On your way there you were coughing from time to time and shivering but you were in the middle of the winter so you guessed you were just cold.

“Morning guys” you greeted everyone as you walked into the cortex.

“Wow, what happened?” Cisco asked the moment he saw you.

“Nothing, why?” You replied sitting on a chair.

“You look awful” he pointed out.

“Thank you?” You chuckled. “I think I might be catching a cold, but don’t worry, it will be over in a couple of days” you shrugged it off as you turned on the laptops.

Your work at the labs was your passion. You were a robotic engineer hired by Harrison Wells. Of course, that was before the particle accelerator exploded and created all those metahumans, before you al found out Wells wasn’t exactly Wells and…basically, before life turned complicated for everyone.

When the accelerator exploded those who didn’t die just left the place. All except Cisco, Caitlin and you. They were like a family to you, they took you in the moment you put a feet into the facility just a few days after arriving all alone to Central City. You were from San Francisco but working for Harrison Wells was something you couldn’t say no to, so there you were. Four years later.

“Sorry I’m late, I got caught in traffic” Caitlin said walking into the cortex with a cup of coffee from Jitters on her hand. “Wow, (Y/N), are you ok?” She asked when she saw your face, causing Cisco’s laugh.

“C’mon! Do I look that bad?” You asked frowning.

“I think you should go home and rest” was Caitlin reply.

“It’s just a cold, I’m sure” you sighed.

But it wasn’t. By the middle of the day you have been told to go home by everyone who came to the labs: Wells, Jesse, Cisco, Caitlin…everyone. It was frustrating. Even Barry sent you a text from Star City telling you to go home. Of course you didn’t listen to them since you didn’t feel that bad, but when it was already dark outside you forced yourself to go home after Caitlin told you had fever.

When you woke up the next day, you had to call Caitlin to tell her you wouldn’t be going to work today. You felt even worse than the day before.

“Don’t worry, we have everything covered here, I promise” she assured you before hanging up.

Still you felt bad for staying at home. Not just because you wouldn’t be able to help if something came up, but also because today Barry would be coming back from Star City after five days and you wouldn’t see him after how much you had missed him. That wasn’t strange since you had spent every single day with him since the moment he came in still in a coma. But it wasn’t until a few months ago that you had the courage to tell how you felt about him, just to find out he felt the same way all along.

Ever since, you were dating, which had turned out to be the biggest adventure of your life. He was fun, smart, sweet and loving, but he was also so protective and stubborn that it got to your nerves. You understood he was The Flash, a hero, but he didn’t understand you could make your own choices. Still, you loved him like you never loved anyone before and you couldn’t wait to see him again.

By noon you finally got a text from him saying he was back at STAR labs:

Back at the labs, how are you feeling? – Barry

You smiled a little at the text and sighing, wishing you had been there to hug him and kiss him, ignoring Cisco’s complains.

Feverish and missing you L - (Y/N)

I missed you too. I’ll go visit asap. Love you, xx – Barry

You smiled even more when you read he would visit. You imagined he would go eventually but sometimes he was too busy to do it, so you were so happy to know you would be seeing him that day after all. Putting your phone down, you covered yourself up and sighed looking up at the ceiling. You coughed a little and closed your eyes, falling asleep almost immediately.

A couple of hours later you were woken up by the sound of your door closing. You rolled around in bed trying to get your phone but it was too far so you just gave up and hide your head under the covers.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you” a very familiar voice said.

Immediately, you popped your head out and there he was. Barry Allen was standing at the end of your bed with a bag on his hand and a smile on his face. A smile that you returned but soon you were back under the covers.

“Go away! I look awful!” You exclaimed remembering how you must be looking like at the moment.

His laugh echoed the room and soon you felt the bed sinking by your side, letting you know he was just there, so you stuck your head back out.

“I haven’t seen my girlfriend in five days, I think she looks gorgeous no matter what” he said.

“You really know what a girl wants to hear, Allen” you smiled.

He chuckled while you sat up on the bed and pulled your hair into a bun. Despite what he said, you knew your aspect wasn’t the best. When you were done, you looked at him just to see that he had been staring the whole time which made you blush.

“I missed you” you said, making him smile.

“I missed you too” he replied before leaning in and wrapping his arms around you in a tight hug.

“I’m all sweaty” you chuckled.            

“I don’t care” he smiled into your neck as he squeezed you. “How many times have you hug me and kiss me after being running around the city for hours?” He added.

“True” you smiled before closing your eyes.

You had missed him so much, his hugs, his smell, his embrace. All of him. He pulled away and placed a strand of hair behind your ear before leaning towards your lips but you placed a hand over his mouth, earning a confused look from him.

“I’m sick!” You explained. He took your hand off his mouth and kissed it softly.

“Then it’s a good thing I can’t get sick, right?” He smirked. You narrowed your eyes at him but didn’t have time for a comeback before he kissed you.

If you thought you missed him was because you hadn’t kissed him yet. Finally you felt like home again, like you were complete when his lips met yours.

“It’s a really good thing” you smiled when you pulled away. “How was Star City?” You asked with a frown.

“Complicated” he sighed. “They were all devastated after…Laurel” he said as he played with your hand. “She was amazing” he added.

