Everyone’s like “oh wow Enoch’s not a bad guy he comforted Esme it’s his only redeeming moment” when like???

He refused to raise Victor because he knew it’d be painful for him, even though he and Bronwyn both want to see him again really bad??

He states multiple times that he hates it when people cry??

He left a homunculus with Victor??

He gave Millard his coat after he got shot??

Even though he can be rude and admittedly mean at times, Enoch is wonderful, fight me???????

wow i am feeling ridiculously bad and i need to go home but i just used a vacation day last week so i just do not want to ask :’) suffering!

MCU’s accuracy in its use of mythology in the Thor movies


Wow, that’s not half bad. I’m actually pretty impressed! :D

Thor: The Dark World

and when it comes to the physical depiction of Dark Elves:

Thor: Ragnarök

(Is the 3rd movie entertaining? Absolutely. Does it even remotely resemble Ragnarök as its name would suggest? LOL, not in the slightest.)

Lady from the back in the copy room at 11 AM like, “does the time go fast for you while you’re here?”


“What, really?”

“I feel like I’ve been here for three days.”

“Wow, I feel bad for you!”

And then I just walked away because playing social nice is the first thing to go when I feel like this, I guess.

70′s wizard kids (click on for better resolution)



also sorry this is late my power went out last night


Bad news for Radiohead fans. 

a reminder to any fan

not having the money to buy an album, merch, etc. does not make you a bad fan.

not being able to see your idols in concert does not make you a bad fan. 

not having the resources to do any of the above does not make you a bad fan.

please don’t forget that.

707 for @cobbys/ @dillydallyings for her Birthday!

My goodness the camera quality does not do this justice, haha. 

~ time skip ~

time flew away as i was staying with diana. summer turned into fall, her trashy balcony turned into a jungle, a one night stay turned into a month. during the four weeks that i lived here, i fell in love with sand my shoe now (or whats its name). she showed me all the districts, the park, the karaoke bars. we tried a bunch of different foods, went to festivals, and we grew closer and closer. diana turned into the only friend that i have ever had, but now it was time to leave.

I wish i could’ve put out some cc for simblreen this year, but I procrastinated until the the last minute like a dummy, so here’s a bad edit showcasing some of the treats I got while Trick or Treating!

🎃🍬Happy Simblreen!🍬🎃