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Hey so I've recently joined the portal fandom and I wanted to contribute my art but I am shy about it and was wondering if you had any advice on what I should do?

Wow um okay just putting it out there I’m horrible at advice, especially art related since I don’t most much art myself. But if you have art and you want to contribute you definitely should! A lot of us love seeing new artists and it’s always super encouraging to everyone around. If you want it to get noticed definitely tag it well too. I usually tag portal and portal 2 since a lot of people in the fandom will have those tags tracked. But really the best thing to do I think would be to just put yourself out there. I promise none of us bite, and if anyone does let me know and I’ll smack them.

I hope to see your art around sometime!!!

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So those horrible people mock trans people (clovergender? Are you serious?) And mentally ill people who regress, to justify their disgusting existence, and then they harass an actual child? Wow, what scum of the earth. (1)

(2) Mikki, please know that nothing about you is wrong, I am an age regressor who is sometimes in adult space and I do have sexual attraction/ s*x outside of regressing, and both your way and my way are completely valid and these people are horrible

(3) you’re a wonderful person who I love tremendously and I hope you know there are many more of us who love and appreciate you than of those vile beings


I completely agree. I just needed to vent out my frustration. That “group” honestly just irritates me so bad. I know they’re a troll term from the infamous dumpster of the internet, 4chan, now, but at the time, I didn’t. And even so, I stick by what I said. Using my identity or one similar to it to justify hurting kids makes me sick, especially since I was hurt as a kid. They are honestly truly scum garbage people. And that is proved even only if you read their responses to what I wrote not to mention the many messages I received in my inbox. I’ve blocked so many people today. I can pass most of them off as trolls, but I still needed to vent. I agree with you. There isn’t really a “right” or “wrong” way to regress as long as you stay safe and don’t harm yourself/others. As long as no one is being harmed in any, way, shape, or form, including yourself, there is no issue. Having an adult space as well as a child space is completely valid, and I really respect people who have that since you are much more responsible and capable than I think I could ever manage to be. You are a wonderful person, too. I consider you as a friend honestly.~ I know I have more friends than enemies, and that’s what keeps me strong and happy. I have so many wonderful friends and acquaintances here, even some complete strangers who are outside of the child communities who defended me. I love you and all the rest. I’m so lucky to have such wonderful support. <3

Thank you Izzy (Alec Lightwood)

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Pairing: Alec x Girl Reader.

Warnings: fluff, maybe some hinted spoilers to what happens in the books.

A/N: this is my first one shoot,i feel it bad, besides my English is horrible and I am Spanish. 

-Izzy said you called me, what do you … wow- You interrupted yourself to see the elder Lightwood shirtless -How come I never realized that these so hot ?.

-Maybe never look at me because you do not stop flirting with Jace, just maybe- Alec had picked arrows embedded in the head of your test dummy.

-Wait, are you jealous?- A sly smile painted on your face at the thought of Alec might have feelings for you.

With just think that Alec could see you as anything other than the best friend of his sister made your stomach cringe. And they were to serve two years since I liked Alec. At first verbal fights they were always full of hate but eventually learned, to bear for you for the welfare of Izzy.

Isabelle hated to see you fight, she could not understand that you two will not be so similar llevarais well. Both you loved using the bow, also shared this difficulty to show feelings and most importantly, carry the weight of being the eldest son. You’re the older sister Clary and you thought that this simple fact was one of the reasons why he hated you.

-Should I? because I believe that no- The black haired boy went through your hand, carrying arrows into a compartment of weapons he had at his bedside.

-Auch- You whispered giving back -Anyway, what did you want?- You observed, was getting a black jacket but still not closed so you could still see her naked torso.

-I did not ask anything Izzy, have done the rounds again- clenched his jaw line making damn sexy.

-Well, then I’ll- you turned around to go to the door, but did not get far as a hand wrapped around your wrist, looked confused blue eyes of Alec and before she realized her lips were united.

You were shocked by what took you to answer but to feel his tongue next to yours and reacted spent your arms around his neck, pulling him toward you.

His hands dropped from your wrists to your bare waist raised thanks to top revealing that Izzy had given you, in causing you a chill. The need for air was present and you you had to separate but seconds later you kissing again, this time in a warmer manner.

You felt so good, it was like a dream that you had so much to accomplish. And that was a dream come true. Alec started kissing your neck and then I took her by the thighs forcing you to jump to your hips. He pushed things your desk with your help and I sat at the table, you started your top and your jacket without breaking the kiss.

-Boys, Have ye killed much Silen …- Izzy’s voice made you separate door to watch -Sorry, sorry, go- Izzy smiled embarrassed but excited, her best friend and her brother were together !

-YOU ARE WELCOME!- Laughed hiding in Alec’s neck.

-THANK YOU IZZY!- Alec cried and turned to kiss you.

Definitely a night of passion is much more fun with the speed Rune.

