You can’t convince me that canon era Musichetta wasn’t in a relationship with Joly (or as much of a relationship as a grisette and a student ever have) when she meets Bossuet, Joly’s odd, perpetual roommate.

A roommate who is actual quite cute, in a bald sort of way, one who makes her laugh, is always cheerful, and who’s also taller than Joly which is a nice change. And really, he’s always around anyway and it’s not like you can have too many attentive lovers so really why not sleep with him too?

So she goes through this big ordeal to try to seduce them both and warm them up to the of sharing a bed with another man…

…Only after succeeding (surprisingly easily) to find herself sat at the edge of the bed while the other two go at it.  She then realizes she perhaps misunderstood the nature of their relationship a little bit.

(And when days turn into weeks into months into over a year and the three of them are still together, still going strong, only getting stronger, she realizes she misunderstood the nature of this relationship too.)

(And when she realizes she wants to spend the rest of her life with these ridiculous men she realizes, just maybe, she had misunderstood herself a little too.)