“I know…I’m sorry” you whispered.

You never had the chance to meet Laurel Lance, aka the Black Canary, but you had heard Cisco and Barry talk about her and you had an idea about the amazing woman she was and how much she had done to protect Star City along with Oliver and the Team Arrow.

“Anyway, I brought something” Barry said looking up at you, smiling again. “But you can’t tell Caitlin or she would kill me”

“What is it?” You asked narrowing your eyes.

He smiled and took the plastic bag he had placed down on the floor. First, he took out some water and chicken soup. You raised an eyebrow: why would Caitlin kill him for that? Then he took out a chocolate ice-cream pack.

“Oh god…is it with cookies?” You asked with your eyes wide opened.

“My girl deserves the best” he winked.

“Oh my, I love you so much!” You exclaimed taking the ice-cream from his hands. “Oh, I need a sp-“ before you could finish the sentence, Barry was back from the kitchen with a spoon. “I’ll never get used to that” you laughed. Immediately you started eating it. “You want some?” You finally asked.

“I thought you’d never ask” he said taking a spoon out of his pocket and laying down next to you, sinking the spoon into the ice-cream.

Being sick wasn’t so bad if it was like this.

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Hello I return// So Zecilys, if I'm right the one with the long pretty dark green hair, what relationship do they have with Aaron and Perry? And what are their pronouns? You draw them a lot with those two but I haven't figured out why exactly. Are they a guard under training with Perry and Aaron?

((WELCOME BACK ANON)) I mean I guess you could call it 


Training in patience lmao, they’re siblings! Who typically get along well enough, but that’s no fun to talk about. Zecilys’ family life is…minimal, so Perry usually acts as the half-baked guardian figure. They’re more interested in maintaining a mentor-mentee or peer relationship with Zecilys, which presents its own set of challenges.

Zecilys doesn’t typically see Aaron much alone, but their initial relationship is founded on a mutual weariness of being left in the dark.

Zecilys has more societal standing than Aaron because he’s a foreigner in Evaria. Fortunately, she doesn’t lord it over his head, and is rare to pry into the affairs that brought him to the country – all the more reason he ends up sharing his experiences to her the most. Given their backgrounds, the two do get in a lot of small scuffles over weird things, but their relationship is usually amiable and akin to extended family at the end of the day.

(Pronouns are she/her or they/them)

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regan a4 omg

very good choice, , wow i hadnt even noticed it there…

make me draw your otp as long as it isnt some furry shit

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royai that chimera Riza au

*throws the 3-sentence rule into the sun because no one would understand the context with just three sentences* 

There was something deeply unsettling about the dog’s presence, he had seen moments before it had rushed past him and out of the home. It wasn’t Riza’s from what he could tell. No, the stray she had taken in had been white. This one had fur the color of spun gold, something he had managed to appreciate before it had bolted.

But now, he thought as he slipped on the wet earth and caught himself against a tree, he found himself with more questions than answers. Like what the transmutation circle on the floor represented. It had with it a vague, lethal familiarity, something he couldn’t quite place his finger on. Or where Master Hawkeye’s daughter had been, when he had only found her maddened father, who seemed more concerned about the dog rather than the fact that he had been coughing blood.

His heart stalled when his eyes caught sight of it frantically pacing the riverbed and he took a step forward. A twig snapped beneath it and he winced as it jumped and whirled around, panicked ivory eyes boring into him. Eyes that seemed to hold a familiarity to them. It was then that his stomach lurched and his knees buckled beneath him, sending him crashing to the ground. There was a reason why he recognized the transmutation circle, and why he could not find Riza anywhere. 

The panic in her eyes ebbed once she realized that he had understood and confirmed his horror, as she managed to whimper, “H…help me.”

  • Me: *tries to show family stuff I'm interested in*
  • Family: This is stupid
  • Me: *doesn't involve my family in anything*
  • Family: Why are you pushing us away????
Wow, Im slow...

Greg wasnt asking Blue Diamond “whats up” because he was trying to be casual. He panics in new situations and he’s also a sucker for puns like steven.

When garnet revealed her three eyes and he said “eye” instead of “i”…

He was asking Blue Diamond “whats up” because shes tall.

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What about a captured klance where they're both in separate holding cells, and Lance is injured from either torture or being forced to battle, or the battle before. And Keith watches him pass out in his cell without being able to help at all

Anonymous: I like the “look at me, look at me and stay awake” hurt rp that u reblogged for klance (I can’t remember if ur a Voltron blog or not but if u are 👀 and if ur not its coo)

so this one is set in my fantasy dragon rider au, which i’ve written the first couple chapters of and don’t know how much more i’ll end up writing, but i thought this would be an interesting setup for these prompts. 

Keith didn’t know how long it had been since he’d last moved. He sat in the corner of the dim, grimy cell with his legs drawn up and his arms resting on his knees, gaze trained on a cluster of small stones embedded in the dirt. Night had fallen; he could deduce that much. The shadows had grown long across the hall, and now all he could see of them were cast by torchlight. Every time he heard footsteps, he had to resist the urge to lunge for the bars and press his face against them to see who was coming.

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