Having now actually seen Fantastic Four, here are my thoughts:

Short version: It sucked MASSIVE cock. Good lord what a fucking awful movie.

Long version (may include spoilers but at this point, who honestly cares?):

Where do I even start with this?


LITERALLY nothing happens for the first hour and twenty minutes. That’s pretty fucking bad when the movie is only 1 hour and 45 minutes long. And when something DOES finally happen, it happens with no buildup whatsoever and is a total mess. And yes I AM talking about Doom, but I’ll get to him later.

Let’s start with the cast. Wow did it suck. Not only was the acting horrible but the casting and characterization was completely fucked. Michael B Jordan was the ONLY good actor in this film. He captured the cocky persona of Johnny Storm pretty well. Shame he had a terrible script to work with and therefore was able to do very little with it. Johnny Storm is supposed to be fun. Michael B Jordan at least seemed to be having fun when his character was given a chance to do something other than be a “troubled teenager.”

Miles Teller was bland, forgettable, and completely lame as Reed. Good lord. I’ll give them credit for trying to demonstrate how smart he was, as Reed Richards is the smartest man in the Marvel Universe, but they almost immediately fucked that up by having Victor be his intellectual superior.

Kate Mara as Sue Storm…I’d say they ruined her character, but that would imply that the film GAVE her a character to ruin. They vaguely hint at her being kinda smart, but don’t bother to show it because this movie has no idea how to develop characters at all. She’s there, she says a few lines, and otherwise just sits in the background and never has a single interaction with Ben in the entire film. She doesn’t even go into the other dimension with them. Oh and what the fuck was the point of her being adopted if it had absolutely no bearing on the plot at all???

Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm…who the fuck authorized this? Seriously? Who looked at Jamie Bell and said “Yeah this guy looks like he could play a tough Jewish boy from Brooklyn who befriends and acts as the muscle for the class nerd.”??? On top of that there is ONE FUCKING SCENE of Reed and Ben being friends outside of the scene of them as kids. You get one scene at the beginning of them being friends with each other, and then Reed is suddenly talking about how he couldn’t have done any of this without Ben, and he won’t go anywhere without Ben. (What the fuck did Ben even do aside from supply Reed with scrap metal and a place to work?) Also what was the point of establishing his brother abused him if it had no effect on his character other than giving him a reason to say “It’s Clobberin’ Time!”?

And last but not fucking least, Victor Von fucking Doom. THIS WAS. THE WORST. PORTRAYAL OF DOCTOR DOOM. EVER. This shit made me want the 2005 version again. At least he was a megalomaniacal corporate dickhead. Toby Kebbell doesn’t deliver a single line out of his weird monotone drawl that I guess is supposed to indicate that he’s slimy and untrusting. THIS version of Doom is a weasely little fuckhead who has a crush on Sue and doesn’t like the government. That’s about all you get about him before he drunkenly goes into the other dimension with Reed, Johnny, and Ben and “dies” (something that no one ever addresses or mourns, btw). Then, he comes back in the last 15 and looks like an assfucked inbred Tin-Man with glowing green eyes and psychic powers. He goes around killing people Scanners style and then tries to destroy the earth. Why? Who the fuck knows. It comes the fuck out of nowhere and has no buildup at all, so your guess is as good as mine.

Franklin Storm was fucking horrible too. He did the Christopher Nolan thing where every single word he said was emphasized to point out how important it is to the world. Seriously, did anyone actually care when he died? Because I sure as fuck didn’t.

The single action scene in the film is shit too. Aside from coming the hell out of the blue, it’s short as fuck. It lasts all of 5 minutes and consists of Doom psychically throwing rocks at them until they band together, much to the audience’s apathy, to fight him 4 on 1.

I should also add, some of the worst CGI I’ve ever seen. I hope the people who worked on this film are fucking embarrassed, because oh my LORD is it bad. Stuckmann said it perfectly. It looks like a 1990s film that was trying to use CGI that wasn’t invented yet. Only problem is IT’S FUCKING 2015.

The plot is just as fucking terrible, aside from being boring as sin, there are a fuck-ton of plot holes and so many scenes go absolutely nowhere or come from absolutely nowhere (as discussed above). It all culminates in a 5 minute final battle where 4 characters with no chemistry have to put aside their differences and band together to fight a villain who, for reasons undeveloped, wants to destroy the world, despite there being no buildup or indications whatsoever that they wouldn’t work as a team. The effects are awful. The direction is awful. The pacing is awful. The characters are awful. The acting is awful, and of course the faithfulness to the source material is fucking awful. The movie is a goddamn mess start to finish. Guys Fant4stic gets a fucking .5 out of 5, and it doesn’t even fucking deserve the 9% it has on Rotten Tomatoes.

I’ll close this review by pointing out 3 things that I actually liked.

- Michael B Jordan was good.

- He looked cool as the Human Torch

- They actually addressed Sue’s ability to levitate with her powers.

