Admin Post: Coming back with a bang

Get it? Cause its going to be fourth of July weekend for some of us and fireworks go “bang” eh? Eeeh~? Okay nvm you guys get the point

Hey sunshines! It’s been a while, right? Hope you guys haven’t forgotten completely about me! I know I haven’t been completely around and for that I apologize! Life has been crazy and busy but now that I’ve finally graduated high school and things are falling into place again I would like to inform you guys that after fourth of July weekend scenarios will once more be posted again with NO SUDDEN LONG HIATUS!

I really missed all of you guys and to also thank for the 300 FOLLOWERS Like wow I’m super honored so THANK YOU! I will posting two to three scenarios every day next week to get rid of the ones in my drafts and inbox and finally open requests again! *For the First Time in Forever begins to play* So keep an eye out for that return and the requests opening again by the end of next week!

Really missed all of you and can’t wait to be back!

- Hikari