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Nine Favorite Movies Meme

I just remembered today that san-likes-ashitaka​ tagged me to do this like…weeks ago??? I’m so sorry, I can’t even find the post. OTL So, in no particular order:

1. Jupiter Ascending

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A great example of my tendency to genuinely like things that critics think are mediocre to awful!  Fun classic Hidden Princess story with a big Russian-American family, beautiful music and design, awkward flirting, weird pseudoscience, one Channing Tatum wolfboy, and an MC who proves her strength through the way she reacts to the situations she’s forced into rather than following your usual Strong Action Woman tropes. <3

2. Up

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I mean, gosh, who doesn’t love this movie?  Pixar always strives for excellence but this has to be one of my personal favorites; it’s so tenderly handled, so beautifully composed, everything thought-out.  It’s light-hearted without neglecting to handle serious matters with gravity, adorable without being cloyingly saccharine, and despite the fantastical setting, it’s still based in simple human emotions and relationships.  Also, Dug.

3. Guardians of the Galaxy

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There are a lot of good Marvel movies but this one…okay, it has its problems, but it’s a really unique and fun addition to the MCU and the music really made it special for me.  I don’t exactly know why!  But I also like the Guardians themselves–they’re a refreshing break from drama-ridden habitual world-savers.  They’re a bunch of dysfunctional jerks who don’t like seeing people get picked on and I think that’s beautiful.  I always think about Peter telling his mom why he got into a fight in the flashbacks at the beginning of the movie and how that trait carries through to the rest of the movies, no matter how much time he’s spent among gray-morality company in space.

4. Kung Fu Panda 2

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I had to fight REALLY HARD not to use a Tigress gif for this because there are so many cool ones!!  But I also love Po and the movie is about him and his arc is one of the reasons why I really love this movie.  I cry literally every time I watch it.  Every time.  I think it’s a beautiful balance of serious and funny and it manages to be funny without being crude!  And the colors, their symbolism…just beautiful!  And the fight scenes, wow!!  And the music???  Gosh, okay, just thinking about it makes me want to do some re-watching.  Visually breathtaking and emotionally fulfilling.  More people should give these movies a chance.

5. Sword of the Stranger

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Okay, so, the story in this one took me a few views to follow completely…I found the politics a bit hard to follow, and the exact nature of one of the main characters’ backstories took a couple watches to grasp.  But the basic structure is easy enough to comprehend and it’s Bones animation and honestly even if you feel kind of meh about the rest of it (I didn’t) the fight scene at the end is phenomenal.  The music is beautiful and the animation is godly.  I can never take my eyes off of it.

6.  Avengers: Assemble

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The writing is snappy, the action scenes are economical despite being a huge a big group affair, and it’s all of these guys finally in the same place!  This one and Guardians are the two marvel movies I’m putting in here because despite my love for Iron Man 3 and Thor 1, these are the ones that I think about and go “oh, man, I wanna watch that again”.  Let’s just say those other two are honorable mentions from the MCU, though. ;v; 

7. Fish Story

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Several different seemingly unrelated storylines coming together to make one cohesive plot??? SIGN ME RIGHT UP!!  I’ve actually only seen this movie once but I really enjoyed it.  The song…I’ll be honest, not my favorite, but the lead singer is hot and it’s just a really good movie.  It’s also Japanese, so I don’t know how easy it’ll be to find it in your local library or whatever.  Still, if you can, or if it’s on the internet somewhere, I’d definitely recommend it.

8. Treasure Planet

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To this day I still regret not wanting to see this movie in theaters as a kid because, quote, “it was a boy movie”.  (Kind of weird in retrospect since first off, it was really just A Movie, and secondly, at the time I also eschewed any stereotypical girl things???  Little me had yet to stop worrying about gendering stuff.) Anyway, I saw it later and just loved it and I’m sad it wasn’t as well-received as it deserved to be.  The “I’m Still Here” sequence tugs my heartstrings.  The animation is lovely. Captain Amelia is still my queen.  And I’m still really taken with Jim’s flight at the beginning of the movie, it’s so well done!  Comparable to Hiccup and Toothless in some ways, I think.  Anyway, one of my underrated Disney faves. <3

9. The Incredibles

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I could’ve picked a gif with Helen and Bob, but…Edna.  So anyway!  I mean, again, Pixar quality.  Brad Bird.  Balance between superhero meta, intense, fun action, and relatable real life situations.  Also, great family interactions.  Beautiful!  Hilarious!  Touching!  Edna!