Aside from those 3 things, this movie was goddamn abysmal. Don’t waste your fucking money. Make sure it doesn’t break even. Make sure the fucking rights go back to Marvel so that we never have to sit through another box office sodomy like this from Fox Studios again. Spend your money elsewhere. Go see Ant-Man, go see The Gift, go see anything but this movie. Or if you still think “Hey nah, I’m gonna go see it, it can’t be that bad.” TRUST ME. Torrent this shit, or spend your money on a different movie and walk into this one if you’re so curious, because you will hate yourself forever if you spend your hard earned cash on this piece of shit and it ends up getting a sequel.

Fucking 1 hour 45 minutes of my life I can’t get back.

interesting parallels.

Liz trying to use her kids to escape consequences and being told all consequences are of her own doing


Elizabeth: You’ve been wanting to tell Lucky about Jake this whole time. That’s why you brought him down here.

Sam: Jason told Lucky. You’re going to have to ask him why. But the fact of the matter is not even Jason is to blame for this, Elizabeth. You started this lie and only you. You watched it grow – until it poisoned every single one of us, especially Lucky. What happened here tonight is all on you.


Elizabeth: Fine. I am a horrible person. But Cameron and Jake do not deserve to be dragged through this. So I am asking you, for their sake… keep your mouth shut. 

Rebecca: Oh, wow. Wouldn’t Lucky be surprised to find out how easily you use your own kids to save your own sorry self? Where all of a sudden, you’re so worried about Cam and Jake and how their lives could be upended? I’m willing to bet that you weren’t thinking about them when you were jumping Nikolas’ bones.


Rebecca: Wow, you are unbelievable. You’re actually trying to make this my fault? Wow, you’ve got nerves of steel, Elizabeth. I will give you that. But drop in on the real world. See, you chose to sleep with the brother of the man that you’re engaged to. Anything that you suffer as a consequence is squarely on you.


Elizabeth: I know you wanna punish me, but think about the boys.

Lucky: Shut your lying mouth! You can whore yourself out to anyone you want, but don’t you ever, ever try to use Cam and Jake to manipulate me again, you bitch.

Elizabeth: You can attack me all you want, but I have never used Cam and Jake to manipulate you.

Lucky: You always have. You knew the problems I had with my dad from day one. You held Cam and Jake out as my chance to be a better father, to have a stable family, but what you really wanted was for me to be your fail-safe. You wanted me to play papa while you were out tramping around. Those boys have no idea –

Nikolas: Lucky, you’re understandably upset, but you’re taking this thing too far.

Lucky: Like hell I am! You heard her. She doesn’t want the world to know what you two did, for the boys’ sake. She thinks that by throwin’ them in my face, she’ll get what she wants like always. Well, not this time! You cheated, he lied, and you handed yourself out like candy. You’re gonna get what you deserve, Elizabeth, and that might include 2 kids who can’t stand the sight of you. Just remember you only have yourself to blame.


Elizabeth: Well, I was just bring by this picture of Lucky and the boys at the pumpkin patch, since I know he’s not gonna be seeing them for a while.

Ethan: Yeah, he’s not here.

Elizabeth: Okay. Then I will just leave it here.

Ethan: No, I mean “not here” as in “he’s gone.” He already took off.

Elizabeth: Well, that was fast.

Ethan: Yeah. I guess he doesn’t see the point in dragging his feet. May I?

Elizabeth: Sure.

Ethan: [Chuckles] That’s a cute picture. Did you think it would get him to stay?


Maxie: you don’t have a right to play on his love for his children.

Elizabeth: I would never do that.


Elizabeth: never mind the fact that we also have a child together and now i have three little boys at home who’s hearts are breaking.

Carly: ok, don’t. you stop right there. who set those boys up to invest in Jason when you knew that he had another family. i’m sorry that your kids are hurting. i think it’s horrible but Elizabeth you have no one to blame but your self

  • Tony throughout civil war: *Tries to explain his views, uses any and every NON-LETHAL tactic to stop team Cap, makes sure that they are all treated well and not thrown into prison after caps little "excursion" in the beginning*
  • Steve "Bucky is my waifu" Rogers: "I do what i want"
  • Fandom: HERO!!! ICON!! YAASSSS BITCH!!!!!

Okay I was going to make a mostly joking post about how Bahorel is basically an anti-Tholomyes, being a 100 percent non-bourgeois non-lawyer (who is absolutely not leaving Paris to go home and ensure that the social  order remains stable, like he is doing entirely the opposite of that) 

so I was rereading Tholomyes’ long horrible speech in Bombarda’s 

and WOW 

Tholomyes spends paragraphs lecturing everyone on what they shouldn’t eat 
he scolds the women for not laughing and smiling eNough
he urges “moderation in all your desire”
“no zeal, no commotion, no excess”
go aWAy  
he even complains that love shouldn’t go on its knees  
(wow Fantine I am SO sorry there) 

actual Anti-Bahorel Felix Tholomyes 
Tholomyes  I hate you even more now